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Whats in the Spinach and Artichoke Dip?
8oz Spinach, Artichokes, Mayo, Red onion, Roasted Red peppers, Monterey Jack and Parm Cheese
3oz tortilla chips
Price $ 8
Onion Rings
10 pz Onion Rings
1.5 BBQ sauce
1.5 Ranch Sauce
Price $8

Garnish Orchid and Chopped Parsley
Chicken Chinois
10oz Chicken Tenders (tossed in dixie fry breading and cajun seasonig) Daikon Slaw
1.5 Hulu Hulu Sauce
Price $9

Sesame Seeds, Cilantro, Orchid
Angus Beef Sliders
3 piece beef sliders on Hawaiian Sweet Rolls w/ burger sauce (a-1, ket, mayo, dijon mustard) with cheddar ch & 2 Pickles
Price $8

Pulled Pork Sliders
3 piece pork sliders on Hawaiin Sweet Bread w/ burger sauce and pickled onions
Price $6
Shrimp Ceviche
3oz Poached Shrimp mixed with 1/2 cup of mayan salsa (Avocado, Red onions, cilantro, tom, lime juice, guajilo oil, haberno) 3 oz tortilla chips
Price $ 7
Whats in the Mayan Salsa
Avocado, Red onions, cilantro, tom, lime juice, guajilo oil, haberno
FIrecracker Thai Chili Shrimp
4 oz 61/70 Shrimp (tossed in firepot sauce)
Served over a bed a of cabbage
Price $ 8
Popcorn Shrimp
4oz 61/70 Shrimp
1.5 Cocktail
1.5 Remoulade Sauce
Price $8

Lemon Wedge
Chopped Parsley
5oz Rings/Tentacles (tosses in Thai seasoning salt)
2oz pepperocini
2oz roasted red bell peppers
1.5 chili ancho mayo
1.5 cocktail
Price $ 9

1/2 red jalapenos , julienne green onions
seared ahi
4oz slided seared ahi with cajun seasoning
1.5 soy sauce
pickled ginger
Price $12
5oz cubed ahi (tossed w/ soy sauce, sesame seed oil, sesame seeds, maui onions, green onions, hawaiian salt, crushed peppers)
1.5 oz soy sauce
daikon slaw
Price $10
Steak Pupu
Flank Steak thinly slided drizzled with pupu steak sauce
1 scoop of rice
Daikon Slaw
Price $11.50
Carne Asada Mini Tacos
4 Tacos (Avacado relish, cubed flank steak, cotija cheese, creme, jalapeno cilantro sauce)
1.5 oz jalapeno sauce
Served on a bed of cabbage
Price $7

2 lime wedges
Shrimp Wontons
5 piece shrimp wontons (poached 61/70 sh, cream cheese, chopped white onion, fish sauce)
1.5 oz sweet & sour sauce
Price $7

Julienne Red peppers, Green onion
Whats in the Sweet and Sour sauce
orange & lemon juice, red white and rice vinegar, cayenne peppers, paprika, chili powder, red bell peppers and pineapple
6/12 Piece Chicken Wings
6/12 piece wings tossed in our mild or spicy buffalo sauce
1.5 blue cheese
Price $ 6/10

green onion
Sweet Potato Fries
8oz sweet pot friends
1.5oz asian wasabi dressing
Price $6
French Fries with Sea Salt
8oz fries tossed in sea salt
Price $3
French Fries with Herb & Parmesan
8oz fries (tossed in marjoram, rosemary, oregano, thyme, parmesan cheese)
Price $4
French Fries w/ Garlic
8oz tosses in Garlic and Parsley
Price $4
6 oz Steamed soy beans tossed in Hawaiian Salt
Price $3
Side of Jasmine Rice
Price $2
Ricotta & Basic Flatbread Pizza
Ricotta & mozzarella Cheese, sundried tom, pine nuts, diced tom, basil
Price $8
Bbq Chicken Pizza
Gouda and Mozz Ch, shredded bbq chicken, red onion, garlic, diced green onion, drizzle with bbq sauce
Price $ 9

Flatbread Chicken Melt
Flatbread with mozz, monterey jack, and cheddar, diced chicken, mayan salsa
1.5 tomatillo sauce (mayo, red wine vinegar, tomatillo, jalapeno green pepper, cumin, cilantro)
Price $ 9
Whats in the tomatillo Sauce
tomatillo sauce (mayo, red wine vinegar, tomatillo, jalapeno green pepper, cumin, cilantro)
8oz burgers with cheddar chesse ,lettuce, tom,slided red onion, on potato bun,
1.5 thousand island on side
1 pickle spear
5 oz f/f
Price $10
Mahi Mahi Sandwich
4 oz mahi mahi filet w/ pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tom, sliced red onions and remoulade sauce on a bun)
1 pickle speak
5 oz ff
Price $10
Ceasar Salad
5 oz Romaine Lettuce
3oz Ceasar Dressing
Parm Cheese

add ck $3
add sh $4
Price: $7
Pear & Berry Salad
Rasp, strawberries, red pears, shredded chicken, carmelized pecan, feta cheese all tossed in a raspberry vingiarette dressing
Price: $12
Key Lime Pie
1 slice of key lime pie

key lime zest
aerosol whipped
Cookies & Milk
2 Cookies
9 oz milk
Price: $4