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Burger set up
green leaf lettuce, 2 tamato slicers, 6-8 red onion pieces, 3 pickle slices
burgers are all prepared
medium well, American cheese served with fries
Chicken sandwich
6 oz, grilled chicken breast topped with smoked gouda cheese, bacon, avacado, served on a homemade bun, with honey mustard, and burger setup
Brisket burger
Half pound burger cooked medium wel smoked gouda, homemade brisket, and BBQ sauce on a homemade bun with a burger setup
Texas cheesesteak Sandwich
Shaved strip steak with grilled onions, poblano peppers, topped woyj queso blanco served on a homade hoagie roll with siracha mayo
Two fork cheese cakes
Cheesecake topped with warm white chocolate sauce ad fresh strawberry sauce on a graham cracker crust, garnished with fnned strawberries, white chocolate sauce
Homemade carrot cake
an old fashioned carrot cake with carrots, pineapple, pecans, spices, and generously filled and frosted with cream cheese icing
Homemade chocolate cake
triple layer homemade chocolate cake, layered in milk chocolate icing served with chocolate curls and cream anglaise
Cowboy Sundae
Vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream and a cherry
Tenderloin tips
8ox tenderloin tips sautéed in our cognac pepper sauce with mushrooms, served on a bed of mashed potatoes, tenderloins are cooked medium well
Lunch new York strip
10 oz new York streak, and 3 fried shrimp
lunch chicken Laredo
6 oz version of chicken laredo
Lunch maudeens
center cut filet 6 oz
Lunch Fried shrimp, chicken fried steak
Fried steak 7, chicken steak 4oz
House gin, three premiums
McCormick, tangeray, Hendricks, bomb satfire
House scotch, premium calls
Highland mist, diors, mcalledn, chivas
what questions do you ask when a quest orders a martini
what kind of gin or vodka
Kentucky smash
bulleit bourbon, liber or co. firey ginger syrup, sweet and sour, fresh mint leaves
Kentucky lemonade
Bulleit bourbon, sweet/sour, augustora bitters, fresh strawberries, granished with strawberry and lemon wheel
Ginger peach
deep eddy peach vodka, liber and co firey ginger syrup, fresjh squeezed lemonade, fresh min sprig
bulleit blackberry breamble
bulleit bourbon, pama pomegranate tres agaves agave nectar, blackberries, mint leaves, lime wedge, blackberry
spiked chocolate milk
pinnacle whipped vodka, monin toasted marshmallow syrup, chocolate syrup, half and half, crown royal maple
Café Xo
Patron xo, bailys irish cream, coffee, garnished whipped cream
Quick greet
welcome, lsc question, drinks, bread
Core values
people, quality, integrity, purpose, innovative openness, responsiveness, fun

Commitment to quality, look at every plate, touch every table
Be honest, am I giving 100%
To be the leader, moment of truth
Continue to improve

Open door
Action oriented, fix it now
Have a good time,
Tillman Fertitta
Vice president
Terry turner
Divisional vice president
ken peirce
regional vice president
douglas winner, robert brakemeire
concept executive chef
brad white
director of training
Jennifer lawrence
beverage operations manager
Kiley cox
regional director
joe himendez
lead gm
shaun roman
general manager
Jason Montegut
assistant general manager
senior service manager
Justin simmons
front manager

natalie, kyle

Friday and saturday
3233 east sam houston pwky, 77505 281-998-0871
corporate address
1510 west loop south houston 77027, 712-850-1010. 800-552-6379
at what point do present the desert menu?

Lunch- at the callback

dinner- after entrees have been cleared

when should you give the guest the check if they ordered a dessert?
when the dessert is presented
Hill country salad
Salad mix, diced tamato, cheddar c, bacon, egg, croutons, choice of dressing, tenders
grilled chicken salad
salad mix, grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, egg, croutons, choice of dressing, tamato
steak salad
6ox sirloin, green beans, balsalmic vinegar, black olives, croutons, bacon, red patato, hard boiled egg, tortilla strips, blue cheese
salmon ceasar salad
shaved parmesian croutons, romain, ceasar, 2 peices of garlic bread, grilled salmon
house salad
salad mix, monteray jack, bacon, tomato, egg, cheddar, croutons, choice of dressing
chicken fried steak
classic chopped steak
sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions, grilled chicken, cognac sauce

western chopped steak
sirloin, poblano, bell peppers, tamatos, cheddar cheese, onions
sirloin K-bob
sirloin medallions, zuchini, red onions, poblano pep, bell peppers

vequero tacis
cabbage brisket, jol aioli, corn tortillas, cheese in the middle
what type of mash do we serve
garlic skin on mash
French fried onions
served with border sauce
baked patato

butter, bacon, chives, sour cream, cheese

Amarotto splash
sweet and sour, camarina, cranberry juice, shnapps, amaretto, pineapple
white cosmopolitician
titos vodka, white cranberrym st, germaiv, cherry, peach, lime
tropical sangria
Malibu, ginger ale, absolute vodka, orange juice, peach shnapps, pineapple juice, cherry, orange/lime wheel, cranberry juice, lime
texas tea
gin, rum ,vodka, lime tquila, coke splash, sweet and sour, triple sec
what is our well tquila
tequila upsells
patron, don julio
what is our house rum
ron rio
rum upsells
Bacardi, sailor jerry
bar drinks delivered within

4 minutes

soups and salads time
3 minutes