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military leadership
fm 22-100
leadership counseling
fm 22-100
military justice
ar 27-10
army programs
ar 930-4
ar 600-85
The army physical fitness and weight control program
FM 21-20
The equal opportunity program
AR 600-20
AR 623-205
total army retention program
AR 601-280
Customs and courtesies
AR 600-25
Drill and Ceremonies
FM 22-5
AR 840-10
Field Sanitation
FM 21-10
M16A2 Rifle
FM 23-9
FM 3-3, 3-4, 3-5, 3-7, 3-100
Land navigation
FM 21-26
Combat Training/Tatics
FM 21-75
Artic Survival
FM 21-76
Guard Duty
FM 22-6
When was the unit constituted?
03 may 1861
When was the unit organized and where?
06 Jul 1861 Fort preble maine
When was it reactivated to fort wainwright?
17 feb 1994
When did it realign with the 172nd separate infantry brigade?
17 apr 1998
What battles in civil war?
Peninsula, manassa, antietam fredericksburg, chancellosville, gettyburg, willderness, spotsylvania, cold harbor, petersburg, virginia
Indian wars
little big horn, pine ridge, north dakota
War with spain
Presidential unit citation
philppine presidential unit citation
Republic of korea presidential unit citation
describe the unit crest
Blue shield represents the infantry. The white stone wall represents the assault on the famous stone wall in the battle of fredricksburg. The white cross is the badge of the Sykes division. The five basioned fort was the badge of the 5th army corps in cuba. The origin of the buffalo can be traced to the korean war when, during the command of thn col. william w. "buffalo" quinn, it was used as the 17th infantry's radio call sign.