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What publication covers The NCO Guide?

FM 7-22.7.

What does FM 7-22.7 cover?

The NCO Guide (History of the NCO)

What do soldiers depend on from a NCO?

Their guidance, training and leadership to win the nation's wars.

Who is CSM Gary L. Littrell?

CSM Littrell was a Medal of Honor recipient for his actions on April 1970. He wrote and meaningful and informative introduction for FM 7-22.7.

Who is SGT Patrick Glass?

SGT Glass was the last living person of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. He won the first election west of the Mississippi River. He showed that a good NCO is invaluable to a commander.

Who is SGT Rissler?

SGT Rissler was a Senior Medic that managed to keep 25 casualties alive during a battle that is now known as the "18 Hour Miracle."

Who usually cuts the cake during Army ceremonies?

The oldest and youngest soldiers of the Unit.

What has been the key to the Army's success?

Our flexibility and willingness to change.

Throughout the history of the Army, the NCO has been there doing what?

Leading soldiers in battle and training them during peacetime. Leading by example and always from out front.

When was the NCO Corps born?

June 14, 1775.

What three Countries Traditions were blended to develop our Army’s NCO Corps?

The British, French and Prussian Armies

Who standardized the duties and responsibilities of The NCO Corps?

Baron Friedrich von Steuben

When did Friedrich von Steuben Standardize the duties and responsibilities of the NCO Corps?


Who was the first Sergeant Major of the Army and when was he selected?

Sergeant Major of the Army William O. Wooldridge in 1966.

What is the keystone for NCO development?

The Noncommissioned Officer Education System (NCOES )

What are the four fundamental steps in supervising subordinates in the accomplishment of a task?

Assign the task

Set standards

Check progress

Determine if standards have been met

What is Command Authority?

The authority leaders have over soldiers by virtue of rank or assignment.

When was the NCO Education System (NCOES) established?

1966, by General Ralph E. Haines Jr.

When was the NCO Creed written?