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become lower, go down, decrease, drop
babà root word bumabà infinitive
have a flood
bahâ r.w. bumahâ inf.
block up, stuff, stop up, clog up, choke up
bará r.w. bumará inf.
read, peruse
basa r.w. bumasa inf.
wet, make wet
basâ r.w. bumasâ inf.
grow/get/become younger, rejuvenate
batà r.w. bumatà inf.
buy something on credit, take money in advance of salary
bale r.w. bumale inf.
break something, break apart, snap
balì r.w. bumalì inf.
throw something upward/ upward toward an object
balibang r.w. bumalibang inf.
return, recur, come back
balik r.w. bumalik inf.
leave scar
bakat r.w. bumakat inf.
dismay, trouble greatly, make afraid
bagabag r.w. bumagabag inf.
go slowly, drag
bagal r.w. bumagal inf.
suit, be becoming, become, be in harmony with
bagay r.w bumagay inf.
change, alter
bago r.w. bumago inf.
participate, partake, share in something
bahagi r.w. bumahagi inf.
stink, have bad smell
bahò r.w. bumahò inf.
become good, become sensible or prudent
baít r.w. bumaít inf.
throw, cast
balabág r.w. bumalabág inf.
calculate, study, prove, verify
balak r.w. bumalak inf.
enchant, delight, fascinate, attract greatly
balaní r.w. bumalaní inf.
fail, miss
baldá r.w. bumaldá inf.
shoulder, bear a burden,blame
balikat r.w. bumalikat inf.
turn to for help
baling r.w. bumaling inf.
disquiet, make uneasy, trouble, worry, cause uneasiness
balisa r.w. bumalisa inf.
spring forth, flow
balong r.w. bumalong inf.
wrap, enfold
balot r.w. bumalot inf.
strain,stretch, draw tight
banat r.w. bumanat inf.
smell nice, emit sweet odor
bangó r.w. bumangó inf.
get up, rise up from bed, get up from sleep
bangon r.w. bumangon inf.
baríl r.w. bumaril inf.
break, smash
basag r.w. bumasag inf.
rack, stretch, strain, tug, pull with force or effort
batak r.w. bumatak inf.
batì r.w. bumatì inf.
increase in weight, become heavier
bigát r.w. bumigát inf.
pronounce, utter, speak
bigkás r.w. bumigkás inf.
enthrall, captivate
bighanì r.w. bumighanì inf.
count, count off, number
bilang r.w. bumilang inf.
buy, purchase
bilí r.w. bumilí inf.
speed, go fast
bilís r.w. bumilís inf.
become round
bilog r.w. bumilog inf.
swell out, become inflated
bintóg r.w. bumintóg inf.
be on the brink of, edge of, verge of
bingit r.w. bumingit inf.
joke, jest, poke fun at, crack a joke, kid, fool, tease
birò r.w. bumirò inf.
visit, make a call, call on
bisita r.w. bumisita inf.
disengage, release one's hold on something
bitíw r.w. bumitíw inf.
to go on a trip, voyage, journey
biyahe r.w. bumiyahe inf.
become widowed, be widowed
biyuda r.w. bumiyuda inf.
cast a ballot, vote
boto r.w. bumoto inf.
totter, shake (walls),toddle (child), stagger,reel, stutter, stammer
buay r.w. bumuay inf.
overflow, spill, pour out
bubô r.w. bumubô inf.
become open, stretch, spread out, unfold, extend
buká r.w. bumuká inf.
bloom, blossom, open up (as a flower)
bukadkád r.w. bumukadkád inf.
become open (as a door)
bukás r.w. bumukás inf.
swell, grow larger (as a lump, boil, tumor)
bukol r.w. bumukol inf.
drive away insects, bird,etc., shoo away
bugaw r.w. bumugaw inf.
concur, crowd together, accumulate, meet at one point in time or place
bugsô r.w. bumugsô inf.
gush, spurt, bubble forth
bugwák r.w. bumugwák inf.
lift, raise, take up
buhat r.w. bumuhat inf.
vitalize, give life
buhay r.w. bumuhay inf.
concur, crowd together, accumulate, meet at one point in time or place
bugsô r.w. bumugsô inf.
gush, spurt, bubble forth
bugwák r.w. bumugwák inf.
lift, raise, take up
buhat r.w. bumuhat inf.
vitalize, give life
buhay r.w. bumuhay inf.
bubble, foam, froth
bulâ r.w. bumulâ inf.
bubble (as liquid coming to boil)
bulák r.w. bumulák inf.
blind, make blind
bulag r.w. bumulag inf.
disturb someone's peace or quiet by making noise
bulahaw r.w. bumulahaw inf.
polish, burnish
buli r.w. bumuli inf.
bulóng r.w. bumulóng inf.
gush, rush out suddenly, pour out
bulwák r.w. bumulwák inf.
demolish, flatten, throw down
bunlag r.w. bumunlag inf.
hit with fist, punch, sock, hit with stick,strap,etc.
buntál r.w. bumuntál inf.
nudge, push slightly, jog
bunggô r.w. bumunggô inf.
giggle, laugh in silly or undignified way
bungisngis r.w. bumungisnis inf.
delete, erase, rub out, wipe out, efface
burá r.w. bumurá inf.
blow horn, toot
busina r.w. bumusina inf.
pierce, make a hole in, bore into or through
butas r.w. bumutas inf.
improve, become better, progress, get better physically, mend
buti r.w. bumuti inf.
topple, overturn, demolish
buwág r.w. bumuwág inf.
tumble down, fall down, fall dead (fig.)
buwál r.w. bumuwál inf.
turn back, return
buwelta r.w. bumuwelta inf.
pay tax(es)
buwís r.w. bumuwís inf.
annoy, vex, plague
buwisit r.w. bumuwisit inf.
delay, hinder, interrupt
abala r.w. umabala inf.
go forward, go ahead
abante r.w. umabante inf.
talk too much, indulge in idle talk
abla r.w. umabla inf.
overtake, pass, gain on, come closer to, end up in
abot r.w. umabot inf.
attain, arrive at, reach
abót r.w. umabót inf.
absent oneself, be absent
absent r.w. umabsent inf.
contribute, give money, help
abuloy r.w. umabuloy inf.
embrace, hug
akap r.w. umakap inf.
guide, direct, lead
akay r.w. umakay inf.
draw, attract
akit r.w. umakit inf.
ready to do something, threaten to do something
akmâ r.w. umakmâ inf.
ascend, climb, climb up, go up, scale, shin up
akyát r.w. umakyát inf.
say good-bye
adyó r.w. umadyó inf.
prevent by being alert
agap r.w. umagap inf.
deprive, take away from, snatch
agaw r.w. umagaw inf.
agit-it, agitit r.w umagit-it, umagitit inf.
flow,stream (as water)
agos r.w umagos inf.
become seperated,come away slightly, leave a gap
agwát r.w. umagwát inf.
shave another
ahit r.w. umahit inf.
come up, go up
ahon r.w. umahon inf.
think of , remember, reminisce
alaala r.w. umalaala inf.
hold or carry carefully or gently
alalay r.w. umalalay inf.
go, go away
alís r.w. umalís inf.
become bright
aliwalas r.w. umaliwalas inf.
shake with push or jerk
alóg r.w. umalóg inf.
keep on shaking or jerking
alóg r.w. umalug-alóg inf.
become wavy, form waves (in sea)
alon r.w. umalon inf.
expand, swell up, heave, rise
alsá r.w. umalsá inf.
become tame
amò r.w. umamò inf.
savor, smell
amóy r.w. umamóy inf.
leak through, enter in (like rain through crack)
ampias r.w. umampias inf.
ampón r.w. umampón inf.
induce, persuade, urge, advise, counsel, admonish
amukì r.w. umamukì inf.
flicker,glimmer, shimmer (refering to light)
andáp r.w. umandáp inf.
function, work as a machine
andár r.w. umandár inf.
join, become a part or member of, enlist, affiliate
anib r.w. umanib inf.
become rancid
antá r.w. umantá inf.
feel pain, sting (as a wound)
anták r.w. umanták inf.
bellow, cry loudly, bawl (children)
angal r.w. umangal inf.
become slightly raised
angát r.w. umangát inf.
get ride with someone in a vehicle
angkás r.w. umangkás inf.
angkát r.w. umangkat inf.
overflow, flow over the top, flood, inundate
apaw r.w. umapaw inf.
apí r.w. umapí inf.
check, arrest, stop something before it gets worse
apulá r.w. umapulá inf.
be sunny, have sunshine
araw r.w. umaraw inf.
asa r.w. umasa inf.
asal r.w. umasal inf.
become sour, turn sour, ferment,
asim r.w. umasim inf.
attempt, try, venture
ato r.w. umato inf.
open a little, leave a gap, be ajar
awáng r.w. umawáng inf.
awit r.w. umawit inf.
dislike, disapprove, reject, refuse
ayáw r.w. umayáw inf.
agree with, side with
ayon r.w. umayon inf.
take sides
ayò r.w. umayò inf.
humiliate, aggrieve, do wrong
ayop r.w. umayop inf.
aid, supplement
ayuda r.w. umayuda inf.
bestride, stand over with one leg on each side
kaáng r.w. kumaáng inf.
1. take big bite of something
2. scrape off, peel, skin
kabkáb r.w. kumabkáb inf.
cable, send message
kable r.w. kumable inf.
mill sugarcane
kabyáw r.w. kumabyáw inf.
bark (dog)
kahól r.w. kumahól inf.