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Voluntary alienation

Transfer of title is accomplished with the owner's control and consent and owner May transfer Title by making a gift or selling the property


A written instrument used to convey an interest in real property conveys legal title


A legal instrument used to convey title to real and personal property after a person's death


Deceased person prepare to will before death


When a person dies intestate without leaving a will all the property of the deceased person owned the time of death passes to the deceased person's legal descendants

Es cheat to the state

Provides for a government to take property of an owner who dies intestate and who has no known errors in title to receive the property

Adverse possession

When the true owner of record fails to maintain possession and property is seized by another

4 ways to transfer title to property by involuntary alienation

  • D e s c e n t
  • es cheat to state
  • adverse possession
  • eminent domain

Adverse possession may be attained after how many years

7 or more consecutive years

Two types of notice to Legal title

Actual notice

Constructive notice

Two types of title insurance

Oowners policy

Lenders policy

Parts of a deed

  1. Names,of grantor and grantee
  2. Consideration
  3. Words of,conveyance
  4. Interest or estate beibg conveyed