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Describe a hammock?
A hammock is a small,dry island or mound covered by bushes or trees.
What is the Continental Shelf?
Part of Florida`s Penisula that remained underwater
What is the difference between a marsh and a swamp?
The difference between a marsh and swamp is that a marsh is a wetland that contains tall grasses and plants.A swamp is a wetland that contains trees and bushes.
What is a cape?
A cape is a point of land that reaches out into the ocean.
Name three Highland Regions in Florida?
Three Highland Regions in Florida are the Western Highlands, the Tallahassee Hills and the Central Highlands.
What is a wetland?
A wetland is a lowland area in which the water level is always near or above the land's surface.
Name three Lowlands in Florida?
The Atlantic Coastal Plain, the Gulf Coastal Plain and the Marianna Lowlands region.
What is a barrier island?
A varier island is a low, narrow island that is near a coast.
What is a savanna?

A savanna is a flat grassland.
What is a Natural Region?
A Natural Region is a area made up of places that share the same kinds of physical, or natural features, such as plains, hills, or wetlands.
What is a Coastal Plain?
A coastal Plan is an area of low land that lies along the ocean.
What is part of the Coastal Lowlands Region in Florida?
The Coastal Lowland Region of Florida includes the Atlantic Coastal Plain and The Gulf Coastal Plain.