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How many BN's are in the 1st and 2nd FSSG?
How many BN's are in the 3rd FSSG?
Seven - Support is a combination of MOTOR T and LSB
How many BN's are in the 4th FSSG? (Reserve Units)
Define the FSSG
Provide Command Service Support above the organic capabilities of supported units to all elements of the MEF
What is themission of the CE of the FSSG?
Provide Direct and General Support nad sustained CSS of the MEF and MAGTF
What is the most signifiocant attribute of the FSSG?
Permanently organized. Supports 1 Division/1 Wing MEF or 4 MEU's simultaneously
What are the six tasks of the CE of the FSSG?
Health Service
What is Direct Support
Support to an specific force
What is General Support
Support given to a force as a whole, not a particular unit
What is Task Organization?
An allocation of assets to accomplished and assigned task
G-1 G-2 G-3 G-4
G-5 G-6
Personnel, Intelligence, OPS, LOGS, CIVIL, COMMIS
What is War Reserve Material (WRM)
Principal, end items, munitions required to attain operational objectives. Obtained during peacetime.
What is T/E?
Table of Equipment listing what is needed to complete the mission
What is T/O?
Table of Organization which is the staffing of personnel attached tro an unit.
What is TAM?
Table of Authorized is a list of materials authorized for use by the units.
What is a LTI?
It is a limited technical inspection that is limited in scope and objective.
State the numbers of days of logistic capabilities for the following
MEU - 15 days
MEB - 30 days
MEF - 60 days
Explain the concept of maritime propositioning force?
Uses the MSC to bring supplies to support a MEB for 30 days.