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PCU parachute restraint harness

PCU made of what? How many sizes?

Nylon webbing incased in a nylon fabric channel.

Sleeveless, legless, torso garment.

3 stock sizes + custom fit harness.

Purpose of PCU?

Provides integration of the aircrew member's parachute harness, lap belt assembly, & shoulder restraint harness.

Manufacturer's label provides

Date of manufacture

Manufacturer's Name & code

Serial #

Part # of assembly

Harness size

Shoulder restraint adjustable strap & canopy release adapters.

Provide attachment of the parachute riser assembly

Chest strap

Single point of adjustment of the parachute restraint harness to the wearer.

Webbing bands

Incorporated at the waist for attaching a life preserver incase survival vest isn't worn.

Lap belt

Prevents damage to abdominal area during parachute deployment.

Place in service date will be stenciled (month/year) in the center of the outer surface.

Lap belt quick release adapters

Provide attachment of rigid seat survival kit or soft pack assembly.

Entrance slide fastener

A zipper, provides easy donning and doffing of the PCU assembly.

Main sling saddle

Supports the weight of the body & absorbs opening shock loads.

Diagonal back straps

Two straps across the back, distribute the weight of the body and opening shock.

Saddle anti rotation cinch straps

Adjustable straps

1 on each leg, reduce harness misalignment & improve harness overall fit.

Gate D ring

Attached to the right shoulder adjustable strap.

Gate facing inboard.

Used for attaching a helo hoist hook during rescue.

PCU maintenance

Upon initial issue & 90 days thereafter. Which includes :

Service total life check 12yrs from place in service date or 15yrs from date of manufacture. Whichever comes first.

12yrs from DOM if missing place in service date.

Non RFI and removed from service if missing both dates.

PCU special suspended fitting inspection

360 day inspection

Repairs for PCU IAW

NAVAIR 13-1-6.2