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administrative and operational command and control center for the Coast
Plans, supervises, and coordinates the overall activities of the Coast

Directs the policy and administration of the Coast Guard under the
general supervision of the Secretary of the Department of Homeland

Provides immediate direction to Headquarters units.
responsible to the Commandant for the administration
and command of European Units
Activities Europe
The two areas that are responsible for overall mission performance for
their regions, including districts, maintenance and logistics commands,
and other Coast Guard units that fall within their authority.
Atlantic and Pacific Areas
Those who are under the general
direction and supervision of the Area Commander, lead MLCs.
Maintenance and Logistics Commands
provide support to all operational units and personnel within their
respective areas.
Maintenance and Logistics Commands
responsible for the administration and general direction of
units under their authority and assuring that the functions and duties of the
Coast Guard are performed efficiently, safely, and economically within
their districts.
What are the 5 Atlantic District Offices?
1st: Boston, Mass.
5th: Portsmouth, VA
7th: Miami, FL
8th: New Orleans, LA
9th: Cleveland, Ohio
What are the 4 Pacific District Offices?
11th: Alameda, CA
13th: Seattle, WA
14th: Honolulu, HI
17th: Juneau, AK
What is the minimum lenth for a cutter to be under the control of an Area?
180 ft.
What is the minimum length for a CG boat to be considered a cutter?
65 ft
Cutters at or under 180 ft fall under control of who?
How many units report directly to headquarters?
On what date did congress authorize the capture of armed French vessels hovering off the coast of the U.S.?
May 28, 1798
This war last from 1798-1799
During the Quasi-War, how many prizes were captured by cutters?
This cutter captured 10 prizes during the Quasi-War.
During the Quasi-War, this cutter recaptured American vessels in a fight with a French Privateer.

What is the name of the French Privateer?
This war is where augmenting the Navy with shallow-draft craft evolved.
War of 1812
During the War of 1812, this cutter captured the first prize of the war.
This was one of the most hotly battes of the War of 1812. The British captain praised the gallentry of the American Crew. Between what two vessels was this battle?
The CG cutter Surveyour and the British frigate Narcissis

What was the captain of the Surveyour?
Capt. Samuel Travis
On what date did congress declare war on Mexico, starting the Mexican-American War?
May 13, 1846
The Mexican-American War was the first war that American used these vessels in war.
This cutter is credited for firing the first naval shots during the Civil War.
Harriet Lane

Where were the shots fired?
What year?
Fort Sumter
What date is the start of the Spanish-American War?
April 24, 1898
This cutter was involved in the battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War.
How many cutters served under the Army's tactical control during the Spanish-American War?
This cutter was involved in a battle in Cardenas Bay, Cuba, rescuing the USS Winslow while under intense enemy fire.

What date?
May 11, 1898
When was the peace treaty for the Spanish American War signed?
Dec 10, 1898

Paris, France
What caused America to enter WWI?
German submarines deliberately sunk three American vessels
On what date did America enter WWI?
Apr 2, 1917
This cutter was lost during WWI, while on an escort mission.
When did WWI end?
Nov 1918
What makes WWI so important to the Coast Guard?
The Coast Guard saw a higher percentage of personnel killed than any other service.
This act was passed during WWII, it gave the Coast Guard jurisdiction over ships carrying explosives and dangerous cargo.
Dangerous Cargo Act
On what date was the Coast Guard given cold-weather operations in Greenland?
Apr 9, 1941
On what date did the Coast Guard make the first naval capture during WWII?
Sep 12, 1941
How many submarines did the Coast Guard sink during WWII?
The cutter Spencer tracked a submarine through a convoy in WWII so well that the action report became part of this.
Antizubmarine Force Policy
The Coast Guard is credited with sinking how many German U-boats during WWII?
Who is the Coast Guard's only Medal of Honor recipient?
Douglas Munro
Why was Douglas Munro awarded the MoH?
He was instrumental in recuing a group of Marines near the Matanikau River in Guadalcanal
The Coast Guard recued how many people from torpedo attacks during WWII?
Over 1500
On what date after WWII did the Coast Guard return to the Treasury Department?
Jan 1, 1946
In what year did the Coast Guard's lifesaving service begin to take shape?
In what year does the Coast Guard's Enviromental Protection envolvement begin?
On what date were revenue cutters given the Authority to enforce all Alaskan game laws?
May 11, 1908
This Act created a 200-mile offshore fishing zone to be controlled by the U.S.
Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976
This event was the driving force for the creation of the International Ice Patrol.
Sinking of the Titanic
On what date were all light houses in the the country federalized resulting in the creation of the lighthouse service?
Aug 7, 1789
The only Coast Guard manned lighthouse is located where?
Boston Harbor, Mass.
This woman served the light house service for 38 years at the Matinicus Rock and White Head Light Stations
Abbie Burgess
This person is the only one in history to have been rewarded the Medal of Honor and the Gold Lifesaving Medal
Marcus Hanna
What US Code cites the Coast Guard as a military service?
14 USC
What are the 5 Coast Guard national defense missions?
1. Maritime Interception Operations.
2. Military Enviromental Response Operations
3. Port Operations, security and defense
4. Peacetime military engagements
5. Coastal sea control operations
When was the Coast Guard Reservists created?
Feb 19, 1941
On what date were the SPARs created?
Nov 23, 1942
On what date was the Coast Guard Auxiliary created?
June 23, 1939
What 5 branches in the Coast Guard are available to Auxiliarists?
1. Seaman
2. Artificer - Radio
3. Artificer - Engine Room Force
4. Aviation
5. Special Branch
What 4 units is the CG Auxiliary organized into?
1. Flotilla
2. Division
3. District Regions
4. National
The overall supervision of the Coast Guard Auxiliary is the responsibility of who?
Assistant Commandant for Operations
This is the basic unit of the Auxiliary.
Composed of five or more flotillas, provides them with administrative, training, and supervisory support, and promotes district policy
Provides divisions with administrative and supervisory support, promotes policies of both the district commander and national Auxiliary committee
On what date was the U.S. Coast Guard officially transferred to the DHS?
March 1, 2003
Who were the first two uniformed women to serve in the Coast Guard?
Genevieve and Lucille Baker

What year did this happen?
In what year did the first African-American women enter the SPARs?

Who were they?
1. Olivia Hooker
2. D. Winifred Byrd
3. Julia Mosley
4. Yvonne Cumberbatch
5. Aileen Cooke
Who was the Coast Guard's first Master Chief?
Master Chief Yeoman Jack Kerwin

What year did this happen?
The journalist rate was created specifically because of this Chief's strong writing abilities. Who is he?
Chief Journalist Alex P. Haley

What year did this happen?
In 1950, what was Chief Journalist Alex P. Haley's primary job?
to promote the Coast Guard to the media
Who was the first SPAR E-9?
Master Chief Yeoman Pearl Faurie

What year did she make E-9?
Who was the first Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard?
BMCM Charles L. Calhoun

On what date did this happen?
Aug 1, 1969
In this year, the first women's Reserve Enlisted Basic Indoctrination classes were established.

What were they?
1. Yeoman
2. Storekeeper
3. Radioman
4. Hospital Corpsman
In what year were women integrated into active duty and the Coast Guard Reserve?
What year were women admitted to OCS?
In what year did combat exculsion for women in the CG end?
Who was the first SPAR to be sworn into the regular Coast Guard?
Alice Jefferson
In what year were all officer career fields and enlisted ratings open to women?
In what year were enlisted women assigned to isolated units?
What year was the first Chief Petty Officer Academy Class?
What was the Chief Petty Officer Academy Class 1 motto?
"We Came With The Hope That Others Might Follow"
This person retired in January of 1987, he served on active duty for 44 years, 4 months and 27 days.
Master Chief Boatswain's Mate Donald H. Horsley
Who was the first woman to be assigned to Officer-in-Charge afloat?
Dianne Bucci
Who was the first African-American female and first female engineer to advance to E-7?
Pamela Autry
Who was the first Asian American female to make Warrent Officer?
Grace Parmalee
Who is the first enlisted woman to be assigned to Officer-in-Charge ashore?
Krystine Carbajal
In 1990, how many women reservists were serving in the Persian Gulf?
Who was the first Hispanic American female to advance to E-7?
Sonia Colon
Who was the first enlisted person to be appointed to the Coast Guard Academy Board of Trustees?
Master Chief of the Coast Guard Vincent Patton
What is the birthday of the Coast Guard?
Aug 4, 1790
On what date did the revenue Cutter Service and the U.S. Life Saving Servce merge?
Jan 28, 1915
This person was awarded the Medal of Honor while serving the Union Armey during the Civil War. He voluntarily placed himself at risk to heavy enemy fire in order to get water for comrades in rifle pits. After he served as the principal keeper of the Cape Elizableth Light Station. He is the only person to have won both the Medal of Honor and the Gold Lifesaving Medal.
Marcus A. Hanna
This surfman was a two-time winner of the Gold Lifesaving Medal.
Frederick Hatch
A member of the Massachusetts Humane Society and U.S. Life-Saving Service, he is one of the most celebrated lifesavers in history.
Joshua James
Joshua James is credited with saving how many lifes?
More than 600
She became the official keeper of Lime Rock Light Staton. She is one of the most famous people to have ever served in the U.S. Lighthouse Service.
Ida Lewis
This Surfman single-handedly rescued 10 people from the grounded ship, Priscilla, on Aug. 18, 1899.
Rasmus S. Midgett
A keeper in the U.S. Lighthouse Service, she served at the Head of Passes Light, Port Pontchartrain Light and the West End Light.
Margaret Novell
The highest US military decoration awarded to a serviceman for distinct gallantry and courage at the risk of life, above and beyond the call of duty.
Medal of Honor
Awarded to persons serving in any capacity with the Navy or Marine Corp who distinguish themselves in armed enemy conflict by extraordinary heroism not justifying the Medal of Honor award.
Navy Cross
Awarded to persons serving in any capacity with the Coast Guard who distinquish themselves by exceptionally meritorious service to the United States in a duty of great responsibility.
Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medal
Awarded to persons serving in any capacity with the Navy or Marine Corps who distinguish themselves by extraordinary heroism not justifying the award of the MoH, while engaged in military operations against an enemy of the United States.
Silver Star
Awarded to U.S. military personnel for service rendered comparable to that required for the Distinguished Service Medal but in a lesser duty.
Legion of Merit
Awarded to persons serving on active duty in the Coast Guard who distinguish themselves by heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy.
Coast Guard Medal
Awarded to persons serving in any capacity with U.S. Armed Forces who distinguish themselves after Dec. 6, 1941 by:
1. Heroic Actions
2. Meritorious Achievement
3. Service not involving participation in aerial flight while engaged in enemy action.
Bronze Star
Awarded for rescues of extreme and heroic daring in saving or attempting to save another from drowning, a shipwreck, or other perils of the water.
Gold Lifesaving Medal
Awarded for those rescue actions slightly less outstanding than rescues qualified for the Gold Lifesaving Medal.
Silver Lifesaving Medal
In order to apply to become a CWO, what criteria must you meet?
1. Be a U.S. citizen.
2. Have a total of at least 8 years in the armed service, the last 4 of those being Coast Guard
3. Have placed in the top 50% in the SWE
4. Be at least E-6
4. Obtain the commanding officer's recoomendation.
What criteria must a person meet to go OCS?
1. Be a U.S. citizen
2. Be between 21 and 26 with some exceptions
3. Meet the requirements listed in the Medical Manual
How many days do you have to route completed employee reviews to the Marking Official?
No later than 9 days
How many days do you have to counsel the evaluee on the employee review after the Approving Official has completed their actions?
No later than 30 days
Low cometency marks on employee reviews must be supported by what?
adverse remarks entry
When must unsatisfactory conduct marks be assigned?
1. NJP
2. Court-martial
3. convicted civil court
4. financially irrersponsible
5. not supporting dependents
6. alcohol incident
7. fails to comply with civilian and military rules
Employee reviews submitted on E-6 and above must have what?
Supporting remarks documenting the individual's leadership potential along with the commanding officer's advancement recommendation
Can you appeal the Approving Officer's decision of advancement recommendations?
When are regular employee review for active duty E-6 and below due?
1. E-1/E-2: Jan and July
2. E-3: Feb and Aug
3. E-4: Mar and Sept
4. E-5: Apr and Oct
5. E-6: May and Nov
When are regular employee reviews due for E-7 through E-9?
1. E-7: Sept
2. E-8: Nov
3. E-9: June
How many days must counceling take place after the marking period ends?
21 days
This is a tool to help members reach career goals within the Coast Guard.
What is the suicide prevention hotline?
Program designed to assist eligible personnel in their professional development. Provides funding for off-duty voluntary education courses to broaden academic or Coast Guard technical background.
Tuition Assistance
Provides $350 dollars for active duty personnel in pay grades E-3 to E-9 with two or more years of service.
Coast Guard Foundation Grant
An administrative action to perform an investigation to look at circumstances pertaining to the loss, destruction, or damage of Coast Guard property.
Surveys are not required for what?
property with a value of less than $500.
What is the form number for Report of Survey?
What block on your DD-214 will show all of your military education?
Block 14
If you find discrepancies in your Direct Access training records, who do you inform?
Servicing Personnel Office
What two types of "C" school is there?
Non-resident and resident
Requests to attend "C" school must be formally submitted by your training officer via what?
Short-Term Training Request or an Electronic Training Request
Where are dates and locations of all "C" schools published?
The funding document that provides the Contracting Officer with the authority to begin the acquisition process.
Procurement Request
The single most important signature on a PR.
Certification of funds availablity
If a "sole source" procurement is the only way to meet the Government's needs, a PR must have what?
Justification For Other Than Full and Open Competition (JOTFOC)
A mirco purchase for the acquisition of supplies can not exceed how much?
A micro purchase for the acquisition of services shall not exceed how much?
PRs for construction requests are limited to how much?
Does not contain hazards or potential hazards, and requires no special requirements for entry.
Non-permit confined space
A space known or potentially hazardous, material capable of engulfing entrants, an internal configuration such that an entrant could be trapped or asphyxiated, any other recognized serious safety or health hazards.
Permit-required confined space
What must you do before opening a confined space?
1. Tag out all systems connected to affected space and make entry into DC log
2. Ensure a Gas Free Engineer is present at space opening
3. Ventilate space for 24 hours
After a confined space is opened, the GFE does what?
Issues a gas free certificate
How much hearing protection is required for exposure to 85dB?
How much hearing protection is required for exposure to 105 dB?
What must be worn when taking lube oil samples?
Before using a product, you should review what?
The respective Material Safety Data Sheets
A written communication that initiates or governs action, conduct, or procedure.
What are the 5 main types of directives issued?
1. Instructions
2. Manuals
3. Message-type Notices
4. Notices
5. Standard Operating Procedures
Contain information that has continuing reference value or that requires continuing actions

Remain in effect until replaced or canceled by the originiator or higher authority

Review and validate by originators every four years
Permanent type of instruction

Contain 25 or more pages

Have a table of contents and are organized into chapters and sections

Are reviewed annually by originators and canceled when no longer applicable.
Notices transmitted via CGMS

Urgent in nature

Provide information required by law or regulation, an issue of safety, or important to the morale of Coast Guard personnel
Message-Type Notes
Contain information of one-time or brief nature

Same force as an instruction

Automatically cancelled after 12 months
Set of instructions for operations that lend themselves to definite or standardized procedure

For internal procedures at a unit

Have no defined format
Standard Operating Procedures
Who are the four main originators of directives?
1. The Commandant
2. Area, District, and Group Commanders
3. Commanders of Maintenance and Logistics Commands
4. Commanding Officers and OICs
What manual is COMDTINST M1000.6A?
CG Personnel Manual
What does COMDT stand for in COMDTINST M1000.6A?
The originator
What does INST stand for in COMDTINST M1000.6A?
Type of Directive
What does M1000 stand for in COMDTINST M1000.6A?
The M stands for Manual. The number is the SSIC.
What does 6A stand for in COMDTINST M1000.6A?
The 6 means that it is the sixth directive to use the SSIC. The "A" stands for a rewritten or revised directive.
What resource can help you find directives?
Directives, Publications, and Reports Index (COMDT Notice 5600)
A searchable logistics information system that contains information from the Federal Logistics Information System.
What does NSN stand for?
National Stock Number
What is the time priority of each SOSO code?
1. Flash (Z)
2. Immediate (O)
3. Priority (P)
4. Routine (R)
1. ASAP (with in 10 min)
2. 30 min
3. 3 hrs
4. 6 hrs
A unique fingerprint on each message in CGMS, it is the means to identify and locate a message if youare discussing it with another person or referring to a message within another message.
Date Time Group
Explain the different parts of the DTG listed below:

271237 JUN 00
27 stands for day of the month

1237Z stands for the time in Zulu (GMT)

Then the month and 2 digit year
What does ZOJ stand for in a CGMS message?
What message instruction is ZDK?
What message instruction is ZYB?
Administrative type
What is line 6 in a CGMS message?
What is line 7 in a CGMS message?
TO line
What is line 8 in a CGMS message?
INFO line
What is line 9 in a CGMS message?
XMT line
A single address group that represents a predetermined set of five or more activites linked by an operational or administrative chain of command.
predetermined lists of action/information addressees controlled by a cognizant authority and used for messages containing information of a recurring or pre-planned nature.
What is line 11 in a CGMS message?
BT (break)
What is line 12 in a CGMS message?
Body of text
In order for a message to be released over the internet, what must it have?
When can @ be used in a message?
Used on Coast Guard messages only, but must be spelt out on messages going outside the organization or to ships that are u/w.
What are ALCOAST messages?
Messages that are applicable to all Coast Guard commands, with blanket distribution to all Coast Guard units.
What are ALCGOFF messages?
For officers
What are ALCGENL messages?
for enlisted
What are ALCGCIV messages?
For CG civilians
Information that requires the highest degree of protection.
Top Secret
Unauthorized disclosure of top-secret information could reasonably be expected to cause what?
exceptionally grave damage to national security
Requires substantial degree of protection.
Unauthorized disclosure of secret information could reasonably be expected to cause what?
serious damage to national security
information that requries protection
The unauthorized disclosure of confidential information could reasonably be expected to what?
cause damage to national security
What effects your CGMS level of access?
Need to know and security clearance
the human resources management system for the Coast Guard military personnel.
Direct Access
What is the Direct Access website?
What leadership competency?

Each individual must be sensitive to the impact of his or her behavior on others and the organization

Each individual must take ownership for their areas of responsibility, and be accountable for effectively organizing and prioritizing tasks, and effectively using resources
Accountability and Responsibility
How many leadership competencies does the Coast Guard identify?
What are the leadership competency catagories?
Leading Self

Leading Others

Leading performance and change

Leading the Coast Guard
What leadership competency is it?

All Coast Guard members are followers

Successful Followers look to leaders for guidance and feed back

Encompasses commitment, responsibility, accountability, critical thinking, and effective communication
What leadership competency is it?

Successful Coast Guard Leaders are self objective

Successful leaders use various self evaluation tools

Coast Guard leaders understand that personal development is a life long process

Successful leaders guide and challenge peers and subordinates, encouraging individuals to ask questions and be involved
Self Awareness and Learning
What leadership competency is it?

Successful leaders align personal values with organizational ones
Aligning Values
What leadership competency is it?

Successful Leaders consider and evaluate the environment in which they and their people work, attending to safety and well being

Successful leaders set a personal health example with emphasis on a program of physical fitness and emotional health

Successful leaders encourage others to develop personal programs including physical, mental, and spiritual well-being
Health and Well Being
What leadership competency is it?

Successful leaders demonstrate belief in their own abilities and ideas

Successful leaders understand the relevance and importance of the Coast Guard core values and strive for personal conduct that exemplifies these values
Personal Conduct
What leadership competency is it?

Successful leaders are always aware of how their actions contribute to overall organizational success

Successful leaders maintain credibility with others on technical matters and keep current on technological advances in professional areas
Technical Proficiency
May be assigned only if it is genuinely intended to accomplish specific task improvement
EMI can only last for how long per day?
Two hours or less
EMI can not be assigned on what day?
Member's Sabbath
EMI must have what in order to assing EMI after normal working hours?
Commanding officer's permission
EMI can not do what?
Deprive the enlisted of normal liberty
What privilage can you not deprive as a punishment?
Normal Liberty
When can searches or seizures be conducted?
When probable cause exists

When probable cause is not required
What court-martial rule applies to search and seziures?
What rules for court-martial states that enlisted personnel must be in the performance of military law enforcement duties in order to conduct searches and seize property or evidence?
What is the form number of the Administrative Remarks Sheet?
How many types of P&D entries are there?
Where is the original CG-3307 filed?
Where can you find all the information and requirements concerning the enlisted advancement?
Coast Guard Personnel Manual, COMDTINST M1000.6 (series), Ch 5, Section C
Who is responsible for ensuring they are eligible in all respects for advancement?
the CG member
In order to advance to E-6, how many months in pay grade E-5 in current rating must you complete?
12 months
In order to advance from E-6 to E-9, how many years are needed in each step?
2 years
In order to advance to E-8, how many years must you have in active service?
10 years
If you receive an unsatisfactory mark in conduct, how many months of consecutive satisfactory conduct do you need if you are E-4?
12 months
What U.S. Code five the Commandant authority to frock Coast Guard enlisted personnel?
Section 632, 14 U.S.C
Who did the Commandant designate as the sole authority for frocking of enlisted personnel?