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indus robed male figure 2000 bc
maurya great stupa 3rd c bc
kushan meditating Buddha from gandhara 2 c bc
kushan first sermon at sarnath 2 c bc
kushan life and death of the Buddha frieze 2 c bc
gupta seated Buddha preaching first sermon 2nd half of 5th c ad
gupta boddhisattva padmapani wall painting from Ajanta 2nd half of 5th c ad
gupta vishnu asleep on the serpent ananta 6th c ad
pallava rock-cut rathas 2nd half of 7th c ad
chandella vishvanatha temple 11th c ad
mughal jahangir prefers a sufi to kings by bichitr 17th c ad
mughal taj mahal 17th c ad
Hindu rajput krishna and radha in a pavilion 18th c ad
contemporary mukherjee ashoka at kalinga 20th c ad
java- borobudur 9th ad
Cambodia - king suryavarman ii holding court from angor wat first half of 12th c ad
Thailand - sukhothai - walking Buddha 14th c ad
Thailand - ayutthaya - the emerald Buddha 15th c ad
Myanmar - schwedagon pagoda 14th c ad