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Class A fire

Wood, paper, and cloth

Class B Fire

Flammable liquids, grease, ....

Class C fire

Electrical Fire

Class D fire


Top of fire extinguisher

5 feet above floor level

Bottom of Fire extinguisher

At least 4 feet above ground level


Pull Aim Squeeze Sweep

Class K fire

Kitchen, cooking oils ...

Fuse sprinkler

Sprinkler head is open

Stand pipe system

Building specific water hydrant

Charged stand pipe

Is filled with water


Fire Alarm Control Panel

Fire alarm must be re - set at

A main FACP, and by S-95

Fire alarm installed/relocated after April 1 1984

4 feet from floor and 5 feet from exit


Compress Natural Gas

Guard at the exit must have

Walkie talkie

Guard at event entrance will have

Scanner, hand held counter, tickets

Standing audience barrier requirements

Not less than to receive no more than 4 feet above floor level lightweight posts and durable markings on the floor

Standing audience

Barrier of 3 to 4 feet above floor clear markings on floor

Standing audience in balcony

No more than one roll of people standing

standing passageways more than 6 feet and less than 16 feet deep

An unobstructed passageway of at least six feet and that is left open and there are no more than four rows of persons standing

Passageway is more than 16 feet deep

Any number of persons may stand pot an unobstructed passageway at the least 10 feet in depth is left open

Places of assembly having a passageway to the rear of the seats 6 feet or less in depth

A maximum of two rows of person may be committed to stand in the passage way to the rear of such seats

10 minutes prior to the start of an event

Announcement of safety instructions should be made

Announcement does not have to be made if

The Commissioner make an exception if one exit can be seen from every seat and a sitting or standing area


Fire safety plan

Escape pre-inspection

Escape exits storage compacity protection and emergency

Fire drills in new office occupancy

Every 3 months for the first two years

Fire drills an old occupancy

Every 6 months

fire drills in hotels

Once every three months on each shift


Exits are unblocked. Storage, no storage of combustible materials in corridors. capacity, space does not exceed compacity. Isles, all aisles are free and clear at all times. protection, smoke fire alarm sprinkler system fire extinguishers work and have up-to-date inspection. emergency, emergency exit lighting works.


Exit, storage, capacity, aisle, protection, emergency,


Temporary Place Assembly

How long does the safety personnel stay at the event ?

Safety personnel arrives 1 hour prior events and stay until all audience members are gone.

FDNY may require at least one place of assembly safety personnel on the premises where the certificate of occupancy indicates :

200 or more gather outdoors

FIND may require at least one person of assembly safety personnel on the premise where the certificates occupancy indicates. indoors

75 or more members of the public May gather indoor s

Where to keep your certificate of fitness?

The certificate of fitness holder must keep the certificate upon her person and ready for inspection

Building information card

Building information card depicts and setting forth the relevant fire safety information for building