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Back in the past as it is today, when firefighters join the fire service they were making a ____________, _______________, and _____________.


-Changing their lifestyle

-Joining a family

Ch. 1, pg. 1

This famous firefighter started the first volunteer fire company

Ben Franklin

Ch. 1, pg. 2

Who is the Father of the American Fire Service?

Ben Franklin

Ch. 1, pg. 2

What personality traits did Benjamin Franklin display that made him a good firefighter?





-A will to make the world better

Ch. 1, pg. 2

During musters and contests how would fire companies measure themselves?

-Who could get water first

-Whose fire stream could go the farthest

Ch. 1, pg. 2

Who served as the Chief of FDNY from 1899-1911? Why would he be important?

-Edward F. Croker

-Worked to convince the city officials to roll back budget and manpower cuts

Ch. 1, pg. 3

What are three things to remember to be successful in the fire service?

1. Do what's right

2. Do your best

3. Treat others how you want to be treated

Ch. 1, pg. 5

What is a simple way to say someone has integrity?

They do the right thing (even when no one's watching)

Ch. 1, pg. 5

What is the job of every firefighter?


Ch. 1, pg. 5

What do we have that represents our profession, heritage, and all who came before us?

Our uniform

Ch. 1, pg. 5

When you are assigned online in just a few years what can people steal from you?


Ch. 1, pg. 6

During training you should take care to push yourself and train as if...

Your life depends on it

Ch. 1, pg. 6

"When you raised your right hand and took an oath, pinned on that badge, or put on that fire helmet, you became a ____________."

Public servant

Ch. 1, pg. 6

"If you're sick, _______. And if you're not, _________."

-Stay home

-Come to work

Ch. 1, pg. 7

Four rules to combat complacency

1. Every time we go out the door, we're going to a fire. No matter what, never let down your guard and always be prepared for the fight

2. When we arrive on the scene, there is no fire only if WE say there is no fire. Listen to civilians, but don't allow yourself to be fooled

3. There is nobody in the building only if WE say no one is in the building. Even when occupants are standing outside, we still search the building for fire and occupants who might be unaccounted for or overlooked.

4. The fire is not out unless WE say it's out

Ch. 1, pg. 7

What Roman emperor created Vigiles?

Augustus (reigned 63 BC-14 AD)

Ch. 2, pg. 11

Who appointed night watchmen called "prowlers" or "the rattle watch?"

Peter Stuyvesant

Ch. 2, pg. 12

During the Great Fire of London, how much of London burned?

Almost 80%

Ch. 2, pg. 12

What American city was designed with fire in mind, and even had the first water supply?


Ch. 2, pg. 12 & 14

What was the first volunteer fire brigade? When was it founded? What led to its founding?

-Union Fire Company


-Articles in Benjamin Franklin's newspaper, the Philadelphia Gazette.

Ch. 2, pg. 12

Name the two first fire insurance companies in the 1700's

-Friendly Society of Charleston (1736)

-Philadelphia Contributorship (1751)

Ch. 2, pg. 12

"Beginning in the 1750's, first in Philadelphia, insurance companies began to display ___________ on structures covered by them."

Fire marks

Ch. 2, pg. 12

What type of fire became a serious problem in 18th century New York?


Ch. 2, pg. 13

What is arson?

Intentionally set fire for the purpose of financial gain

Ch. 2, pg. 13

How much of New Orleans was destroyed by fire on Good Friday 1788?


Ch. 2, pg. 14

How many buildings were left standing after Detroit caught fire in 1805?


Ch. 2, pg. 14

Why did fire departments start using speaking trumpets?

To allow officers to communicate with crews more effectively

Ch. 2, pg. 14

When and where were the first hose companies formed?

Philadelphia, 1803

Ch. 2, pg. 14

Where was the first American fireboat put into operation?

New York

Ch. 2, pg. 14

"In 2006, following 203 years of service, the _________________ became the last of all the insurance-supported salvage corps to operate in the United States."

New York Fire Patrol

Ch. 2, pg. 14

"New York City's Great Fire of December 1835 consumed more than ________ buildings..."


Ch. 2, pg. 15

When did Brooklyn have its great fire?


Ch. 2, pg. 15

How many major fires swept San Francisco between 1849 and 1851, and how many buildings did the worst destroy?



Ch. 2, pg. 15

"_____________ marked the golden years of the traditional pre-modern volunteer fire system."

The 1830s through the 1850s

Ch. 2, pg. 15

What were exempt firemen excused from?

Jury and militia duty

Ch. 2, pg. 15

"A New York City sperm oil storage warehouse destroyed 300 buildings in ______."


Ch. 2, pg. 16

"The Jennings warehouse fire and collapse claimed the lives of _____ New York City volunteers in ______."



Ch. 2, pg. 16

"The Pemberton Mills fire in Lawrence, Massachusetts, killed _______ occupants."


Ch. 2, pg. 16

What factors forced a lowering of recruiting standards in the volunteer companies of larger cities?

Suburban flight of older, middle-class volunteers

Ch. 2, pg. 16

Where was the first paid fire department?


Ch. 2, pg. 16

What systems did Boston install and employ in 1852?

-Central telegraph office

-Street box fire-alarm telegraph system

Ch. 2, pg. 17

What two main changes did Cincinnati make in 1853?

-Introduce the horse-drawn Latta brothers' steam fire Engine ("Uncle Joe Ross")

-Become the first city to employ a top-down, centralized, paid department

Ch. 2, pg. 17

"On _________, Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor was shelled by supporters of secession..."

April 12, 1861

Ch. 2, pg. 17

Why were Southern fire departments at a profound disadvantage during the Civil War?

All their hand-drawn and steam fire apparatus and much of their equipment were manufactured in the North.

Ch. 2, pg. 17

What did the Fire Zouave regiments' uniforms typically consist of?

-Red firemens' shirts

-Colorful jackets

-Baggy trousers

-Reddish-brown boots

-Fezzes (red caps)

Ch. 2, pg. 17

Who was almost hanged by rioters during the draft riots in New York when he ordered fire companies to put out fires?

Chief of Department John Decker

Ch. 2, pg. 18

"Amidst bitterness and controversy, New York's volunteers were dismissed in ____. They were replaced with a paid _________________..."


-Metropolitan Fire Department

Ch. 2, pg. 18

"In 1870 under the terms of the Tweed Charter, the __________________________ was established..."

Fire Department of the City of New York

Ch. 2, pg. 18

When did Philadelphia convert to a paid fire department?


Ch. 2, pg. 18

When did Los Angeles convert to a paid fire department?


Ch. 2, pg. 18

Between the end of the Civil War and the First World War, what impact did major technological and managerial innovations have on the fire service?

-Cut response time

-Improved firefighting capacity

-Strengthened fire safety laws

Ch. 2, pg. 18

When and where was the first American steam-powered fireboat commissioned?

Boston Fire Department, 1873

Ch. 2, pg. 19

When and where was the first successful aerial extension ladder truck developed?

-San Francisco Fire Department, 1868

Ch. 2, pg. 19

How many buildings did the Chicago Fire destroy?

Almost 20,000

Ch. 2, pg. 19

How many people were left homeless by the Chicago Fire?


Ch. 2, pg. 19

What was the Chicago Fire blamed on, though a news reporter later confessed to making up the story?

Mrs. O'Leary's cow

Ch. 2, pg. 19

What did the National Board of Fire Underwriters advocate when it was formed in 1866?

Upgrading firefighting forces and building regulations

Ch. 2, pg. 19

What did the Underwriters Electrical Bureau do?

Test materials for combustibility

Ch. 2, pg. 19

What obstacles did mutual aid companies encounter when responding to the Baltimore Fire of 1904?

-Lack of standard fire hose couplings and threads

-Absence of adapters

Ch. 2, pg. 19

Why was the NFPA formed?

Standardizing codes for sprinkler and electrical systems

Ch. 2, pg. 19

What was the Baltimore Fire of 1904 responsible for initiating?

Creation of a new model building code known as the National Building Code

Ch. 2, pg. 19

What three fires led to improvements in high-rise occupancies?

-Brooklyn Theater Fire (1876)

-Iroquois Theater Fire (1903)

-Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (1911)

Ch. 2, pg. 20

How many lives was the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906 originally suspected to have taken? How many is it thought to have taken now? What is the cause of the discrepancy?

-Fewer than 400

-More than 3,000

-A massive cover-up

Ch. 2, pg. 20

What was the largest fire in American history?

San Francisco's Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906

Ch. 2, pg. 20

What was the country's worst theater disaster and when did it occur?

The Iroquois Theater Fire, 1903

Ch. 2, pg. 20

"In 1901, New York City's chief of department was assigned a ________. By 1922, the last ________ made its final run."

-Gasoline-driven Locomobile

-Horse-drawn apparatus

Ch. 2, pg. 20

"The period between the Great Depression and WWII was marked as an era of ______, _______, ____________, _____________, and __________."

-Lean budgets

-The extended use of older equipment

-Deferred apparatus acquisition

-Manpower shortages

-Little or no increases in salaries

Ch. 2, pg. 21

What event led to the requirement of using mercaptan in natural gas as an odorant?

A natural gas explosion that leveled the New London, Texas, Junior-Senior High School and killed 298 students and teachers

Ch. 2, pg. 21

"It was _________________ and _________________ that spelled disaster for the Hindenburg when it caught fire..."

-Flammable hydrogen gas

-A highly combustible outer surface

Ch. 2, pg. 21

What allowed fire to kill 92 children and 3 nuns at Chicago's Lady of the Angels parochial school in 1958?

An open stairwell allowed fire to rapidly spread from the basement to the second floor

Ch. 2, pg. 21

What caused the French Liberty ship Grandcamp to catch fire and explode and how many Texas City volunteer firefighters were killed?

-Ammonium nitrate fertilizer


Ch. 2, pg. 22

What was the largest loss of firefighters prior to the 9/11 attacks?

The explosion of the ship Grandcamp in Texas City in 1947

Ch. 2, pg. 22

"The National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control's summary report, America Burning, noted that the mission of the American fire service had ______________________."

Expanded rapidly beyond fire prevention, suppression, and investigation

Ch. 2, pg. 23

"By the opening years of the 21 century, the number of women holding career-firefighter positions exceeded ________. During the same time, it is estimated that there were more than _________ women volunteer firefighters."



Ch. 2, pg. 23

"In the 1970s, _____________________ and __________________ made it possible to establish a standardized national Emergency Medical System..."

-The completion of the interstate highway system

-The return of Vietnam veterans willing to serve

Ch. 2, pg. 23

What two incidents were the primary causes behind changes in rail tank cars?

-Tank of propane on a rail car BLEVE'd in Kingman, Arizona in 1973, killing 12 (including 11 firefighters)

-Tank of propane on a rail car exploded in 1978 in Waverly, Tennessee, killing 16.

Ch. 2, pg. 23

What three notable nightclub fires occurred around the last quarter of the 20th century?

-Beverly Hills Supper Club (1977)

-Happyland Social Club (1990)

-Station Nightclub (2003)

Ch. 2, pg. 23-24

How many people were killed in the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire?


Ch. 2, pg. 23

How many people were killed in the Happyland Social Club fire?


Ch. 2, pg. 24

How many people were killed in the Station Nightclub fire?


Ch. 2, pg. 24

"Under the leadership of Alan Brunacini, FIRESCOPE evolved into the ______________________."

Incident Management System

Ch. 2, pg. 24

"In 1989, the __________________ established regional task forces under the jurisdiction of the Federal Emergency Management Agency designed to coordinate emergency services during major disasters."

National Urban Search and Rescue System

Ch. 2, pg. 24

How many FDNY members were killed on 9/11?


Ch. 2, pg. 25

"Today's first responders are aware that they are primary targets of terrorists. And yet the roles of firefighters, police, and EMS personnel, both career and volunteer, remain to __________, to ______________, and to _____________."

-Rescue those at risk

-Contain disasters

-Comfort survivors

Ch. 2, pg. 25

"The modern fire department responds to numerous all-hazard responsibilities including but not limited to:"

-Fire suppression

-Emergency medical services

-Specialty rescue operations

-Hazardous materials mitigation

-Life- and fire-safety education

-Administrations and enforcement of codes and standards

-Emergency communications

Ch. 3, pg. 29

"National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) [is[ a _____________ whose purpose is to _____________________ by ________________________."

-Nonprofit organization

-Reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards on the quality of life

-Providing and advocating consensus codes, standards, research, training, and education

Ch. 3, pg. 30

"International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) [is] composed of members considered the leading experts in ____________________________."


-Emergency medical services

-Terrorism response

-Hazardous materials-Natural disasters

-Search and rescue

-Public safety legislation

Ch. 3, pg. 30

"International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) [is] working to promote ___________________."

-A safe and healthy work environment

-Reasonable working conditions

-The research and treatment of burns and other related health problems common to career firefighters.

Ch. 3, pg. 30

"National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) [is] composed of _______________ involved in ______________________________."

-State volunteer firefighter organizations

-Providing training programs, public education, conferences, and the compilation of pertinent statistics

Ch. 3, pg. 30

"Companies are generally organized by ______________________."


Ch. 3, pg. 30

A fire department mission should reflect expectations and requirements of the __________ it serves.


Ch. 3, pg. 30

What factors into how a fire department deploys resources?

-Its mission

-The communities it serves and their expectations

-The size and workload of the organization

-Available funding

-The political landscape

Ch. 3, pg. 30

Four main elements in the "cycle of resources"

-Public education

-Engineering and code enforcement

-Fire suppression

-Fire investigation

Ch. 3, pg. 31

"According to the NFPA, there were __________ fires reported during 2007 involving ____________ in property damage."


-$14.6 billion

Ch. 3, pg. 31

"Fires are typically less than ______ of the workload for any fire department."


Ch. 3, pg. 31

What NFPA standard defines what a company is?

NFPA 1201, Standard for Providing Emergency Services to the Public

Ch. 3, pg. 32

According to NFPA 1201, a company is a group of members that is the following:

-Under the direct supervision of an officer or leader

-Trained and equipped to perform assigned tasks

-Usually organized and identified as engine, ladder, rescue, or squad companies

-Usually operates with one piece of apparatus

-Arrives at the scene on fire apparatus or assembles at the scene prior to assignment

Ch. 3, pg. 32

"An engine company is composed of an apparatus or vehicle, generally referred to as a _______________, staffed by ______________________ trained and assigned to _____________________________."

-Engine or pumper

-Firefighters and a supervisor (officer)

-Deliver water, deploy hoselines, and execute other associated tactics to extinguish fires.

Ch. 3, pg. 32

"A ladder or truck company is composed of a __________________, staffed by ____________ trained and assigned to _____________________."

-Aerial apparatus or vehicle

-Firefighters and a supervisor (officer)

-Place ladders, accomplish search and rescue, perform ventilation and forcible-entry operations, secure utilities, and perform salvage or overhaul at fire and other emergency scenes

Ch. 3, pg. 32-33

"A rescue or squad company is composed of a vehicle carrying ___________...staffed by _______________ trained and assigned to ____________________________."

-Specialized equipment

-Firefighters and a supervisor (officer)

-Perform forcible entry, search and rescue, and other specialized tasks at fire scenes.

Ch. 3, pg. 33

"Many fire-service-based ambulance or EMS companies are composed of a _____________, carrying ______________, and staffed by _____________________, trained to ________________________________."

-Transport vehicle

-Specialized medical equipment


-Provide treatment to patients, including first aid, CPR, BLS or ALS, and other medical procedures prior to arrival at a healthcare facility.

Ch. 3, pg. 33

"The quint is defined by the NFPA fire apparatus with _______________, _______, ____________, ___________________, and __________________."

-A permanently mounted fire pump

-A water tank

-A hose storage area

-An aerial ladder or elevating platform with a a permanently mounted waterway

-A complement of ground ladders

Ch. 3, pg. 34

"NFPA 1901...defines a mobile water supply apparatus (water tender) as a vehicle designed primarily for _________________."

-Transporting water to fire emergency scenes to be applied by other vehicles or pumping equipment.

Ch. 3, pg. 34

"A firefighter, as defined by NFPA 1001..., is an individual possessing ____________________."

The knowledge and skills to function as an integral member of a firefighting team, under supervision, in hazardous conditions

Ch. 3, pg. 34

What type of officer is "responsible for the supervision of the personnel and resources assigned to a single or multi-unit engine, ladder, or squad company"?

Company officer

Ch. 3, pg. 37

What type of officer is "responsible for the supervision of the personnel and resources associated with multiple units/stations or organizational disciplines within the fire department"?

Battalion or district chiefs

Ch. 3, pg. 37

What type of officer is "responsible for the supervision of the personnel and resources associated with a major functional discipline (training, emergency medical services, community risk reduction, etc.) within the fire department"?

Deputy or assistant chiefs

Ch. 3, pg. 38

What type of officer must "serve as a department head and must possess advanced administrative, financial, communications, political, legal, managerial, analytical, and information management skills and abilities"?

Fire chief (also known as chief engineer or commissioner in some districts)

Ch. 3, pg. 38

Ambulance personnel must have what minimum certifications?

EMT certification

Ch. 3, pg. 39

Name three factors in attracting volunteers

-Length of service award program (LOSAP)

-Pay per call or per hour

-Tax exemptions or deductions

-Health insurance

-Tuition assistance

-Low-interest housing loans

Ch. 3, pg. 42

"Standard operating procedures (SOPs) or standard operating guidelines (SOGs) typically address ____________________________."

Operational matters such as hose loads, water supply, high-rise operations, and safety requirements.

Ch. 3, pg. 43

"The incident command system (ICS) is ___________________________________________."

An organizational system that provides command and control at these emergency incidents and meets the requirements of government regulations

Ch. 3, pg. 43

"The command staff consists of ________________, _______________, _______________, and __________________"

-The incident commander

-The safety officer

-The information officer

-The liaison officer

Ch. 3, pg. 43

"The incident commander is the individual responsible for _____________________."

The management of all incident operations at the incident site.

Ch. 3, pg. 43

"The safety officer is a member of the command staff responsible for __________________________________."

Monitoring and assessing safety hazards or unsafe situations and for developing measures for increasing personnel safety

Ch. 3, pg. 43

"The information officer is a member of the command staff responsible for ___________________________________."

Interfacing with the public and media or with other agencies that require information directly from the incident.

Ch. 3, pg. 43

"The liaison officer is a member of the command staff responsible for ________________________."

Coordinating with representatives from cooperating and assisting agencies

Ch. 3, pg. 43

"The general staff consists of the _____________, the ________________, the ________________, and the ____________________."

-Operations section

-Planning section

-Logistics section

-Finance/administration section

Ch. 3, pg. 43

"The operations section is responsible for __________________________."

All tactical operations at the incident

Ch. 3, pg. 43

"The planning section is responsible for _________________________________."

The collection, evaluation, and dissemination of tactical information related to the incident, and for the preparation and documentation of incident action plans.

Ch. 3, pg. 43

"The logistics section is responsible for ________________________."

Providing facilities, services, and materials for the incident

Ch. 3, pg. 43

"The finance/administration section chief is responsible for ____________________."

All incident costs and financial considerations.

Ch. 3, pg. 43

"The incident command post (ICP) is _________________________."

The location where the primary command functions are executed

Ch. 3, pg. 44

"The staging area is _________________________________."

A location set up at an incident where resources can be placed while awaiting a tactical assignment.

Ch. 3, pg. 44

"Base is the location where ____________________."

Primary logistics functions for an incident are coordinated and administered

Ch. 3, pg. 44

"Camp is _________________________. It is equipped and staffed to _____________________________."

-Geographical site within the general incident area but separate from the incident base

-Provide sleeping, food, water, and sanitary services to incident personnel.

Ch. 3, pg. 44

"The NFPA was establish in __________."


Ch. 3, pg. 44

NFPA 1001

Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications

Ch. 3, pg. 45

NFPA 1002

Standard on Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications

Ch. 3, pg. 45

NFPA 1003

Standard for Airport Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications

Ch. 3, pg. 45

NFPA 1005

Standard for Professional Qualifications for Marine Fire Fighting for Land-Based Fire Fighters

Ch. 3, pg. 45

NFPA 1006

Standard for Rescue Technician Professional Qualifications

Ch. 3, pg. 45

NFPA 1031

Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector and Plan Examiner

Ch. 3, pg. 45

NFPA 1033

Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator

Ch. 3, pg. 45

NFPA 1035

Standard for Professional Qualifications for Public Fire and Life Safety Educator

Ch. 3, pg. 45

NFPA 1051

Standard for Wildland Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications

Ch. 3, pg. 45

NFPA 1061

Standard for Professional Qualifications for Public Safety Telecommunicator

Ch. 3, pg. 45

NFPA 1081

Standard for Industrial Fire Brigade Member Professional Qualifications

Ch. 3, pg. 45

NFPA 1500

Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program

Ch. 3, pg. 45

NFPA 1581

Standard on Fire Department Infection Control Program

Ch. 3, pg. 45

NFPA 1582

Standard on Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments

Ch. 3, pg. 45

NFPA 1583

Standard on Health-Related Fitness Programs for Fire Department Members

Ch. 3, pg. 45

"The IAFC was established in ___________."


Ch. 3, pg. 45

"The IAFF was officially established in ___________."


Ch. 3, pg. 45

"Department of Homeland Security was established after ________________, when __________."

-The September 11, 2001, terrorist attack

-Duplications and gaps were exploited in federal, state, and local government resources

Ch. 3, pg. 45

"OSHA, part of the US Dept of Labor, was established to _____________."

Ensure safe working conditions

Ch. 3, pg. 45

"NIOSH supports _______ through _____________."


-Research and educational training

Ch. 3, pg. 46

"ISO is a _______________________ that _______________________."

-Nonprofit voluntary association of insurers

-Gathers data for the purpose of setting fire insurance rates

Ch. 3, pg. 46