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What is a fire detection system?
Detects hazardous conditions.
What is a fire suppression system?
Control or contain hazardous conditions.
What report was produced by the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control?
America Burning
What are the basic categories of fire detection and suppression systems?
1. Automatic fire detection and alarm systems
2. Automatic fire suppression systems
3. Manual fire alarm systems
4. Manual fire suppression systems
5. Smoke control/exhaust systems
What is a standard?
Models or examples of desired behaviors
What is a code?
A collection of rules and regulations.
What are the two ways that building and fire codes can be adopted?
Transcription: entire code is copied into regulation
Reference: code is referenced
What organization publishes the majority of consensus standards used in the United States and Canada?
What are three standard and code developing organizations?
2. ICC
What are two benefits of fire detection and suppression systems?
1. reduce property loss
2. reduce deaths
Why can firefighters benefit from residential sprinkler systems?
Offset risk of premature building collapse
What are the basic components of a fire detection and alarm system?
1. Fire Alarm Control Panels
2. Primary Power Supply
3. Secondary Power Supply
4. Initiating Devices
5. Notification Appliances
What is an alarm signal?
Notifies occupants in local area
What is a supervisory signal?
Notifies of a off-normal condition in system
What is a trouble signal?
Indicates a problem with a monitored circuit
What are the three basic types of protected premises alarm systems?
1. Local Alarm system: notified people in area
2. Noncoded Alarm: alarm could be anywhere
3. Zoned/annuciated alarm: visibly indicates where alarm sounded
What are the types of supervising station alarm systems?
1. Auxiliary alarm system: connects to fire dept
2. Proprietary system: connects to property owner
3. Central station system: connects to commercial monitoring center
4. Remote receiving systems: alarms at communications center
What is the purpose of an emergency communications system?
Provide reliable communication system for residents and firefighters
What are the main types of fixed-temperature heat detection devices?
1. Fusible Link/frangible bulbs
2. bimetallic
3. continuous line
What is the difference between a photoelectric smoke detector and an ionization smoke detector?
Photoelectric: use light to detect smoke
Ionization: uses radioactive source to monitor
What by-products of fire are released by all carbonaceous materials that burn?
1. water
2. carbon monoxide
3. carbon dioxide
What is the difference between acceptance testing and periodic or service testing?
Acceptance Testing: after suppression system is installed
Service Test: yearly tests/after repair
What are some of the types of documents and records that should be maintained for record keeping?
Reports, forms, letters, violation notices, plan-review comments
What is the stack effect?
Strong air draft going from ground level to roof.
How can HVAC systems contribute to smoke movement through a building?
Air can be recirculated throughout the building through HVAC system
What are three hazardous products of combustion?
1. Heat
2. Smoke
3. Light
What is the purpose of a smoke management system?
Reduce occupant deaths/injuries and aid firefighters by removing smoke
What are some different strategies for smoke control?
1. passive: compartmentation
2. pressurization
3. exhaust.
4. opposed airflow
5. dilution
6. zoned
What is the difference between dedicated and nondedicated smoke control systems?
dedicated: those intended for smoke control
nondedicated: share components with HVAC
How do positive pressure smoke control systems work?
supplies air to zones adjacent to the zone of the fire's origin
What is the purpose of a firefighters’ smoke control station (FSCS)?
provides full monitoring and manual control over all smoke-control systems/equipment
What are the three types of testing for smoke control systems?
1. acceptance testing
2. periodic performance testing
3. automatic component testing
Why should pre-fire planning and fireground operations consider smoke management systems?
Firefighters must realize capabilities/limitations of these systems to do their job
What are the classifications of portable fire extinguishers?
A: Ordinary
B: liquids/gasses
C: electrical
D: metals
K: cooking
What is the symbol system most widely used on portable fire extinguishers?
What are the ratings of portable fire extinguishers based upon?
Intended use and fire-fighting capability on five classes of fire
What types of agents are used in portable fire extinguishers?
water/afff/fffp/carbon dioxide/halons/dry chemicals/sodium bicarbonates/etc
What are the methods used to expel the extinguishing agent in portable fire extinguishers?
stored pressure
What standard contains information on the selection and distribution of portable fire extinguishers?
What are factors to consider in properly placing portable fire extinguishers?
visible/well signed
not blocked
near agree/ingress
near normal paths of travel
What are items to check during a monthly inspection of portable fire extinguishers?
proper location
inspection tag
horn or nozzle
lock pins
signs of damage
pressure gauge
What is hydrostatic testing?
ensures that extinguisher is strong enough to withstand pressures
What are the steps in PASS?