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What city is considered to have had the most "vital impact" on mid-19th century artists?


Who determined which artists showed their work in Salon exhibits?

The French Academy

What as the viewers reaction to Gustave Courbets "Two Girls on the Banks of the Seine?"

Viewed as: Graceless, Ugly, yet people studied it

What was the "Salon des Refusés?"

An alternative exhibit to The French Academy Salon

2 scandalous elements of Édouard Manet "Le Déjeuner sur I'herbe?"

Nude Woman, She looked like a prostitute not a goddess

Why was the scandalous element to Édouard Manet "Le Déjeuner sur I'herbe" so important for modern art?

It was realistic to photographs and what actual life looked like

Father of the impressionist movement

Edouard Manet

What "new invention" helped make the spread of the Impressionist style possible?

Metal tubes to store oil paint for transportation

4 characteristics of the Impressionist style?

Modern, bright colors, youthful, optimistic

5 works by Claude Monet

-La Grenouillēre

-Bridge Over a Pool of Water Lillies

-Impression Sunrise

-Grainstacks (End of Summer)


Which of Monet's works gave the impressionist movement its name?

"Impression Sunrise"

Who painted "Le Moulin de la Galette?"

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Name two Impressionist female artists and works for each

- Nerthe Morisot: "Woman at her toilette"

-Mary Cassatt: "The Boating Party"

Who was a impressionist student of Edgar Degas

Mary Cassatt

Who does the textbook consider to be the "most important figures of the Post-Impressionist movement?



-Paul Gauguin

-Van Gogh

-Paul Lēzanne

Main influence for Seurat


Main influence for Van Gogh


Main influence for Toulouse


Most influential Post-Impressionist artist of the 20th century

Paul Cēzanne

What are 2 of Paul Cēzanne's works?

-Boy in Red Waist Coat

-Still life with Apples

Cēzanne's work marked the end of what Renaissance art style?

The Naturalistic Approach

Define "Avant-Garde"

Advance Guard or Vanguard

Name two works by Edvard Munch


-The Cry

What did expressionists want to show in their work?

Inner feelings

What does "Fauve" mean in French?

Wild Beasts

What did the Fauve artists reject in their work?

The need to copy color from the natural world

Name two works by Henri Matisse

-Red Room (Harmony in red)

-Purple Robe and Anemones

What artist is considered the most famous of the 20th century?

Pablo Picasso

Who did Pablo Picasso consider to be "father of us all?"

Paul Cēzanne

List two types of cubism



Analytical Cubism

A collection of views from different angles fused into a balanced design

Synthetic Cubism

The simplification of objects

List 4 of Pablo Picasso's Cubism paintings

-La Demoiselles D'Avignon

-Three Musicians

-Still Life with Chair-Caning


What object influenced the geometric forms of Picasso's cubist work

African Masks

What did people think about Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon?

-They hated it


-"A horrible mess"

What is a Collage?

Attaching bits and pieces of everyday life to create a piece of art

Who invented the Collage?


Name a work created using collaging

"Still life with chair-caning

What is an assemblage?

Three dimensional collages

Name an artist and their work of assemblage

Picasso - Guitar

Who was known as the "caffeine of Europe"

Filipo Tomasso Marinetti

What important document did Marinetti write and what movement does it refer to?

-Manifesto of Futurism

-It was about futurism

What influenced the artwork of Futurist movements?

-New tech (cars)


-Moving forward


List two works by Umberto Boccioni

-the City Rises

-Unique Forms of Continuity in Space

What does DADA mean?

It means nothing, aims to mean nothing, and was adopted because it means nothing

What did DADA manifestos call for?

The destruction of all values, the end of art, morality, and society

Name 2 works by Marcel Duchamp

-Nude descending a staircase


What did Duchamp's "ready mades" assert?

A new right for the artists, that anything an artist says is art, is art

When the DADA movement broke apart, what movement did those artists join?


What does the word surrealism mean?

More real than reality

list 2 things that influenced the Surrealist movement



Who was considered the "forerunner" of the surrealist movement?

Giorgio DeChirico

Name one of Giorgio DeChiricos works

Mystery & melancholy of a street

Who created "Object (Le Déjeuner en fourrure)"

Meret Oppenheim

Who was considered the greatest master of the surrealist style?

Salvador Dali

List two of Salvador Dalis works

-The persistence of memory

-Apparition of face & fruit dish on a beach

Salvador Dali borrowed techniques from what artists in what previous movement?

-Masters of Holland & Spain


List 2 of René Magritte's works

-L'empire Des Lumiéres

-The treachery of images

What did Magritte want to make the viewer of conscious of?

The limitations of signs, labeling, and language

According to Magritte, when does "true freedom" exist?

When the fabric of normalcy is destroyed

What had been considered the "traditional manners" of art?



-Realistic Space

-Literal Color

-Solid objects

What happened to the traditional manners of art?

they were discarded enthusiastically

What type of painting was Vasily Kandinsky the first to paint?

Nonrepresentational painting

What was the title of of Vasily Kandinsky's painting?

"Panel for Edwin R. Campbell No. 1"

Define Non-representational

-Lines, Shape, and colors are independent elements and no longer refer to the real world

Name the painting by Georgia O'Keeffe that is considered her most non-representational

Abstraction Blue

What event in Europe called artists to flee to the USA?

The War & Hitler closing the Bauhas

What city became the capital of art?

New York City

Define abstract expressionism

The potent psychological content of expressionism with abandonment of any clear reference to the visual world

List 2 paintings by Willem de Kooning


-Door to the River

What technique is Jackson Pollock know for?

Drip Technique

What term did he identify with?

Action painting

Name a Jackson Polluck painting

Number 1

What "new way of painting" is Mark Rothko known for?

Color field painting

What did he want his work to do to the viewer?

To surround the viewer, affect their spirit, create a sense of intimacy

List one of Mark Rothkos works

"Untitled (painting)"

What did Hans Hofmann consider to be "pure painting?"

-The only honest painting, "the true realism"

Hans Hofmann was considered a teacher to what movement?

The New York School

List one of Hans Hofmanns works

"The Golden Wall"

What was The New York School?

Next Generation

What movement is associated with this school?

Abstract Expressionism

Who inspired Helen Frankenthalers new way of painting?

Jackson Pollock

List 1 Helen Frankenthalers works

"Mountains and Sea"

What does the textbook list as a reason why viewers do not feel comfortable with non-represontational art?

-They want art that tells a story

What did Robert Rauschenberg call his collages?


Who were 2 artists Rauschenberg socialized with in New York City


-de Kooning

List one of Rauschenberg works


What object did Jasper Johns use in his work?


List a work Johns used newspaper as canvas in


What did Jasper Johns help legitimize?

Borrowing objects & symbols from pop culture

What objects were the focus of Pop Art?

Everyday things

List 3 Pop artists




Name a work for Warhol

Gold Marilyn Monroe

Name a work for Oldenburg

Soft Toilet

Name a work for Lichtenstien

Drowning Girl

Describe minimalist art

Paintings and sculptures that are self sufficient & have no subject matter, content, or meaning, beyond their presence as objects in space

Name a minimalist artist

Donald Judd

Name a work by Donald Judd


What do superrealism/photorealism recreate?

the look of photographs in 2 dimensions and in three dimensions the casting to achieve the utmost to reality

Why are Damien Hirst and Banksy considered Bad Boys in the art world?

They constantly got arrested

Name a Work for Damien Hirst

"For the Love of God"

Name a Work for Banksy

"Cans Buffer"

Name 2 artists in superrealism/photorealism

-Duane Hanson

-Richard Estes

Name a work for Richard Estes

-Central Savings

Name a work for Duane Hanson


What type of artist is Christo considered

-Environmental Artist

Name one of Christos works

"Running Fence"

Why did Judy Chicago change her name?

to show rejection to male social dominance

What did Chicagos work, "The Dinner Party" symbolize?

The contributions of great women in the past from prehistoric times to Georgia O'Keeffe

What category of art does Chris Burden do?

Performance art

Name one of Chris Burdens works


What do installation artists create?

Old tech in new environments

List 4 installation artists

-Tim Hawkinson

-Damian Ortega

-Petah Coyne

-Assume Vivid Focus

Name a work for Tim Hawkinson


Name a work for Damian Ortega

"Cosmic Thing"

Name a work for Petah Coyne

"Untitled #1093"

Name a work for Assume Vivid Focus

"Assume Vivid Astro Focus"

What types of art are considered part of the "new electronic media?"

Video, Animation, Digital Art

List 4 "new electronic media" artists

-Matthew Barney

-Nam June Paik

-Cory Arcangel

-Eve Sussman

Name a work for Matthew Barney

"Cremaster 3"

Name a work for Nam June Paik

"Electronic Superhighway"

Name a work for Cory Arcangel

"Super Mario Clouds"

Name a work for Eve Sussman

"89 Seconds at Alcázar"