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Market integrity
The markets themselves are trustworthy
- No illegal insider trading
- No manipulating of market data to mislead investors
Charging unethically high interest
Financial Advisors
A person performing a financial adviser service who advises against financial matters
Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA)
Registered AND authorised
Follow standards set in Code of Professional Conduct
ca. 5000
Registered Advisers
Registered but NOT authorised
A.K.A "Category 2 Product Advisers"
ca. 3000
Advisers in Large Institutions
Don't have to be registered OR authorised but often AFA's
E.g. People working for banks/financial institutions
ca. 15000
Credit Card Reform
Deceptive credit card statements or agreements
FX Trading
Websites can be unethical because of poor sustainability
Affinity Fraud
Scamming someone through the pretense of a personal relationship
Targeting specific groups e.g. race, religion, age
WT Duck
Establishment fees or account maintenance fees are really higher interest rates in disguise
Insider Trading
The buying or selling of a security by someone who has non-public (private) information about the security
Ponzi Schemes
Scam which promises high rates of returns with little risk
New investors' funds used to pay the old investors
Eventually not enough money to go around
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
International Professional Certification offered by CFA Institute
- Pass 3 six hour exams
- Have a Bachelor's degree
- Have 48 months of qualified, professional work experience
Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
An exam proving your ability to apply financial planning knowledge to real life situations
National Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5)
Equivalent to first 2 years of a BCom in Finance
Work as a financial adviser (investment, insurance, residential property advice)
Organisations of Advisers in NZ
INFINZ (Institute of Finance Professionals in New Zealand)
IFA (Institute of Financial Advisers)