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2 socio-economic consequences of soil degradation

Conflict: With increasing soil degradation and reduction in agriculturaloutput and available agricultural land, conflict can arise over diminishingresources.

Reduced Crop Yields: As soil becomes less fertile, amount of crops supported reduces. Famine and starvation.

3 reasons why biodiversity in tropical rainforests should be preserved

Medicinal values -25% against 1%

28% world’s oxygen

Climate stabilization

Describe the OPEC cartel

Squeal via ink - Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates,Ecuador, Angola, Libya, Venezuela, Iraq, Algeria, Iran, Nigeria, and KuwaitFounded in 1960 due toUS quotas on Venezuelan and Persian Gulf oil imports. OPEC aims to set a steady oil price to avoidfluctuations.

Definition of “ecological footprint”

A sustainability indicator,which expresses the relationship between population and the natural environment. It sums the use of natural resources by a country’s population

national strategy

2 reasons for failure

Germany is trying toreplace fossil fuels by using more and more wind power. This has succeeded but only to a certainextent. Skylines may be ruined andturbines can affect TV reception

2geopolitical impacts of the rise of global oil consumption since 1990

Nigeria is an oilexporting country; rebel groups have attacked its oil installations. Rising tide of violence has affected county’sfinancial stability.

USA reliant onVenezuelan supplies. Left-winggovernment v. hostile towards Bush’s government

Anti-Malthusianview of the relationship between populations and resources

Aka resource optimistsbelieve that human ingenuity will continue to conquer resource problems. Replacement of less efficient