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competent inclusive PE teachers
-are organized, flexible, and continuously learning
Canadian Active Living Challenge
4 programs:
a. involvement and fun in physical activity (6-8 yrs)
b. expanding physical activity opportunities (9-11)
c. making choices and setting goals (12-14 yrs)
d. responsibility, empowerment, and leadership (15-18 yrs)
access to participation
=allow devpt regardless of gender, age, ability, race, religion, or socio-economical status
conditions needed to implement an inclusive PE program
a. role of the teacher
b. supportive administrator
c. cooperative school climate
active living schools concept
-school programs and curriculum instruction through a quality daily physical education program
schools instructional program
-150-300 minutes of PE per week with a balance of activities
teacher variables that facilitate implementing inclusive PE program
a. teacher preparation
b. teacher attitude and expectations
c. amount & quality practice time
d. degree of student success
inclusive PE is based on what premise
-that all students can be taught, are capable of learning, and will benefit from participating in PE
intramural program
-leagues,tournaments, clubs, special days, non-credit instruction, and self-directed activities
inclusive physical education
=a program, a process, and a philosophy of teaching that meets the needs of all students regardless of skill level, ability or disability
interscholastic sport
-strong philosophic base with a no-cut policy with inclusion and fair play
active living defn
=a way of life in which physical activity is valued and integrated into daily living
range of PE participation
from full, unrestricted involvement to solely observational
zero reject principle
-the program has a goal to meet the needs of all students regardless of the type or severity of disability
inclusive PE process
a. aquiring info on student and their disability
b. consider safety concerns
c. assess present skill level
d. set goals to the IEP
e. select activities
f. modifications
g. evaluating adjustments
continuim of modifications so a child can be included
a. minimal
=have little effect on others
b. moderate
=affect the role of the child with the disability
c. considerable
=affect others or the activity
factors that govern the extent of inclusion
a. the type, nature, and duration of disability
b. developmental and maturity status
c. skill and fitness level
d. talk to the child themselves
is continuous high-intensity exercise recommended for children?
-no, 30-60 min. per day for children
20 min *3 days per week for adolescence
what type of activities are children encouraged to do?
-high-volume, moderate-intensity activty, accumulated throughout the day
key elements of QDPE
a. planned instructional program
b. high quality intramural program
c. interscholastic sport
d. supportive administration and teachers
quality daily physical education
=planned program of instruction supported by co-curricular activities, on a daily basis, for all students throughout the school year
supportive administration and teachers
-qualified, enthusiastic people who believe in the students
-right of all the individuals to equal opportunity