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Phillip and Karen are middle-aged; they both have 9-5 jobs; they still have dependent children living with them, and they are also caring for Karen's mother, who is wheel-chair bound. Phillip and Karen are members of what has been referred to as the "____ generation."
The text points out that shared parenting is probably more satisfying for parents and effective for children when both parents use which parenting style?
Family violence researcher Murray Straus argues that spanking teaches children that it is all right to hit someone and that those who love you hit you. Straus calls this a(n)
"hidden agenda."
John plays a parentlike role for a boy in his neighborhood, even though he is unrelated to the child. The text refers to this role as
In 1997, the former federal Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) ended and a different program ensued, which is
Temporary Assistance for Needed Families.
Partly as a result of changes to the welfare laws, approximately ____ percent of the homeless today are mothers and children.
Which of the following is NOT one of the tips mentioned in the text for parents who are rearing multiracial children?
Understand that racial identity is fixed during adolescence.
About ____ percent of foster children eventually go onto welfare rolls or into prison.
For the ____ provider couple, providing is the man's responsibility; the home is the woman's.
Social scientist Joseph Pleck argues that the "most obvious and direct effect" of the male's breadwinning role is the
restricting effect of the male occupational role on men's family role.
Brad and Janet have been married for 10 years. Janet is a prosecuting attorney. Brad stays home to care for the house and family. The text would identify Brad as a
According to existing research, for both men and women, the more time that is spent in housework, the
more depressive symptomology appears.
Analysis of responses of 1,668 individuals to a national survey designed to examine the relationship between labor force participation and marital quality found that a partner's doing shift work
reduced satisfaction with the sexual relationship and increased the probability of divorce.
Sociologist Arlie Hochschild notes that "women continue to feel responsible for family members' well-being and are more likely than men to adjust their work and home schedules to accommodate others." She calls this situation a(n)
stalled revolution.
The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Public Health Association have established guidelines that describe quality child care as having certain features. Which of the following is NOT one of these?
a strictly disciplined environment
Studies consistently show that partners in distressed marriages seldom understand each other as well as they think they do. Which of the following often helps avoid unnecessary hurt feelings?
John Gottman and his colleagues generally concluded that in attempting to resolve marital conflict, the active-listening model
occurred infrequently and was not predictive of different marital outcomes.
Sociologist Judith Wallerstein conducted lengthy interviews with 50 predominantly white, middle-class couples in northern California. In order to participate, both husband and wife had to define their marriage as
Joe refuses to listen to his wife Paulette and is particularly resistant to considering her complaints. Joe's behavior illustrates
According to John Gottman and his colleagues, anger, sadness, whining, disgust, tension and fear, belligerence, contempt, and defensiveness are all examples of
negative affect.
In communicating with each other, Naveed and Tasha are transparent, authentic, and explicit about how they feel. Their behavior reflects
The text suggests six bases or sources of power. Which of the following is NOT one of these?
The ____ theoretical perspective stresses that family interaction needs to be examined within the context of the society and culture in which it exists.
family ecology
The text observes that both equal and unequal partners may engage in a cycle of power politics, the cumulative effect of which is to create
distance and loneliness for both spouses.
____ violence is not focused on a particular matter of dispute between the partners, but is intended to establish a general pattern of dominance in the relationship.
____ violence appears to be perpetrated by women as well as men, producing the gender-balanced rates found in some studies.
Common couple
Abused children live in families of all socioeconomic levels, races, nationalities, and religious groups, although child abuse is reported more frequently among ____ families.
poor and nonwhite
The text points out that adding a family member is stressful because doing so involves
family boundary changes.
From the ____ perspective, ambiguous loss is uniquely difficult to deal with because it creates boundary ambiguity in a family.
family systems
Which sociologist proposed the ABC-X family crisis model?
Reuben Hill
In the ABC-X family crisis model, "A" is the
stressor event.
The Bradford family copes very well with stress, emphasizing mutual acceptance, respect, and shared values. Given this information, the Bradford family can be characterized as
Which of the following is NOT one of the factors mentioned in the text for meeting a crisis creatively?
formal social support
A study of military families who had a family member deployed during Operation Desert Storm or Desert Shield found that practical and emotional help from a(n) "____" made things easier.
supportive unit culture
The crude divorce rate is
the number of marriages per 1,000 population.
The text points out that, in order to be successful, a psychic divorce requires a period of
Wallerstein and her colleagues followed their sample of children of divorce for ten years. In terms of the impact of divorce on these children ten years later and after, the overall impression left by their research is one of
In her investigations of non-custodial mothers, Judith Fisher made several recommendations. Which of the following is NOT one of these?
rejection of the demands society places on mothers
As of 2001, three states have enacted covenant marriage laws. Which of the following is NOT one of these states?
Which of the following terms refers to the duration of marriage?
marital stability
The text points out that remarriages dissolve at higher rates than first marriages, especially for remarried couples who have
David and Susan will soon be married. David has been previously married, but Susan has never been married. Which of the following describes their situation?
single remarriage
Charles and Paula will soon be married. Both of them have been previously married. Which of the following describes their situation?
double remarriage
The text points out that an important reason that stepfamilies may not be as stable is that, although they are increasingly prevalent, remarried families remain a(n)
"normless norm."
The text points out that as family members separate and then join new families formed by remarriage, the new kin do not so much replace as ____ kin from the first marriage.
add to
According to the text, residential stepmothers tend to be
more stressed than residential stepfathers.
According to demographers, people aged 65-74 are categorized as the
According to the text, today we have the most affluent generation of older people America has ever seen. This is largely due to
Social Security pensions and Medicare health insurance.
The text observes that grandparents continue to provide practical help and may serve as valuable
"family watchdogs."
The text points out that caregiver stress among Americans results partly from the fact that ours is a(n) ____