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What are the two theories of homosapien evolution?


Out of Africa

How long ago were tools starting to be used?

3.2 mya

When did art begin arising?

200,000 years ago

What are shared derived characteristics of Cercopithecoidea?

-Dorsoventral flattening of trunk

-Clavicle longer

-Sternum Broader

-iliacs blade broad

-Lumbar region shortened

-Brain is larger

Morphological changes within hominid group?

-jaws shorter

-Some teeth smaller

-No diastema between incisors and canines in humans

-Palate is arched in humans

How long ago did chimp and gorilla ancestors split?

-About 8-10 mya

How long ago did chimp and human ancestors split?

-About 6.5 mya

How long ago did Ardipithecus ramidus come about?

-4.4 mya

What are the shared derived characteristics of Ardipithecus ramidus with Homo?

-Foramen magnum under skull

-Shoulder and elbow joint more human like

-canines more like incisors

-little sexual dimorphosism in canines

-pelvis bowl-like, suggesting bipedalism

How long ago did austarlopithecus afarensis come about?

3.2-3.7 mya

What are some shared derived characteristics of austarlopithecus afarensis?

-includes lucy fossil

-lighter, more bipedal form without sagittal crests

-Toes all line up and hips are shaped for bipedalism

-brain still about chimp size

How long ago did the first Homo arise?

2.3-2.5 mya

characteristics of homo rising?

-larger brains than afarensis

-only found in africa

-tool making showed up along with them

What were the two groups of homo in the beginning?

Homo habillis and Homo erectus

characteristics of homo erectus?

-74% brainsize of humans

-smaller teeth than habillis

-used tools extensively

-group in africa called h. ergaster

When did homo sapiens show up in the fossil record?

200,000-300,000 years ago

First group of humans?

Homo heidelbergensis

Homo sapien characteristics?

-slightely larger brains

-thicker and more robust skull

-larger teeth

-jaw doesnt stick out as far from face

-language skills developed

When did neadrthals show up?

300,000 years ago