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What has been done to the audio in the clip below?

It’s been expanded

What is the status of the blue clip?


Whattype of edit would be performed with the icon shown?


Which clip is part of a keyword collection?


Whatwill happen if the puck with the green shape is dragged up all the way?

The highlights will become more saturated

What will happen if the mouse moves the yellow edit point?

The edit point will be rolled under the transition

Auser has just right clicked the event “Test”. Which of the following is trueafter clicking on import media?

Media can be added to any event on the importscreen


Which direction can clip MVI_0013 be dragged?

[1 pts.]

Which two options will created managed mediafiles?

Files stored in a library


Copy files into

What will happen if a user drags the event “practice” it the “school library” library?

The event will be copied

How can a user change the volume of both clipsat the same time?
Control = or -
Which import option will create symlinks ofsource media files?
Create optimized media
What happens when a title is double clicked inthe titles browser?
it is connected to the primary storyline
When using the Find People analysis on import,which TWO options below describe classifications of the search?

Facial Detection


Shot Type

What does a smart collection look like?
a purple gear
Events and media from an older version of FinalCut need to be updated to the newer version with the library system. If two oldevents and projects were on Volume 1 (server), and three events and projectswere on Volume 2 (external hard drive), what will happen when the events areupdated by pressing update all?
wo libraries will be created, one for eachvolume
The playhead is cued to 2:15 and the skimmer iscued to 4:40. If the J, K, or L key is pressed, where will playback begin?
Where can a user enter notes for a clip? (Pick2)

Browser in list view


Info Inspector

A user is importing media. Copy files intolibrary and Create Optimized Media are both selected. Which of the followingformats will be created for the files? (Pick 2)

Apple Pro Res 422 &

Original Source Codec