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what is the path of salvation for most hindus


what term best defines the sould passing over to another body after death


waht term defines buddha

enlightened one

which school of buddhism focuses on life in the sangha


what are the 3 gems of theravada

taek refuge in: the buddha, the sangha, and the dharma

what is the major theme in daoism

harmony with nature

ren best defines

virtue; relationships

what is the ideal person in confucianism

the scholar

waht does shinto mean

the way of the kami

who are the 3 hebrew patriarchs

abraham, isaac, jacob

whta text is sacred to the jews

the torah

who convened the council of nicea


what seperates christianity from other religions

the trinity

waht are the 5 pillars of islam

shahadah, prayer, zakat, fasting, and the hajj

what trait is common to all religious traditions


what narratives are of the supernatural origin of the universe or creation


waht are some examples of sacred texts

bahagavadgita, bible, quran, torah

what does cosmogony mean

creation story

what does nunimes mean

the sacred

what does yin and yang mean

the balance between dark and light, male and female

what ae the 4 stages of life in hinduism

student,householder, forest dweller, renounced

what is the ultimate goal in hinuism


what does moksha mean

liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth

what is the major theme throughout indian religion


what does bhakti mean


waht text is sacred to all hindus


what deso samsara mean


what does it mean when they say someone is reborn

into anoter person

what does theravada mean

way of the elders

what is the great vehicle


what are the shinto gods called


who is referred to as he old man


what is nirvana

goal of the buddhist/escape and oneness

what is the proper conduct in confucianism


what does ren mean


what are monotheistic religions

christianity, judiaism, islam

what major event took place in the year 568

first hebrew temple was destroyed

what term came into context after this event occured


what are the branches of judiaism

orthodox, reform(liberal), conservative (masorti), reconstruction (offshoot)

what are the main jewish holidays

rosh hashana(new years), yom kippur(endnof high holy days), sukkot (fall harvest), hanukah (feast), tu b'shvat (reawakening), purim (commemorates the ledend of esther), pesach (passover), shavuout (revelation ofthe torah)

who issuesd the edict of Milan


what does canon mean


what are the synoptic gospels

mathew, mark, luke

who was the apostle to the gentiles


what was the coucnil of ephesus

mary proclaimed as mother of God

what was the council of Chalcedon

defines christ as having botha a divine and human nature

who is the current pop

pope francis

what is hijrah

mecca to medina

what is hadith

sayings of muhamad and events in the his life

what is muhammads view on christianity and judaism

superior to other religions but less than islam

what deos dhimmi refer to

people of the book

what are the 4 fiqs

holy quran, prpphets of sunnah, the learned consesus of ulema, reasoning by analogy frm accepted interpretation

what are the major differences between sunni and shiai

shia't follow decendents of muhammad (Allah)

what are the 4 castes in hinduism

brahmin, kshatriyas, vaishyas, shudras, (untouchables)

whate are the 4 cycles of life in hinudism

kama (love ans sex), artha(material goods), dharama(civuc duty), moksha(liberation