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Co-founded by brothers Greg and Dwayne, thisband was a staple of the southern rock sound…

The Allman Brothers

Originallyfrom Jacksonville, FL this band is easily identifiable for their southern rocksound and their hit “Sweet Home Alabama”…

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Who is that little old band from Texas?

ZZ Top

Althoughoriginally from California, Brothers John and Tom Fogerty started a band thathelped to define the southern rock sound...

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Originallya drummer for the Motown label, this artist would become one of the label’smost successful male vocalists...

Marvin Gaye

Motown Records was founded by?

Berry Gordy

Whoconvinced Berry Gordy to start Motown records?

Marvin Gaye

Theoriginal name of the Temptations was?

The Elgins

Thelead singer of the Four Tops was?

Levi Stubbs

Thislegendary artist began his career playing bongo drums as the opening act andintermittent performer for Motown shows...

Stevie Wonder

Inorder to expand his market, Berry Gordy signed an all-white rock band to theMotown label…

Rare Earth

Thismale vocalist helped bridge the gap between du-wop music and soul…

Sam Cooke

AnAmerican legend whose piano playing and singing style combined elements ofgospel, soul, and rock n roll music was?

Ray Charles

Billboard editor turned producer, this gentlemanproduced many artists in the soul style including Wilson Pickett and ArethaFranklin…

Jerry Wexler

The queen of soul produced by Jerry Wexler forAtlantic Records was?

Aretha Franklin

Thename of the studio in Alabama where Jerry Wexler produced so many great soulartists is?

Fame Studios

Afterthe assassination of Martin Luther King, which artist helped to keep the peacein the Boston area by televising his concert performance?

James Brown

AaronCopeland’s music was reproduced using synthesizers by what art rock band?

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

Thisband is known for its elaborate staging, obscure lyrics, and lengthycompositions which employ complex vocal and instrumental arrangements…


Chris Squire is the leader of this influentialBritish art rock band…


SydBarrett and Roger Waters were members of what influential art rock band?

Pink Floyd

Namean influential progressive rock band from Canada…


Namethe four original members of Queen

Freddie Mercury

Brian May

John Deacon

Roger Taylor

This American rock, funk and soul artist was a major influence on jazz artists Myles Davis and Herbie Hancock. His music would also have a huge impact on artists such as John Mayer, Chuck D, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Prince…

Sly Stone

ThisAmerican soul and R&B singer/songwriter is considered a pioneer ofpolitically conscious African American music during the 70s…

Curtis Mayfield

Whowas the first African American band to sell out Madison Square Gardens?

Earth, Wind & Fire

Harmonizingand songwriting together as children in Queens, NY this duo would go on tobecome the most popular folk rock act of the 60s and early 70s…

Simon and Garfunkel

Hestarted out as a piano playing session musician, pub pianist, and staffsongwriter who would go on to sell 300 million records…

Elton John

Who is the great 70s singer/songwriter known forhis relaxed, understated vocal style sung over songs dealing with his innerturmoil and torment?

James Taylor

Thefirst international superstar to emerge from the third world who is alsoconsidered reggae music’s worldwide ambassador is…

Bob Marley

Thislegendary American bluesman reportedly sold his soul to the devil in exchangefor his unique abilities as a performer…

Robert Johnson

The event billed as “three days of peace andmusic” was?


Themost powerful show in TV in the 1960s which launched the US career of theBeatles was hosted by?

Ed Sullivan

In1966, the Beatles released an album that many people and critic’s pollsconsidered the greatest rock album of all time called?

Rubber Soul