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When and what form did writings on third cinema begin?

Took form of manifestos published in the 60s and 70s

What influenced the creation of third cinema writings?

Vietnamese victory over french 1954 & Cuban revolution 1959 & Algerian independence from France in 1962

How are the political messages intertwined with films of third cinema?

avant-garde or esassyisitc approaches; films that reject Hollywood style; blending style w/ political message

What languages did needs of purpose of third cinema not fit?

French New Wave & Hollywood

What are some terms to describe experimental film?

Avant-Garde, art film, underground, but each refers to slightly different styles and are related to where films tend to be exhibited.

Define self-reflexivity and how experimental films relate to each other

Experimental films related to each other because of their rejection of traditional uses of continuity editing and shooting in favor or more stylistic techniques that call attention to the film itself (which is what self-reflexive is). This may include repetition, blurring, and abstraction.

What do experimental films do and how does it do it?

Experimental films often comment, reflect upon, criticize and explore commonly held views about life, politics, and art. Rather than clarity, narrative continuity and logic, they favor associative connections, graphical and conceptual continuity, symbolism and development that is rhythmic,l visual dream-like and layered rather than being clear and sequential.

What is underground film?

Push the envelope with respect to theme and message, sometimes parody and criticize aspects of popular culture and uses postmodern, gritty, less refined aesthetics.

What is the avant-garde?

High art consistent with modernism, more likely to employ abstraction of imagery sound and meaning, audiences struggle to grasp meanings.

what does the term "experimental" mean

implies a constant experimentation with the form of cinema itself.

How does Stan Brakhage contrast with William Wee's chapters in "Recycled Images."

The abstraction of his camera-less films contrast with the recycled media films both in purpose and in form.

Experimental filmmakers differ in the accessibility in their art. How does Jodie Mack do it?

She makes the most tension between the accessible story and the less accessible form of rapid stop-motion animation with cut outs from magazines/ cloth.

What is Brakhage known for?

His physical alteration of film creating abstract and highly visualy rythmic films

Brakhage films suggest what?

A rendering of subjective, purely visual material. Visual play is symbolic for mythological narratives or personal experiences.

What is Stan Brakhage's work based on?

The principle of projecting inwards, from the screen to a viewer's mind rather than on the principles of projecting a world that looks and sounds like reality

What is the significance of self-referentiality?

that the form itself, footage taken and calling attention to the original footage. Example "Bed Intruder Clip"...Making fun of what new station play.

Criticism of the media and popular culture is implicit in what forms...?

recyled media

William Wee's suggest what?

a spectum ranging form the unmaipulated perfect film to the highly distressed or manipuated and bleached found footage filmsxz

What are the "three founding negatives?" (Dick Hebdige)

1)The negation of totalication, i.e. an antagonism to discourageswhich address a transcendental subject, define an essential humannature, or prescribe collective human2) The negation of teleology (whether in the form ofauthorial purpose or historical destiny3) The negation of utopia, i.e. a skepticism about what lyotard calls the grand recits its of the west, the faith in progress,science or class strugg.e

What is postmodernism?

Term used to describe texts, both critical (about postmodernism) and the examples of postmodern aesthetics (e.g. Blade Runner) it is not only film, but also architecture, literature & painting.

Styles associated with postmodernism in film include...

Reflexivity,allusionism, hyperconsciousness, pastiche and amalgarmation,hydridity

What is pastiche?

recycles old familiar forms and genres, but unlike parody does not criticize or mock them. It invoked, embraced and represents older media in a new, mixed mode.

What is Semantic? (Rick Altman)
at the level of meaning. Meaning (building blocks of the movie) its everything we associate with (example westerns) The setting, cowboys, Cowboys Hats, Clothing, etc.

What is Syntactic? (Rick Altman)

The structure of the film. Part of the Plot, the frontier, revenge plot, characters with redeeming characteristics who are on the other side of the law.

How do the mirror phase and the screen relate? (Laura Mulvey)

The relationship between love of looking and the pleasure from looking is that humans have a pleasure when they are looking...referring to Freud’s concept of when a child looks at its mother he/she gets comfort when looking at the mother, also the act of viewing (love of looking), Mulvey compares it to the screen, the screen being a metaphor for the mirror phase.
What is the space "The Diagesis of the film?" (1) (Mary Ann Doane)

The narrative or plot, typically in a movie

What are the two other spaces of the cinematic experience? (Mary Ann Doane)

Visible Space of the Screen & Acoustic Space of the theater

What is the relationship difference between film and the theater? (Stanley Cavell)

In a film the actor is projected, while in a play the actor is in front of us.

What is the relationship of film and painting according to (Steve Cavell)?

Painting is a world and film is of the world.

What does cavel say about the "Automatism of photography"? (Stanley Cavell)

We read art not as a stand alone image, but due to it's refractiveness, in relation to the "mechanical defeat of our presences" to that reality.

Which writers spoke about third cinema?

Robert Stram and Louise Sparse

What does voice over refer to?

refers to a sound of a character speaking that exists in the diegesis of the film.

What is oppositional gaze?

Oppositional - the opposite of what the films represent (could be a person or group)

gaze -act of watching

OP - black females who have an inability to relate to film due to lack of representation (after slavery ended films didn't have blacks so they were placed in a position of opposition, and gaze appropriately).

What is diagesis?

The virtual world / a narrative or plot typically in a movie.