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What covers surface of ovaries?

Germinal epithelium

What is the dense layer of CT tissue under germinal layer of ovaries?

Tunica albuginea

Functions of uterus. (3)

Mechanical protection

Nutritional support

Waste removal

Suspensatory ligaments do what?

Prevent movement

What must occur for fertilization to occur?

Secondary oocyte must meet spermatozoa during first 12 - 24 hours.

Where does fertilization typically occur?

Near boundary between ampulla and isthmus.

Uterine tube provides nutrient-rich environment by secretions from?

Peg cells

What type of muscle is the vagina wall?

Smooth muscle

What does the greater vestibular glands do?

Keeps area moist/lubricated

What is the mons pubis?

Pad of adipose tissue

What does the labia majora?

Encloses and protects

Function of mammary glands


What holds boobs up?

Suspensatory ligaments

3 main functions of ovaries

Production of immature oocytes

Secretion of estrogen, progestin

Secretion of inhibin

What is the process of egg formation?


When does oogenesis begin?

Before birth and end of metopause

What is the degeneration of primordial follicles containing primary oocytes?


Where does oocyte growth and meiosis I occur?

Ovarian follicles

What is secreted by hypothalamus for formation of primary follicles?


What does primary follicles act on? Hormone?


What is production of follicle cells and zona pellucida?


Thecal cells plus granulosa cells produce?


Secondary follicle resembles?


What do granulosa cells do during secondary follicle stage?


What does follicular fluid do during secondary follicle stage?


Another name for tertiary follicle?

Graafian follicle

Antrum in tertiary follicle is what?


What is corona radiate in tertiary stage?

Protectiveayer of granulosa cells

What is ovulation?

Increasing pulses of GnRH =LH surge

Follicle ruptures equal?

Secondary oocyte release

Remnant secreting progestin to prepare body for pregnancy is the job of?

Corpus luteum

What is degenerated corpus luteum?

Corpus albicans

Follicular phase of ovarian cycle begins with?


What is endometrial sloughing that last 1 to 7 days, also falls in estrogen and progesterone levels?


Increase in estrogen and repairs endometrium?

Proliferative phase

Rise in progesterone and equals in enlargement of uterine glands and increase in their secretions?

Secretory phase

GnRH from hypothalamus regulates?

Reproductive function

What changes over course of ovarian cycle?

GnRH pulse frequency and amplitude

Changes in GnRH pulse frequency are controlled by what 2 things?

Estrogens (increase frequency)

Progestrins (decrease frequency)

5 functions of estrogen?

-Stimulate bone/muscle growth

-Maintain female secondary sex characteristics

-Affects CNS activity

-Maintain functional accessory reproductive glands

-Initiates repair/growth of endometrium

Primary amenorrhea is?

Failure to initiate menses

What is transient secondary amenorrhea?

Interruption of six months or more caused by physical or emotional stress.


Ovarian and uterine cycles become irregular.


Cease of ovulation and menstruation

When does menopause occur.

Around 45-55