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Famous Greek playwright who wrote Greek Tragedies
Famous Greek playwright who wrote Greek tragedies
Famous Greek playwright who wrote Greek tragedies
Famous Greek playwright who wrote Greek Comedies
Herotodus was a Greek poet named "Father of History." He read his poems about the Persian Wars at the Olympic Games.
Socrates was a greek philosopher who was executed for trying to get people to think harder and find the truth. (Socratic meathod of thinking)
Which two Greeks were responsible for coming uo with the scientific method
Thales of Miletus and Aristotle
Who was Hippocrates and why do we remember him today?
Hippocrates was a very good physician who believed that disease was caused naturally and not by evil spirits. Doctors today still take the Hippocratic Oath which says to honor their teachers, do their best for the sick, never give piosons, and keep the secrets of their patients. He was known as the "Father of Scientific Medicine."
Plato was the pupil of Socrates and he later went on to start an academy to train government leaders. He shared his ideas by "The Dialogues" a series of discussions in which different people talk about things such as truth and loyalty.
Who was Eratosthenes and why is he inportant?
* He figured earth's circumference
* Made an accurate map of Europe, Asia, and Africa complete with latitude and longitude
Name two contributions the greeks made to the field of mathematics, and name two great mathematicians.
* Archimedes explained principle of lever

* Euclid developed fundamental rules used in modern geometry
Name 3 contributions the Greeks made to the field of science.
* Developed scientific method
* Developed theory of basic substance common to matter
* Learned how to predict the solar eclipse of 585 B.C.
* Concluded that earth revolves around the sun