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the family
a familia
the parents
os pais
the mother
a mãe
the father
o pai
the son
o filho
the daughter
a filha
the brother
o irmão
the sister
a irmã
the grandfather
o avô
the great-grandfather
o bisavô
the grandmother
a avó
the great-grandmother
a bisavó
the grandson
o neto
the nephew
o sobrinho
the granddaughter
a neta
the niece
a sobrinha
the uncle
o tio
the aunt
a tia
the husband
o marido
the wife
a esposa
the man
o homem
the woman
a mulher
the boy
o rapaz
the girl
a rapariga
the baby
a criança
old (m/f)
the cousin (m/f)
o primo/a prima