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Mummies are wrapped in bandages before burial.
Some mummies are found in the pyramids.
Students should have to wear uniforms to school
Britany Spears should is all glitz and no talent.
Dogs make the best pets.
Dogs have four legs.
Mrs. Varner is very pretty!
You should really read the book Chamber of Secrets before seeing the movie.
Harry Potter is one of the best fantasy story in the library!
Our school is painted brown and tan.
Mr. Neil is our maintenance man at Castle Elementary.
Two of the main character's in Charlotte's Web are Wilbur and Charlotte.
Charlotte's Web is one of the best books in the library.
Somking has been proved to cause cancer.
If your cross your eyes they will freeze in that position.
If you pick your nose, a sharp tooth snali will bite your finger.
Most human Americans use a fork to eat dinner.
SUV's are too big and take too much gas.
The best car's are Porche's.