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Biofuels: Advantages

-Carbon neutral

-Ethanol oxygenate (so less CO)

-Biodiesal biodegradable and so not as harmful to environment if spilled.


Biofuels: Disadvantage

-Large amounts of land required in order to grow sugar cane

-Pricing can be uncompetitive compared to oil

Hydrogen: Advantages

-Produces only water upon combustion

-Current systems require small amounts of modification to use

Hydrogen: Disadvantages

-Has a low energy density, so must be stored as liquid which requires compression

-Takes electricity to produce from the hydrolysis of water in the first place.

Nuclear power: Advantages

-Produces no greenhouse emissions to produce electricity

-Can be highly cost effective way to produce vast quantities of energy

Nuclear power: Disadvantages

-Nuclear waste (which is toxic and harmful to the environment) must be disposed of

-Any accidents that occur can be catastrophic and fatal on an extremely large scale