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Alkene to Alkane?

Hydrogenation, Ni catalyst @ 150 degrees

Isomerisation - straight chain to branch chain?

Platinum catalyst

Reforming - straight chain to cyclic?

Platinum catalyst on an inert metal - aluminium oxide

Ethanol by steam hydration

Ethene with water (steam), Phosphoric acid catalyst (h3po4) @ 300 degrees and 60 atm

Ethanol by fermentation

Glucose, yeast @ warm temperatures (optimum 30-40 degrees)

Alcohols being dehydrated to form Alkenes

Eliminating water, acid catalyst (h2so4) @ 170 degrees

Alcohol and Carboxylic Acid to produce an Ester

Strong, concentrated acid catalyst

Halogenoalkanes hydrolysed to make Alcohols

Warm aqueous sodium OR Potassium hydroxide