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How long should it take to do a Daily Inspection

As long as it takes to complete it correctly
How long is a daily inspection valid for?

72 Hours or last flight of the day provided no major maintenance has been performed.
How long is a Turnaround inspection valid for?

24 Hours or first flight of the day provided no major maintenance has been performed.
What is the publication number of the Daily deck?

What is the publication number of the Turnaround Deck?

What information is contained in the A1-F18EA-GAI-000?

General aircraft information such as length, width, height, and material make up.
What is the publication number for Aircraft Securing and Handling Procedures?

What information is contained in the A1-F18EA-LMM-020?

Emergency Procedures
How tall is the F/A-18E/F at the tallest point?

16 Ft at the top of the Vertical Stablizer
What are the Initial, Intermediate, Permanent, and heavy weather tie-down requirements?
How wide is the F/A-18 E/F with the wings spread? Folded?
42.8 ft spread and 32.7 ft folded
How long is the F/A 18E/F from nose to tip of the horizontal stabilizer?

60.3 ft
How do you properly ground the aircraft?

Connect the grounding strap to the deck, then to the aircraft.

What must be done prior to opening the canopy on recovery?

Ground the aircraft and then discharge it with the static stick.
What is the oil capacity of the F414-GE-400(F/A-18E/F) engine?

288 ounces/ 9 quarts
What is the oil capacity of the AMAD?

152 ounces
What is oil capacity of the APU?

87 ounces

Where is the fuel shutoff valve located?

Inboard aft side of the PORT/STBD MLGWW
At what wind speed must the canopy be kept closed to prevent damage?

60 knots
What is the MSP code for fire bottle low/discharge?


During a pre-op inspection of the static stick, what amount of resistance should the multi-meter read?

Any amount of resistance measurement in ohms indicates continuity

What does MSP stand for?

Maintenance Status Panel

What type of fuel is used in the F/A 18E/F?
JP-4, JP-5, JP-8

What is the NATO code for JP-4, JP-5, JP-8?

F-40, F-44, F-34
What is the NATO symbol for fuel?
A 4 pointed star
What three methods can be used to open the canopy?

Electrically, mechanically, and forcibly
What size ratchet is used to open the canopy from the outside?

3/8 inch drive

How many full turns are required to open the canopy?

F/A 18E (35+/- 1 externally) (70 +/- internally)

F/A 18F (112 +/- 1externally) (224 +/- 1 internally)

What does RAM stand for?

Radar Absorbing Material

What are the required tire pressures?

Nose: 150 psi +/- 5 ashore, 375 psi +/- 5 afloat.

Main: 290 psi +/- 5 ashore, 350 psi +/- 5 afloat.

What is the minimum required brake accumulator pressure to tow an aircraft?

2900 psi

When must you only use manual operation to open and close the canopy? Why?

Zero degrees Fahrenheit, because the battery capacity is reduced.
What is the MILSPEC number of hydraulic fluid?

MIL-PRF-83282; NATO: H-537 (circle)

What is the MILSPEC number of engine oil?

MIL-L-23699; NATO: O-156
Can MIL-L-23699 be mixed with MIL-L-7808?

Yes, so long as the oil system is flushed at earliest convenience.
How many weapons stations are on the F/A 18 E/F?

11 stations

On what stations can external fuel tanks be installed?

3, 4, 6, 8, 9
How many circuit breakers are in the cockpit?


What is heavier, fuel or water?


How many fuel sample ports are on the F/A-18E/F?

Eight. One on the FWD fuselage, three on the center lower fuselage, one vent tank door 51 L/R, one on each wing, Two per drop tank.

How long are fuel samples good for?

24 Hours
how long must you wait to take fuel samples after fueling on aircraft movement?

2 Hours

What is the purpose of a 14 day inspection (wash job)?

Corrosion Prevention
While launching, what is the Plane Captains primary purpose?

Safety of the aircraft and personnel around it

What PPE is required when taking fuel samples?

Splash-proof goggles, chemical gloves, Apron

What are the X dimensions for the landing gear?

NLG: 6-6.2" MLG: 2-4 1/4 "

Demonstrate the hand signal for hot brakes.

Point to the hot brake with one hand and fan your nose with the other

What solution is used to de-ice the canopy?

50% water, 50% Isopropyl alcohol

How many chains are required for hot seat evolutions?

Ashore: FOUR, Afloat: SIX
How many chains are required for a turn?

Ashore: FOUR, Afloat: 12

What does OBOGS stand for?

Onboard Oxygen Generating System

What motion is used in the cleaning of the canopy and wind screen?

Fore to aft, no circular motion to prevent scratches

At what temperature are 14 day inspections secure?

40 degrees or below

What are the minimum required volts to perform a battery check?


What is the safe working load for tie-down chains?

10,000 lbs

How many pins are required on the flight deck? And which ones are they?

5 pins; 3 landing gear and 2 seat

What should you use to wipe the nose and main landing gear chrome struts?

Lint-free cloth and hydraulic fluid

What does MSDS stand for and where is it located?

Material Safety Data Sheet and located in the Hangar or 12C

Where is the APU emergency shut off switch located?

Nose wheel well on the port side

What should you do with an ejection seat with the safe/arm handle still in the armed position?

Prevent anyone from entering the cockpit and stay with the aircraft until an AME or Pilot can safe the seat

How long after shut down can you still service engine oil?

Up to ONE HOUR. AFter one hour you must windmill the engine for one minute to properly service.

How long after shut down can you service an AMAD?

There is no time limit.

What is the difference between a wet sump and dry sump oil system?

Wet sump is when oil is stored in the same location as the gears to lubricate.

AMADs a Dry sump when there is a serperate oil storage tank for the system to be lubricated

How many chocks are required on an aircraft without brakes?


How many people are required to move an aircraft?

6; Move Director, Brake Rider, Tractor Driver, Port Wing Walker, STBD wing walker, Tail walker.

What does AMAD stand for?

Airframe Mounted Accessory Drive

How many people are required to move an aircraft without brakes?

7, same as normal but no brake rider required and chock walkers on each wing

What is the maximum gap allowed between the VEN and turkey feathers?

1/4 inch gap

Where is the wave guide desiccator located?

NLG Wheel well

What is the purpose of red gear?

To prevent FOD

How many formation lights are there on the F/A 18 E/F?


What color are the formation lights?


What color are the anti-collision lights are on the F/A 18 E/F?


What does APU stand for?

Auxiliary Power Unit

What is the MSP code for tail hook pressure low?


What door is the master pre-check handle located in?

Door 8

How many people are required for a hot-refueuling evolution?

Three; the fueling hose, the fire bottle, and dead man handle

How do you pre-check the centerline drop tank during a hot refueling evolution?

Hold the external tank pre-check toggle switch in door 8.


What MSP code is displayed when the AMAD needs serviced?

982 for Left and 983 for Right

How many tie-down points are on the F/A 18E/F? How many with jacks installed?

12; 14 with jacks

How many degrees can a nose wheel rotate without a drop tank installed?

360 degrees

True/False: Is it part of a daily inspection to wipe the struts with a lint free cloth and hydraulic fluid?


What is the MSP code for a hard landing?


What is the safest distance away from an aircraft with hot brakes?

300 ft