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Discuss Chemical Warfare
Use of chemical agents
Discuss Biological Warfare
Use of living organisms
Discuss Radiological Warfare
Blast, Heat, Nuclear radiation

Gamma Rays
Routes by which agents can enter body
breathing, ingestion, absorption, eyes
Three types of chemical warfare agents?
casualty - nerve, blister, choke, blood
non-lethal incapacitating
Discuss the different nuclear explosions
Air burst- below 10,000 feet, Does not touch the earth
Surface burst - explodes and fireball touches surface
Underwater- explodes underwater
4 types of effects from nuclear explosions
Blast- shock wave
Burns- radiant energy
Nuclear radiation
Define MOPP and the Levels
Mission Oriented Protective Posture

0- Near gear
1- Overgarments worn, gear carried
2- Overgarments, boots worn, gear carried
3- Overgarments, boots, mask worn, gloves carried
4- Overgarments, boots, mask, gloves worn
Discuss colors on NATO CBR signs
BIO- Blue W/ Red letters
Radiological- White W/ Black letters
Gas mines- Red W/ Yellow letters
Chemical- Yellow W/ Red letters
What color does M-9 paper turn when contacted with liquid nerve or blister agent?
Describe colors that M8 paper turns when in contact with liquid nerve or blister agents?
Nerve- Yellow, Green
Blister- Red
Skin Decontamination Kit (SDK)
Individual Equipment Decontamination Kit (IEDK)
Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology
How long with JSLIST last when exposed to chemical agents?
24 hours
How long with the JSLIST last when opened but NOT exposed to agents?
45 days
JSLIST laundry guidelines
can be washed up to 6 times, must be marked on tag inside of garment
3 types of decontamination
Immediate- within 15 mins of exposure
Operational- vehicle washdown, mopp gear exchange
Thorough- complete troop decon, equipment decon
what is the purpose and optimal location for M22 alarm?
Automatic Chemical Alarm (blister, nerve)
- Outside and upwind of camp
Procedure for setting up personnel DECON line?
-gear decon
-bood decon
-over garment removal
- boots/gloves removal
- monitor
-mask removal
- mask decon
-gear reissue
Pocket Dosimeter
10 - 1,000 RADS