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Conditions that led to formation of US Navy
Oceans are the lifelines of supply/communications, importance for british resupply during revolutionary war, General George Washington initiated americas 1st sea based offensive against the british
Discuss "D-Day"
Invasion of Normandy took place on June 6th 1944, known as Operation Overlord, Largest amphibious assault in history
Discuss Battle of Coral Sea
May 1942, Prevented invasion of Australia, First battle in which neither fleets saw each other, fought completely by aircraft, US lost USS Lexington
Discuss Battle of Midway
June 4-7th 1942, Turning point of war in pacific, Japan lost 4 carriers, US lost USS Yorktown
Discuss the creation of the Seabees
March 5th 1942, Needed construction men who could fight and build bases, air fields and landing strips in theatre
Navy Birthday?
October 13th 1775
Purpose and evolvement of MESF?
Employed for expeditionary operations, Provide rapidly deployable security force to assist a supported unit in point defense
Discuss Riverine Ops
Deny by interdiction, barrier, or surveillance ops, Locate and destroy hostile forces, bases and supplies contained with in a riverine area,

Assaults, Surveillance, Interdiction and Security
Discuss creation of EOD
Instrumental in the clearance of explosive hazards both on land and at sea, continual clearance of shipping hazards
Qualities that characterized the Navy/Marine Corps team as instruments to support national policies
-Operating forward from sea
-Readiness, flexibility, self sustainability, mobility