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Impacts extreme weather can have

Peoples homes and lives




3 extreme weather events in the UK that happened in the last 10 years

Major flooding- Devon,2008

Strong winds, flooding- Norfolk,2006

Heatwave- 2003

Main reasons why weather varies within the UK



Distance from sea



Impacts extreme weather can have on "people's homes and lives"

Floods damage homes & possessions

Businesses can be damages resulting in no income

Water use can be restricted during droughts eg hosepipe ban

Increased rainfall may mean water supplies are increased

Impacts extreme weather has on "transport"

Floods can block roads

High temperatures can cause railroads to buckle meaning no trains can run


How high the land is

The higher you go the colder it gets - air is thinner so less heat is trapped

Eg snowdonia

Impacts extreme weather has on "health"

Flooding may lead to death

Heat waves may lead to heat exhaustion resulting in death

Milder winters could reduce cold related deaths

Impacts extreme weather has on "agriculture"

Droughts can cause crop failures

Increased rainfall means higher crop yield

A warmer climates Means farmers can grow more exotic crops

Ways of reducing negative impacts of extreme weather

1) preparing


3) warning

Ways weather is becoming more extreme in the UK

It's raining more

Temperature is increasing

The rainfall is more intense