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Exodus 1
Israelites enslaved in Egypt
Exodus 2
Birth of Moses
Exodus 3
The burning bush
Exodus 4
Moses reluctantly returns to Egypt
Exodus 5
Pharaoh increases Israel's work
Exodus 6
Israel rejects Moses' leadership
Exodus 7
Plagues: Water into blood
Exodus 8
Plagues: Frogs, lice, & flies
Exodus 9
Plagues: Pestilence, boils, & hail
Exodus 10
Plagues: Locusts & darkness
Exodus 11
Death of the firstborn announced
Exodus 12
Passover instituted & the final plague
Exodus 13
The exodus
Exodus 14
Parting of the Red Sea
Exodus 15
The songs of Moses & Miriam
Exodus 16
Bread from heaven
Exodus 17
Water from the rock
Exodus 18
Moses delegates authority
Exodus 19
Israel arrives at Sinai
Exodus 20
Ten Commandments given
Exodus 21
Laws: Servants, violence, & animal control
Exodus 22
Laws: Property & moral issues
Exodus 23
Laws: Justice, Sabbaths, & feasts
Exodus 24
Israel affirms the covenant
Exodus 25
Instructions for the tabernacle furnishings
Exodus 26
Instructions for the tabernacle structure
Exodus 27
Instructions for the tabernacle court
Exodus 28
Instructions for priestly garments
Exodus 29
Instructions for priestly consecration
Exodus 30
Miscellaneous tabernacle instructions
Exodus 31
The tabernacle artisans
Exodus 32
Aaron's golden calf
Exodus 33
The command to leave Sinai
Exodus 34
New tablets & covenant renewed
Exodus 35
Giving for the tabernacle project
Exodus 36
Building the tabernacle structure
Exodus 37
Building the tabernacle furnishings
Exodus 38
Building the tabernacle court
Exodus 39
Making the priestly garments
Exodus 40
Tabernacle completed