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supply-side economics

the government balancing the budget by first cutting taxes, which would increase personal income and business profits, people would then save or invest this extra income, thus causing the economy to grow and creating new jobs


September 11, 2001

a terrorist attacks occured when two planes crashed into the World's Trade Center, and was seen by Osama bin Laden which was one if the leaders of the Taliban, in response to this, the U.S went to war with Afghanistan and later Iraq as a result of mass destruction.


Tax cuts under president George W. Bush

On June 7,2001, Bush passed $1.35 trillion tax-cut plan, and also passed the No Child Left Behind Act. Tax-cuts helped the weathly more than the poor.

Taxes under Bush

Clinton Presidency

under Clinton the Economy Boomed.

Persian Gulf War

the war was fought after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait to control oil, it was fought to kick Iraq out of Kuwait.

Fall of the Berlin Wall

November 1989, Pro germans tore down the wall, and a year later Germany was united as one country. The Fall of the Berlin wall also led to the crumbling of the Soviet Union because alot of countries involved in the S.U broke free.

Axis Powers

wanted the Suez Canal and captured Africa

Battles of Stalingrad and Kursk

one of the bloodiest battles of the war and Soviets saved their country

V-E Day

Germany surrendered and the war in Europe ended

island hopping

the process of hopping to island to island.

Hiroshima/ Nagasaki

Hiroshima was the first city hit but the atomic bomb

Japanese-American Internment

when taken from their home, they were put in remote locations


nazis campaign to kill and 6 million jews died

nuremburg trials

trials to show the world what had taken place. it was trials to try nazi government officials to charged with war crimes

cold war

competition for world power between the U.S and S.U


military alliance the U.S formed after WWII

Marshall plan

establish world peace so there wouldn't be another war.

Taft-Hartley Act

the president didnt want this act because it was going to hurt unions too much. Truman vetoed this act but congress and the senate overrided his veto.

korean war

38th parallel divided korea

chinese civil war

supported nationalist because other side was communist


making accusations with out proof about communism

Yalu River

where chinese troops entered into North Korea

GI Bills of Rights

provided loans and homes


expanded the nuclear arms race


beloved by both parties


entered the space race


white and middle classed families

urban renewal

helped low income families with housing

Operation Ajax

first CIA important mission

Jacabo Arbenz Guzman

CIA stopped Guzman in Guatemala

U2 Spy Plane Incident

increased tension between U.S. and Soviets

highway act

resulted in many americans moving to the suburbs

cuban missile crisis

bay of pigs invasion was a disaster and Castro defeated the U.S and exiles quickly

Committee on Civil Rights

banned segregation in the military

Alger Hiss

fear of communist spies