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author of LBD
Ernest Gaines
author Jane Eyre
Charlotte Bronte
author Beowulf
Seamus Heaney
author LOTF
William Golding
author Oedipus Rex
first actor
moves along scene, explains to audience what happened
dramatic irony
audience knows something character doesnt
tragic hero
a man admired by most but has a character flaw that will lead to downfall
tragic flaw
fundamental error that leads to climax
tragic form
begins with prologue, episodes where central characters and chorus interact
"this above all, to thine own self be true"
polonius to Laertes
message of work expressed in statement; influenced by other elements of prose
what one says and how one says it
attitude of author
round character
fully developed characters, tend to be main characters
flat character
lack of complexity, single trait
static character
dont change as drama unfolds
dynamic character
undergo transformation as result of conflicts
foil character
main purpose to reveal other character's flaws
story of maturation, characters develop
theme of hamlet
the pursuit of vengence leads to destruction.
theme of LBD
Running away from your problems doesnt make them disappear
theme of Jane Eyre
dont compromise your beliefs for others; love conquers all
theme from Beowulf
dont shy away from your battles
theme from A Tale
oppresion leads to violence and revolution
theme from LOTF
without the presence of civilized society, man turns savage
theme of Oedipus
you cant escape your destiny