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Q. NI 4 sickle cell anemia
~hydrate pt
Q. NI 4 skin tractions
~maintain hanging freely
Q. major S/S in gout
~pain in great toe
Q. 3 drugs used in gout
~indomethacine (Indocin)
~probenecid (Benemid)
~allopurinol (Zyloprim)
Q. Post-op NI for lumbar puncture
~supine 6-12hrs
~check 4 redness/swelling/drainage
~assess movement of extremities/pulse
Q. what is a major s/s for detached retina?
~sudden flashes of light
Q: when positive on mantoux test, what do you do next?
Q: what is the position for thoracentesis?
~leaning over bedside table
~sitting on side of bed w/feet on chair
Q: pt has TB, what type of isolation/precautions?
~neg-pressure isolation
~airborne precautions
~N-95 mask, gloves, gown
Q: mother w/AIDs asks how the baby wont get AIDs
~mother shouldnt breastfeed
Q: pt has herpes (type 2). can they have sex?
~yes bought they shouldnt
~use protection
Q: when a pt has had angina pectoris, what where they previously doing?
~mowing the lawn
Q: pt teaching for pacemakers?
~metal detectors at airports
Q: where should pts with Buerger's Dz live?
~not in cold/hot weather
Q: when child touches outlet, what do you do first?
~stop source of elec current
Q: NI 4 pt w/sunken eyeball, dry mucous membrane
~check urine output
~if spec gravity incr, will show dehydrated
Q: pt w/clenching teeth
~adminster meds inter
~assess pain
Q: what type of room 4 burn pt?
~private rm
Q: what type of room 4 burn pts?
~isolation rm
Q: what type of room 4 HIV/Hep B pt?
~no isolation, only universal precuations
Q: what type of room 4 pts w/diabetic ulcers?
Q: 30wk preemie w/high fever, no food intake, NI?
~take immed 2 ER
~IV fluids
~will die of dehydration
Q: NI 4 pt w/full body burns
~IV w/insulin, dextrose, & sugar
~fluids 2 incr U.O.
Q: when do you remove the IV?
~2days after eating solids
Q: NI on any acidosis?
~give NaHCO3 (neutralizes acidity)
Q: 2yr OD on ASA is considered what?
~resp alkalosis
Q: how do yo monitor O2 sat?
Q: pt takes diuril, what foods can you eat?
Q: pt w/aldactone, which is not recommended?
Q: how do you check if pos 4 DVT?
~check 4 homan's sign
~straighten leg, dorsiflex foot
~pos if pain in calf
Q: what will happen when you ambulate a pt w/thrombophlebitis?
~it will dislodge clot and go 2 heart
Q: what procedure 2 remove varicose veins?
~vein stripping
~schlerotherapy (injec of dye 2 shrink vein, no circulation)
Q: which will cause a truck driver 2 have varicose veins? prolonged sitting or family hx?
~family hx
Q: pt was in car accident and needs CPR. what do you do?
~jaw thrust
~never head tilt b/c of trauma
Q: pt in MVA, pit gland damaged, NI?
~monitor UO
Q: how do you make a pt w/graves dz sleep?
~tape eyelids 2 prev cornea aggregation
Q: what supplies are needed 4 thyroidectomy?
~trach tray
Q: for a DM pt, can you wash/soap feet?
~only if you dry immed, yes
Q: for a DM pt, can you soak feet in water all day?
Q: for a DM pt, can you cut the nails?
~only trim
Q: what is the peak time 4 insulin pump?
Q: nx dx 4 pt w/anemia
~chronic fatigue
Q: sickle cell: trait + trait
~trait or dz
Q: sickle cell: trait + dz
Q: c/i for pt w/sickle cell dz
~no high altitude areas
~no hot areas
Q: how do you adminster ferrous sulfate in 1yr?
Q: how/why do you instill iron IM?
~Dextran via z-track
~10secs to avoid staining
Q: a CNA is giving a bed bath for a pt w/skin traction. further teaching is needed if?
~wts are on the floor
Q: how far away from the feet/axilla should the crutches be?
~2-3" from axila
~8" from feet
Q: NI for a wet cast?
~allow 2 air dry
~no fan
~no blow dryer
Q: NI for a child whose cast is itching?
~give benadryl
~tap lightly
Q: what do you do for cast w/crusted or uneven cast edges?
~use petal tape 2 not touch skin
Q: purpose of trochanter roll?
~to prev external rotation of affected limb
Q: pt having ORIF done is for?
~hip fx
Q: how do you take care of amputation post op?
~extended, not flexed
~stump care
Q: NI for pt w/systemic lupus under the sun?
~no hat
~use sunscreen
Q: PERRLA affects which cranial nerve?
~cranial nerve #3
Q: pt is considered brain dead if?
~no EEG activity
~even if there is resp activity
Q: 4yr pt with toes curling when checking babinski reflex?
Q: pt w/IICP is on ventilator. you can hear gargling, but O2 is 100%. do you suction?
Q: pt w/IICP is on ventilator. you can hear gargling, but O2 is 80%. do you suction?
~yes, but minimize suctioning as much as possible
Q: why doesnt the MD order narcotics/sedatives 4 pts w/IICP?
~narcotics/sedatives mask LOC
~no versed, morphine
~only tylenol is okay
Q: what type of seizures does a 2yr have?
~petit mal
Q: 50yr w/vest restraint starts to seize. what is the next thing you're going to do after check airway?
~remove 4m restraint
Q: NI 4 15yr spinal cord injury w/infec?
~give antibiotics
~extremity can regenerate
Q: what is the purpose of test tape?
~to check fluid for presence of glucose or nasal d/c
Q: what is racoon's sign?
~hemorrhaging spot around eyes
Q: what is a battle sign?
~purple-red spot behind ear
Q: how do you move pt w/laminectomy?
~log roll (move pt in 1 unit by 3 people: head, body, extremities)
Q: NI for a drooling pt w/parkinson's dz?
~put tissues in pocket
~no bibs (degrades pt)
Q: how do you check 4 ptosis?
~have pt look @ ceiling
~pos: eyelids delayed/droop
Q: for a female, if the urinary catheter balloon has deflated immediately, what do you do?
~remove the old one and begin with a new cath kit
Q: a CNA is cleaning the pt and needs further teaching when?
~the cath bath is on the floor or side rails
Q: if a pt's nose starts to bleed during dialysis, what does that mean?
~heparin OD
Q: NI for radium implant?
~cannot stay in rm >10mins
~no minors, preg, visitors
~dont move pt b/c rad implant might dislodge
Q: what type of room 4 pt w/100% full body burns?
~isolation rm 4 infec
Q: what type of room 4 20yr w/L leg burns?
~isolation room
Q: what do you say when a preg woman 20wks has syphillis and asks if she can get penicillin?
Q: what is not good for preg women in the house?
~no cat litter
Q: a pt has active herpes type II asks if she can have sex?
~yes but use condoms
Q: can preg women have antacids?
~yes but not sodium bicarbonates
Q: preg woman 2mo asks how much insulin needed?
~low dose
Q: s/s of buffalo hump, moonface
~cushing's syndrome
Q: S/E 4 brethine/bricanyl
~S/E: tachycardia
Q: NI 4 fosamax
~parathy: not supine, sit 30mins
~causes esophageal ulcers
~bone density test before xrays
Q: CBC 4 pt w/anemia?
~WBC >15,000
~RBC low
Q: pt teaching 4 vasectomy?
~still need birth control 4 1mo b/c there's still sperm
Q: parkinsonian med teaching
~take sinemet in morning
Q: S/E seen in a pt who ingested aspirin?
~S/E: nose bleed
~antiplatelet action
Q: food cources of iron?
~dried fruits
Q: NI 4 bumex?
~taken in morning w/meals
Q: C/I 4 atropine?
~C/I: glaucoma
Q: NI 4 methamucil?
~give w/full glass of H2O
Q: raisins & dry apricots are rich in?
Q: S/E of NSAIDs?
~S/E: GI & occult bleeding
Q: erikson's stages of development for infants?
~trust vs mistrust
Q: what is active stage labor?
~complete dilation to end of delivery
Q: ingestion of batteries?
~metabolic alkalosis
Q: NI 4 iron sulfate?
~give w/OJ thru straw 2 avoid staining teeth
~iron supplement
Q: C/I 4 tums?
~C/I: kidney stones, hypercalcemia, v-tach
~Ca salt
Q: S/E 4 tums?
~S/E: bradycardia, GI probs (constipation), digoxin toxicity
Q: C/I 4 iron sulfate?
~C/I: tetracycline, antacids
Q: S/E 4 iron sulfate?
~S/E: dizziness, HA, syncope, hypotension
Q: NI 4 cimetidine?
~give w/meals @ bedtime
Q: action 4 atropine sulfate?
~give 4 CPR
~incr HR
~causes tachycardia
Q: most common STD infec ?
Q: teaching 4 heartburn?
~small freq meals
Q: bone marrow depressed d/t?
~low leukocytes, low erythrocytes
~life-threatening S/E 4m chemo drugs b/c of low blood producing cells
Q: LVN assisting L&D should be concerned if observe what in late deceleration?
~mother contracts and FHR decr
Q: pt w/cushing's syndrome avoid what?
~no individuals w/infec
Q: NI 4 oral candidiasis?
~nystatin (swish & swallow)
Q: NI 4 recurrent thrombophlebitis?
Q: NI 4 iron sulfate in 1yr?
Q: S/E 4 ticlid?
~S/E: petechiae
Q: type of room 4 scabies?
~private room
Q: NI 4 NG tube?
~assess 4 placement
Q: S/E 4 dilantin?
~S/E: gingival hyperplagia
Q: NI 4 dilantin?
~NI: oral care
Q: NI 4 digoxin?
~take apical pulse 1min b4 admins
~hold if <60
Q: action of zocor?
~decr cholesterol
Q: classification of pamelor?
Q: other name 4 viagra?
Q: NI for death of islam?
~wrap body w/special cloth
Q: NI 4 bronchospasms?
~decr smoking
Q: NI 4 aplastic anemia?
~gown, gloves, surg mask (2 prev infec)
~not producing enuf cells (WBC, RBC)
Q: pt's position 4 thoracentesis?
~sitting on bed
~leaning on bedside table
Q: s/s of magnesium sulfate toxicity?
~decr tendon reflexes
~resp decr
Q: meds 2 CAD?
~purpose: prev cerebral clots
Q: teaching 4 angina?
~no large meals
~no overeating
Q: s/s of cirrhosis?
Q: teaching 4 synthroid?
~life-long tx
Q: NI 4 diabetes insipidus?
~mon I&O
Q: s/s hyper/hypocalcemia?
Q: purpose of trochanter roll?
~prev external rotation of extremities
Q: other name 4 allopurinol?
Q: action 4 allopurinol?
~decr uric acid
Q: post NI 4 laminectomy?
~6-12hrs supine
~log roll
Q: where can you get CA?
~working 4 asbestos company
~styrofoam cup company
Q: S/E 4 atropine?
~S/E: dry mouth
Q: teaching 4 isonizid?
~effective if taken 6-12mo
~for tuberculosis
Q: s/s 4 herpes zoster?
~open lesions
Q: NI 4 mother w/herpes zoster?
~when changing diapers, wear gloves
~no breastfeeding
Q: mon 4 head injury?
~mon 4 HA immediately when moving pt
Q: LVN needs to intervene if CNA cleans G tube with?
~soap & H2O
~use NS
Q: how can you tell if a CVA pt has been abused?
Q: how can you tell if a child has been abused?
~old fractures
Q: 30cc?
Q: S/E 4 levothyroxine?
~S/E: fever
~for hypothyroidism
Q: when do you do a breast self exam for pre & post menopause?
~pre: 1wk b4 menstruation
~post: same day qMo
Q: s/s of OCD?
~repetitive rituals
Q: death rituals 4 buddhist?
~contemplation on dead body
Q: NI 4 dilantin?
~soft tooth brush
Q: etio of otitis media?
~common in children
~d/t short eustachian tube
Q: s/s of down syndrome?
~protruding tongue
Q: NI 4 baby w/cleft palate?
~breastfeed in upright position
Q: NI 4 sickle cell?
~hydrate pt
~genetic counseling
Q: cause 4 glomerulonephritis?
~childhood upper resp infec
Q: C/I 4 sickle cell?
~no hot air balloons
Q: IDDM pt excercises @ 9am, when do you give insulin?
~give insulin after exercise
Q: NI 4 lice?
~wash clothes in hot H2O & dryer
Q: NI 4 dry cast?
~palms of hand
~dont wet
~align properly
~check cap refill
Q: NI 4 skeletal traction?
~clean pin site
Q: diet 4 diverticulitis?
~high fiber
Q: diet 4 diverticulosis?
~low residue
Q: diet 4 cirrhosis?
Q: S/E 4 mevacor?
~S/E: coughing @ night (antichol)
Q: teaching 4 pernicious anemia?
~life-long b12 injections
Q: C/I 4 heparin SQ?
~no massaging
~no aspirating
Q: NI 4 iron supp?
~drink w/H2O 2 prev constipation
Q: what is troponin level?
~measures cardiac levels
~elev w/in 2hrs if pt had MI
Q: classification of coumadin?
Q: test 4 coumadin?
Q: antidote 4 coumadin?
~vit K
Q: test 4 heparin?
Q: antidote 4 heparin?
~protamine sulfate
Q: S/E of nitroglycemics?
~S/E: HA
Q: most common cause of anginas?
~mowing the lawn
Q: reason why pt dies of MI?
~family Hx
Q: action 4 lovenox?
~decr dose of heparin
Q: why do women get UTI?
~short urethra
Q: NI 4 pt w/stress incontinence?
~kegel exercises
Q: what is a crede cath?
~manual manipulation of expelling urine
Q: when collecting urine, dont do what?
~dont touch inside of cup
Q: S/E 4 elavil?
~S/E: dry mouth, HA
Q: other name 4 elavil?
Q: classification 4 elavil?
Q: teaching 4 hypothyroidism?
~no cold weather
~give blankets
Q: tests 2 decr CA?
Q: NI 4 thyroidectomy?
~check dressings in back of neck 4 bleeding
Q: why do pts get lipodystrophy?
~insulin injections given at same site
Q: diet 4 diabetes mellitus?
~low Na
~low fat
~low carbs
Q: NI 4 pt w/abd pain, pruritus, tingling lower extremities, blurry eyes?
~send to ER immed
Q. 80yo has poor skin turgor, mucous intact, give fluids?
~no. elderly tend to get overloaded easily.
~always have poor skin turgor
Q. 37wk baby with diarrhea, high fever, unable to take bottle. NI?
~IV fluids immed
~bring to ER
~could die from dehydration
Q. pt w/fluid vol excess has trouble breathing. NI?
~reposition & elev HOB
Q. admit pt. what is blood gas analysis?
~determines metab or resp, alkaline or acidic
Q. if rangers are normal, what do you do?
Q. main cause 4 metabolic acidosis?
~diabetic acidosis
Q. main causes 4 metabolic alkalosis?
~gastric suctioning
Q. what type of blood gas analysis for 2yo w/OD on aspirin?
~resp alkalosis
Q. what is the best way of assessing resp function?
Q. positiong 4 pt w/pneumonia & thoracentesis?
~bad lung up
Q. can preg women have xray?
~but use shield
Q. 18yo has mantoux test. how do you know if pos?
~10mm, induration
~mantoux test only showed exposed to TB, not dx
Q. after pt is pos 4 mantoux test, what do you do next?
~acid-fast bacilus test will show pos 4 TB
Q. how do you pos 4 thoracentesis?
~pt sit on side of bed and leaning over bedside table
Q. post op NI 4 bronchoscopy?
~NPO til gag reflex returns
Q. #1 s/s for pulmonary emphysema?
~barrel chest
~pursed lip breathing
Q. s/s for 4yo with asthma attack?
~use of accessory muscles (intercostal muscles)
Q. NI for 6yo anxious w/asthma?
~calm child 2 decr anxiety
Q. pos 4 asthma attack
~high fowlers (90)
Q. after MD inserts chest tube, what happens next?
~chest xray to deter pos of tube
Q. pt has chest tube. what do you monitor?
~bubbling + fluctuation
Q. where do you keep bottles for chest tubes?
~below level of heart, not bladder
Q. pt w/chest tube. after 2hrs, NI?
~check 4 kinks
Q. other names 4 mantoux test?
~TB test
Q. drug teaching 4 tuberculosis?
~drugs taken 6-12mos
Q. what type of room & precautions for AIDS pt?
~isolation rm
~standard (blood & body fluid) precaution
Q. how many times do you do ELISA test for pt w/suspected AIDS?
Q. pt tested 4 AIDS. ELISA showed pos , neg. what do you do?
~test again
Q. pt tested 4 AIDS. ELISA showed pos, pos. what do you do?
~western blot (1x)
Q. pt tested 4 AIDS. ELISA showed neg, neg. what do you do?
~test ELISA again in 6mo
Q. pt tested 4 AIDS. western blot showed pos. what does that mean?
~pt has AIDS
Q. b4 inserting suction catheter, what do you do?
~lub cath