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First menstrual period
By what age should menarch occur before physicians do a work up
Age 16
When does follice secretion of estrogen begin
2-3 years before puberty
The famale reproductive cycle constists of these two cycles that take place simultaneously
Ovarian and Menstrual
The major target organs of the female hormones are:
Ovaries, vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes
The ovarian hormones are:
Estrogen, Progesterone,and Testosterone
The overay is sensitive to which hormones
The uterus is sensitive to which hormones
Estrogen, and Progesterone
This hormone is secreted in large amounts by the ovaries in non-pregnant women
Estrogen (Estrone, B-estridiol, and estriol)
"Femaleness", Secondary Sex Characteristics, breast development, widening hips, maturation of ovarian follice, and endometrial proliferation are caused by whate hormone?
In which stage of the menstural cycle are estrogens greatest?
Proliferative phase
This hormone is secreted by the corpus luteum (attached to ovum).
Progesterone has what function in the uterus?
Decreases motility and contractility
During ovulation the body has a temperature rise of approximately how much?
0.5 degrees F
Where are prostaglandins produced
By cells in the endometrium
What are the two types of prostaglandins?
PGE's, and PGF's.
What is the function of PGE
Relaxes smooth muscle (vasodilator)
What is the function of PGF
Increases contractility of muscles/arteries (vasoconstriction)
This type of prostaglandin increases during follicular maturation and is essential to ovulation. It is thought to cause extrusion of the ovum, and increases constriction and contractility of the myometrium which contributes to ischemia preceding menstruation.
What are the two types of Neurohormones?
FSH is responsible for what function
The maturation of the ovarian follice
LH is responsible for what function
Final maturation of the follice. "Luteinizes" specific cells.
What are the two phases of the ovarian cycle?
Follicular and Luteal
What days of the ovarian cycle does the follicular phase occur?
The luteal phase occurs during what days of the ovarian cycle?
What are the four phases of the menstrual cycle
Menstrual, proliferative, secretory, and ischemic
Progesterone is responsible for which phases of the menstrual cycle
Menstrual, proliferative and secretory
As ovulation nears, the cervical mucosa shows increased elastisity called?
Patients should avoid using superabsorbent tampons due to the linkage to what syndrome?
Toxic Shock
What is the causative organism of TSS?
Staph aureas
When does the basal body temperature rise in relation to ovulation
Temperature rises after ovulation
A family planning method that can be used by women with irregular periods is:
The cervical mucus method (Billings Method)
How long should a diaphragm be left in place after intercourse?
6 hours
This type of mechanical contraceptive is not recommended for women who have a history of UTI's.
How long can a cervical cap be left in place.
48 hours
Women with a hx of DVT or breast cancer should avoid which contraceptive
Women who have a contraindication to the strogen component suchas as a hx of thrombophlebitis should choose which type of pill?
Women with a hx of mood changes and depression should avoid which contraceptive?
This long acting progestin, provides birth control for three months
A husband has a vasectomy. How soon after his procedure can he begin to have unprotected intercourse?
4-6 weeks and 6-36 ejaculations
Oxytocin is responsible for what reflex in breastfeeding?
Milk Letdown
Prolactin is responsible for what reflex in breastfeeding?
Milk production
What action provides stimulus for prolactin and oxytocin release?
What are the stages of human milk production
Colostrum, transistional milk, mature milk.
When is colostrum present
post partum days 1-5
When is transition milk present.
2-5 days to 2 weeks post partum
Which type of mature milk contains more fat content and satisfies hunger and promotes wieght gain?
Hind Milk
Which immunoglobulin is transferred to baby through breastmilk?
What are contraindications for breastfeeding?
Breast cancer, HIV, galactosemia (infant), Flagyl, TB
What are four types of positions for breastfeeding?
Cradle-hold, football hold, side-lying, and across lap
How should the mother remove infant from suction
Inserting a finger gently into the corner of the mouth between infant's gums
What should be avoided as an intervention for flat or inverted nipples
Rubber nipple shields because infant can use sheild as a pacifier, which does not stimulate milk production
Which pelvic type has a rounded inlet with all inlet diameters adequate. Midpelvis diameters adequate with parallel sidewalls favorable for vaginal birth?
This pelvic shape is heart shaped with short posterior sagital diameter. "Male pelvis.". NOt favorable for vaginal birth.
This pelvic shape is oval, with long anteroposterior diameter. It is favorable for vaginal birth
This pelvic shape is oval, with long transverse diameters. It is not favorable for vaginal birth.
According to the cardiff count to ten method the mother should be able to count what?
10 movements in 10 hours or less
If the mom does not feel 10 movements for 2 consecutive hours what should she do
Call MD or Midwife
What is a systematic way to evaluate the gravid abdomen?
Leopold's maneuver
Fetal growth, detection of congenital anomolies, placental maturity, placental location, and cervical length can be determined by which test?
Amnoitic Fluid measurements are done by ultrasound. Pockets that measure 2cm=_____, <2cm=_______, >2cm=_________.
3) Polyhydramnios
What are three oligohydramnios interventions?
Increased rest periods, bed rest, increased hydration
A BPP score of 8 with normal amniotic fluid calls for what intervention?
Nothing,this is a normal finding
A BPP score of 9 with abnormal fluid volume requires what intervention?
Delivery of baby
A BPP score of 0,2, or 4 requires what intervention?
Delivery of fetus
When is antepartum fetal monitoring begun?
30-35 wks gestation
Define reactive NST
2 or more FHR accelertions of at least 15bpm lasting at least 15 sec in a 20 min period. Baseline rate should be normal.
Define non-reactive NST
Abscence of accelerations of FHR after 40 min.
If a client has persistent NST what is usually the next recommended test?
A common response to FAST or VST is?
When should the FAST or VST be avoided?
In an already compromised fetus
What is a positive CTS?
If the baby can not tolerate mild contractions then it can probably not tolerate labor
FHR in the normal heart range (110-160) without wide fluctuations from the average rate is:
Reassuring FHR
Tachycardia FHR is defined as:
HR >160 for 10 min or an increase from baseline by 20 bpm for 10 min or longer
Bradycardia FHR is defined as:
HR <120 for 10 min or decreased from baseline by 20 bpm for 10 min or longer
The push pull effect between SNS which increases the HR and the PNS which decreases the HR is known as:
What is necessary to measure short term variability?
Scalp electrode
If you see short term variability but not long term variability what does this indicate?
Baby is sleeping
What are the three phases of uterine contractions?
Increment, acme, and decrement
Fromt he onset of one contraction to the onset of the next contraction is:
This refers to the intensity of the contraction assessed by palpating the uterus or measuring by a fetal monitor
Intensity or amplitude
This is measured from the beginning of the increment to the completion of the decrement
This si the intrauterine pressure between contractions when the uterus is at rest
Resting tonus
This sithe steady rhythm that allows labor to progress
Define accelerations during labor
5-15 bpm above baseline FHR for 15 seconds
Early decelerations usually indicate:
head compression
What shape do early decelerations have on the strip?
U shaped
Late decelerations usually indicate:
decreased uteroplacental profusion
For nonreassuring late decelerations what interventions are required
Left lateral position, elevate legs, increase iv rate, d/c pit, O2 @8-12, term of labor
Variable decelerations usually indicate:
Umbilical cord compression