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Turner Syndrome
-result of chromosomal deletion (part or all of chrom is missing)
-occurs in females
-they do not develop secondary sex characteristics during puberty
-a thick, webbed neck
- usu infertile (lack of normal ovaries)
- usu mild learning problems
suicide in adolescence - influence of 1 or 2 parent home
girls and boys from single-parent families are both at higher risk than girls and boys from dual-parent families
separation test
helps determine factitious disorder by proxy
to assess level of consciousness following TBI
Glasgow Coma Scale
amphetamine, cocaine, and phencyclidine withdrawal
can produce psychotic sx that can last for weeks or longer despite removal of the drug & tx with an antipsychotic
Weber's Law
- "just-noticeable difference" in a stimulus is proportional to the magnitude of the original stim.
-This is why a whisper is audible in a quiet room but not in a noisy room.
implicit memory
-memory that is automatic or effortless
-not affected by age and by most conditions that affect explicit memory, such as Korsakoff's
flex schedule has biggest influence on
To calculate a confidence interval of 95%
-multiply the standard error of measurement by 1.96 and add and subtract the result from the examinee's score.
-if SEM is 5, then add and subtract 10 from person's score
item difficulty
the probability that an examinee with a given level of the ability measured by the test will answer the item correctly
pregnancy rates among females aged 15 to 24 are currently the highest for
African Americans
women with the highest lifetime rate of domestic violence
American Indians
TBI and perf on the WAIS
Processing Speed affected the most, followed by working memory
4-day work week has a positive influence on...
supervisor ratings of employee performance, employee overall job satisfaction, and employee satisfaction with the work schedule
- no impact on absenteeism or objective measures of performance
interrupted time series design
-single-group design
-the DV is measured at regular intervals before and after the treatment is applied.
chi square test is sensitive to...
-sample size
-large samples produce a significant effect even when there is a small difference between the proposed model and the obtained data.
children in day care
-high-quality early child care is associated with enhanced pre-academic (cognitive) skills and language at age 4-1/2.
-But, higher disobedience, aggression, and other behavioral problems
universal emotions
-happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, surprise, and contempt.
compares an examinee’s scores on several scales to his/her own performance or preferences
AA service utilization
compared to EAs, African-Americans have lower rates for outpatient services but higher rates for public inpatient services
Sternberg's model of IQ
componential, experiential, and practical
Berscheid and Walster's (1974) two-factor theory of love
love is physio arousal and a label for it
According to Sternberg, optimistic people
make external, specific, and temporary attributions for negative events
James Lange Theory of Emotions
-emotions are perceptions of bodily reactions
-emph the role of visceral and muscular reactions
Fathers of kids with ADHD
tend to rate their children’s behaviors as less problematic than mothers do
Expectancy theory: work motivation depends on three beliefs
expectancy, instrumentality, and valence
Beck's diathesis stress model: diathesis is...
dysfunctional attitudes
-reduce a listener's susceptibility to a persuasive message.
-warning the listener of the impending persuasive message; making a weak attack against the listener's position; and having the listener actively defend his/her position
Catharsis aggression model
-aggressive impulses "build up" inside an individual and must be released and that such release reduces the risk for future aggression
-not well supported
confirmation bias
tendency to seek or pay attention only to information that confirms our beliefs
extinction burst
temporary increase in behavior that occurs when reinforcement is removed
multiple baseline design
useful when you want to avoid having to control (remove) an effective treatment during the course of the study
Sherif: 3 categories of judgment
latitude of acceptance, latitude of non-commitment, and latitude of rejection
According to Rutter, increase resiliency by:
Reducing risk impact, reducing negative chain reactions, promoting self-esteem and self-efficacy, and providing opportunities
false recollections are assoc with lesions where?
frontal lobe
inter-rater reliability
-correlate the scores assigned by two or more raters (the kappa statistic)
-calculate percent agreement.
Buckley Ammendment
parents have the right to inspect and review their children's school records and challenge the contents of records
successful mastery modeling
due to guided practice and early success
Tarasoff applies to
clearly identifiable person or to a class (group) of persons
Maslow's hierarchy
physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization
self-in-relation therapy
-combines feminist theory with object relations theory.
-emphasizes relational (rather than self) development.
-focus is on the mutuality between mothers and their daughters
changing or adapting to the environment by effecting changes in the environment.
-changing or adapting to the environment by altering one’s own behaviors or responses.
rotating the factors
-changes the factor loadings for the variables and the eigenvalue for each factor
-Rotation alters the factor loadings for each variable and the eigenvalue for each factor (although the total of the eigenvalues remains the same).
the need to increase the amount of the drug to achieve desired effects or a markedly diminished effect of the drug with continued use of the same amount
Prader Willi
-MR and obesity
-due to chromosomal deletion
person desires a drug but does not experience adverse effects when he/she discontinues it
increase in preterm births from '89 to '96 was greatest for
Seratonin and EDs
high levels of serotonin precipitate starvation in Anorexia while low levels precipitate binge eating in Bulimia
IQ for bio sibs raised together
-in males
-two or more X (female) chromosomes in addition to a single Y chromosome. -
-small testicles
-enlarged breast tissue
-scant facial/body hair
-decreased libido.
Baumrind: authoritarian, authoritative, or permissive.
-permissive parents: kids are "impulsive-aggressive."
-authoritative parents: kids are "energetic-friendly."
-authoritarian parents: kids are "conflicted-irritable" – i.e., fearful, moody, easily annoyed, and aimless.
According to the Cleary (1968) model, test bias is evaluated by
-comparing the test's regression lines for members of different groups
-According to the Cleary model, if a test has the same regression line for members of both groups, the test is not biased even it if has different means for the groups.
Berscheid's (1989) "emotion-in-relationship" model predicts
-long-term partners are more likely than newly-weds to underestimate their emotional investment in a marital relationship
-Disruptions in organized sequences of behavior (established behavior patterns) – and the resulting emotional response – are more likely in the early stages of a relationship than in its later stages
-inhibitatory neurotransmitter
Compared to EAs, how to Asian Americans respond to meds?
require lower doses to obtain the same therapeutic effects and experience more severe side effects from the same dose
Speed accuracy tradeoff
when teaching complex motor skills that require both speed and accuracy for successful performance, the best strategy is to initially emph speed over accuracy
Virginia Satir's approach to family therapy emphasizes
styles of communication:
placater, blamer, super-reasonable, irrelevant, and congruent