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which drug is usedto reverse acidosis during cardiac arrest
sodium bicarbonate
acidosis - abnormal increase in acidity of body's fluids
controlled drugs are placed in categories I - V. which category is most tightly controlled
animal welfare act of 1970 applies specifically to which six animals
dog, cat, monkey, guinea pig, hamster, rabbit
what is an elevator used for
dental extractions
major function of erythrocyte is
transport gases
specific gravity of urine in the dog is in the range of
1.015 - 1.045
what type of stain is Breecher's New Methylene Blue
mycology stain
the method of classifying neutrophils based on their age is
Schilling Index
estrus in the laboratory mouse occurs every
4 - 6 days
which landmark is used for giving IM injections in the bird
the avian's __________ is similar to the monogastric stomach
leptospirosis should be in strict isolation facilities
specimens from a necropsy should be placed in
10% formalin
what nerve might be affected by injections of irritating substances into the caudal thigh muscle
sciatic nerve
which of the following items would serve best as a makeshift tourniquet:
piece of rope
fishing line
neck tie
telephone wire
neck tie
what position is an animal placed for an ECG
right lateral recumbency
the three basic units of the metric system are
gram, liter, meter
the three bones of the pelvic girdle in the dog are the
ilium, ishium, and pubis
the end product resulting from glycolysis in the skeletal muscle in the absence of oxygen is
lactic acid
islets of langerhans produce
insulin only
the cochlea is part of
the inner ear
mesentary is part of the
scapula, humerus, radius, ulna, carpals, metacarpals are all part of which limb
osteogenesis is
bone formation
panzootic dz means
dz occurs in all speciesof animals
eperythrozoon sp, babesia sp, and trypanosoma sp are all what type of parasite
blood parasite
pregnant women should avoid contact with feces of cats because of this parasite
where would you find the eggs of strongyloides in the canine
"gid" is a cerebral disturbance in sheep due to
infestation with larval stage of multiceps sp
successful method of controlling or eradicating screw worms over vast areas is made of
systemic insecticides
a flea collar might be able to controll which parasite
dipylidium - tapeworm
the most detrimental parasite of the equine is
strongylus sp
a tail rubbing horse is apt to have what internal parasite
oxyuris equi
isospora felis is an example of what
IM injection in a bird is administered on what muscle
muscles of the hind limb
example of a common laboratory test used to determine estrus in canines is
vaginal smears
the P wave on an EKG is indicative of what activity in the heart
depolarization of atrium
when doing RBC count using the unopette method, you multiply the number counted by
in which species of animal is icteric blood considered normal
the buffy coat is composed of
a condition characterized by an increase in the size of a RBC when doing a CBC is called
BUN is a test for what organ
transudate has the following characteristics: ________ protein, ________specific gravity
normal protein, normal specific gravity
the film digestion test is used in fecal examination to measure
trypsin activity
the most common method used for the detection of feline leukemia virus is the
hemagglutination method
the normal adult animal that has a characteristic total leukocyte countof 30,000/ cu.mm is the
gallus gallus (chicken)
the normal blood plasma prothrombin time in dogs is approximately
2 min
the white blood cell with characteristic vacuoles in its cytoplasm is the
when a bacteria is classified as a "strictly aerobic" bacteria, what does this mean
bacteria can only live with oxygen
bordetella bronchiseptica is most frequently isolated from
respiratory tract of laboratory animals
when evaluating the CMT test one is looking for the presence of
CMT - Ca mastitis test
breecher's stain is what type of stain
mycology stain
e. coli is an example of gram ____ coccobacilli
icteric serum is characterized by what color
fat casts in the urine may be demonstrated by what stain
new methylene blue
the area around an antimicrobial sensitivity disc that has no growth is called the zone of ______
zone of inhibition
the most accurate method used for doing a WBC differential count is called the
battlement method
cylindrical bodies appearing in the urinary sediment that are formed in the renal tubules are called
immature non-nucleated erythrocytes which still retain basophilic material when stained with the vital stain are called
the standard unit of measurement for hemoglobin is
the clear fluid you remove from clotted blood is
exudates are commonly
inflammatory in origin
a method of classifying neutrophils based on their age is called the
schilling index
a metarubricyte is
an immature, nucleated erythrocyte
sodium fluoride is used as an anticoagulant for which chemistry
a serum with light pink or red color is an example of
glycosuria is
glucose in the urine
carprofen is used for
painful skeletal muscle disorders
what does biological half life mean
time it takes for half of the drug to be metabolized in the body
coccidiosis in rabbits can be controlled by
dextro-amphetamine and meperidine require distribution records
the following tx: 125mg chloromycetin palmitate, TID (125mg/ml) per os means
one tsp med orally three times daily
epinephrine should not be used with
what does PRN mean
as needed or as desired
a bactericidal drug
kills bacteria
an animal is to receive 300ml IV fluids over 2hrs. what drip rate per min when using a microdrip (60gtts/ml)
150 gtts/min
neomycin, streptomycin, gentamicin, and dihydrostreptomycin belong to what class of antibiotics
when a barbiturate is injected IV, it must be eliminated via the
which solution can be given SQ
isotonic solution
where is hycodan kept
locked cabinet
what pharmacological agent must be used in cases of insulin shock
the use of IV barbiturates is generally contraindicated in cesarean section in the bitch. The reason is:
severe respiratory depression of the fetuses result
the main reason for periodically emptying the rebreathing bag on a closed circuit anesthetic machine is to (2 things)
prevent carbon dioxide buildup and acidosis
the antagonist for medetomidine is
the color indicator of soda lime is used to
detect maximum carbon dioxide absorption by the soda lyme
atropine as a preanesthetic agent will cause (2)
vagal inhibition and decreased gastric secreation
a pressure manometer is used to
monitor pressure in the circle system
paradoxical respiration is a sign of
light anesthesia
nitrous oxide will _______ anesthetic induction
the normal thorax has _______ pressure
negative pressure
ananimal that received no atropine preanesthetic may develop
bradycardia - slow heart rate
how long do you fast a brid prior to sx
no morethen 2 - 4 hours
which anesthetic has the slowest induction time:
halothan/nitrous oxide
which anesthetic is the weakest and seldom used alone:
nitrous oxide
nitrous oxide
what does an analgesic agent do
abolishes pain
design of anesthetic circuits must insure that
carbon dioxide is eliminated from the system
what does hypothermia do
slows metabolic processes and prolongs recovery from anesthesia
what is hypercarbia, list some causes
too much CO2 in the blood
endotracheal tube inserted too far
exhausted soda lime
neuroleptanalgesics are a combination of
narcotics and tranquilizers
an example of hypotonic solution is
distilled water