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The purpose of using factorial designs is to:
To compare means of more than 2 IV’s
Factorial designs are often employed because
-Several variables may affect behavior
-they give a greater approximation of real-world conditions
-they allow the researcher to examine whether independent variables interact with one another.
Which statement is true of a factorial design?
All levels of each independent variable are combined with all levels of the other independent variable.
In a factorial design, a main effect is the effect of the _____ variable by itself.
In a study examining the effect of room illumination (low, medium, high) and room temperature (cold, warm, hot) on test performance, how many main effects are possible?
An interaction occurs whenever
the effect of one independent variable changes across levels of a second independent variable.
Juan wants to test the hypothesis that the mean amount of sales dollars will vary between Oak Ridge, Oak Wood, and Oak Park shopping malls. The appropriate statistical test would be the
analysis of variance (ANOVA).
A researcher is interested in studying whether responses to lowering the legal age for drinking alcohol (for or against) varies by gender (male or female). Which statistical test would be most appropriate for this type of data?
Chi square.
A researcher wants to determine if cholesterol level is lower for vegetarians versus non-vegetarians. Which statistical test would be most appropriate to analyze the data?
In an experiment, one group of research participants is given 10 pages of material to proofread for errors. Another group proofreads the same material on a computer screen. The DV is the number of errors detected in a 5-minute period. What statistical test would you use?
Independent (between) samples t-test.
With three independent variables and a single dependent variable, the most appropriate statistical test to analyze the data would be a(n)
analysis of variance .
Which statistical test would be most appropriate to examine the relationship between temperature and number of ice cream cones sold during the month of July?
Pearson correlation
A consumer analyst asks participants to rate the comfort of the ride for two brands of all-terrain tires: Trail Cushion and Mud Handler. Trail Cushion was rated more comfortable with a mean of 5.5 than Mud Handler with a mean of 4.3. The Type II error would be to conclude that Trail Cushion was
no more comfortable than Mud Handler when Trail Cushion is actually more comfortable .
The _____ refers to the strength of association between variables.
effect size
Rejecting the null hypothesis when it is true is called a ________ error, whereas not rejecting a false null hypothesis is called a ________ error.
Type I; Type II
Which of the following is least correct regarding a Type II error? The probability of making a Type II error is
equal to your alpha level.
The desired probability of correctly rejecting the null hypothesis is the
power of the test.