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Way in which different groups of people are placed within society.

"who gets what and why"


what is the most common basis of stratification

wealth and income

what did the thinkers of enlightenment believe?

that inequality is necessary and good

There are ___ forms of inequality.


Who ultimately viewed human mankind as naturally pure/good and thought private property lead to social conflict/inequality


_______________ is the condition where there are no differences in wealth, power, and status.

Social Equality

What are the 2 forms of social inequality?

Physical and Social

________ inequality is the difference in age, health, body strength, or qualities of the mind.


__________ inequality is political.


Who theorized that inequality keeps population in check and believed inequality was good or at least necessary.


Who viewed inequality as dialectic ?

George Hegel

What is the 2 directional relationship called in which one goes both ways; mutually dependent.

Master-Servant dialectic

List the 4 standards of equality

-ontological equality

-equality of opportunity

-equality of condition

-equality of outcome

what is the 1st standard of equality?

ontological equality

what is the 3rd standard of equality?

equality of condition

what is the 2nd of equality?

equality of opportunity

what is the 4th standard of equality?

equality of outcome

which standard of equality is the notion that everyone is created equal at birth(in the eyes of God)

1st standard-ontological

which standard of equality argues that each player must end up with the same amount regardless of fairness of the "game"

4th standard-equality of outcome

which standard of equality is the idea that everyone should have an equal starting point to pursue goals

3rd standard-equality of condition

which standard of equality is the idea that inequality of condition is acceptable as long as the rules are fair

2nd standard-equality of opportunity

there are ___ forms of stratification.


list the 5 forms of stratification




-hierarchy systems

-elite-mass dichotomy

Dimensions exist within which equality can emerge & can overlap. stratified societies are those where human groups within them are hierarchically into strata along one or more social dimensions.

forms of stratification

which form of stratification is a politically based system of stratification characterized by limiting social mobility?


which form of stratification is a system based on heredity notions of religious and theological purity and generally offers no prospects for social mobility.


which form of stratification is an economically based hierarchical system characterized by cohesive, oppositional groups and somewhat loose social mobility.

-implies an economic basis for the fundamental cleavage in society.

which form of stratification is based solely on social prestige?
4th-hierarchy system

which form of stratification is a as a governing elite, a few leaders who broadly hold the power in society?

5th elite-mass dichotomy

________ class is a group of individuals at the top of the socioeconomic food chain. 1% of the population.
upper class
_______ class are people with non-manual jobs that pay significantly more than the poverty line. 90% of population.
middle class

social mobility, horizontal mobility and vertical mobility are all forms of ________.

list the 2 types of studies of mobility
-structural mobility

-status-attainment models

which type of study is inevitable movement from changes in the economy?
structural mobility
which type of study is ranks individuals by SES and seems to specify the attributes characteristics of people who end up in more desirable occupations?
Status-attainment models

A _______ is a group of people who share a set of characteristics and are said to share a common bloodline.


Judges other groups by one's own standards and values. belief one's own culture is superior.


what is the notion that some groups or races are better fit to survive and even rule other roles.

"survival of the fittest"

social darwinism

what is the theory of controlling the fertility of populations to influence inheritable traits passed from generation to generation called?

what group believes that different races are different species?
what group believes humans are one species united under God?
which group claimed race had a separate package of social and psychological traits transmitted through bloodlines? claimed positive traits could be bred in and negative could be bred out.