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corpora cavernosum

areas in the penis that fill with blood during erection

corpus songiosum

spongy body, the erectile tissue in the penis that contains the urethra

what causes an erection

any form of stimulation, nerve fibers swell the arteries allowing blood to rush

where are the testicles located and why

in the scrotum, for production of spermatogeneisis

what does the cremaster muscle do

raises and lowers the scrotum to control scrotal temperature

what is the purpose of the cowpers gland

located under the prostate on either side of the urethra that secretes fluid into the urethra

testicular torsion

twisting of testis on its spermatic cord, can cause severe pain and swelling


a condition in which erections are long lasting and often painful

peyronies disease

fibrous tissue build up which may cause painful curvature often making sex impossible


a condition in which the testes fail to descend from the scrotum

benign prostatic hypertrophy

common enlargement of the prostate that occurs in most men over 50

side effects of prostate cancer treatmetn

erectile disfunction, inability to hold urine

when was the vaccine for prostate cancer approved and by whom

2010 by the us food and drug administration