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Strom identified five major questions that drive the objectivist model of communication. Name them.

WHO is the sender?

Said WHAT?

By what channel?


With What effect?

The interpretivist model of communication operates backwards to that of the objectivist model.


The interpretists believe in __________, the idea that a word, speech, or film might be understood variously.


Covenantal communication recognizes us as persons-in-community more than individual selves.


The Indo-European roots for the word communication are ko and mei. What do they mean?
Ko-together Mei-change
What do we call an agreement between two or more people who agree to standards of behavior regardless of others' actions? Such an agreement is designed for everyone's mutual benefit.

A covenant

Covenantal communication allows us to remain as we are.


Covenantal communication requires responsible symbolic expression.


Covenental Communication is motivated for our steadfast ----- for one another


A word is said to be [ ] when it has two or more legitimate meanings

The Bible testifies that God, while not concerned with exact words, is concerned with the overall emotional effect of communication.


What kind of flawed speech act involves polar ideas that color something or someone in terms that does not allow any middle ground?


The denotative meaning of a word reveals the emotional meaning we put behind the idea.


What kind of flawed speech act involves substituting mild or less emotional words for blunt ones?


Glossolalia is:

Speaking in tongues

The bible encourages storytelling as an effective means of communication.


What kind of gesture is a bodily display of emotion?

Affect Displays

What does vocalics include?

Pitch, volume, rate, quality of voice, and Disinfluences such as "um" and "y'know"

What kind of gestures are habits that give release to nervous tension (for example, nervous gestures)?


Verbal messages tend to be multi-channeled and received in mosaic simultaneously, while nonverbal messages tend to be single-channeled and received one at a time.


What kind of gesture accompanies our words and helps make sense of conversation in context?


Verbal Messages are more ambiguous while nonverbal messages tend to be clear.


Eye behavior is understood within in cultural context and is based on ---- and -----.

location and duration

What kind of gesture has a precise verbal equivalent?


Verbal Messages are discrete while nonverbal Messages are continuous.


What are we practicing when we know, feel and genuinely how our emotions?


What do we call the habit of comparing ourselves to others around us and judging ourselves accordingly?

Social Comparison

When it comes to developing our identify, it is best to think in terms of individual selves rather than people groups


What do we call our generalized sense of personal worth?

Self Esteem

What do we call the picture that we hold of ourselves?

self Image

According to Strom, we organize the factors that define who we are into a single identity.


People with low self esteem rarely take other's opinions into real consideration.


Which "umpire" or Christian scholar believes that a single, stable reality is knowable through reason or science?

The objectivist

Objective ___________ is the idea that the social, physical and spiritual worlds are a certain way regardless of how we try to express them.


According to Strom, all art depicts some worldview.


What kind of humanities research involves careful and deliberate interpretation of texts?

Which umpire/Scholar believes that truth and reality are created as we speak it into existence?

The constructivist

Which umpire/scholar believes that the pursuit of truth is an subjective affair?

The subjectivist

-------- Is the idea that humanism that people, not God are the measure of all things.

Secular Humanism

----- Is the humanities research that involves immersing one's self in a culture in order to learn about it.


Objective ---- is the idea that we can use scientific methods to examine reality with out a bias.


What is the view that what is true and right for one culture is best understood relative to its world view and assumptions?

Cultural Relativity

What is the school of thought that suggests we don't have free will but only react to forces around us?


What is the habit of switching our vocab or style of talk for different audiences called?


What are social guidelines for showing emotion?

Display Rules

What are gestures that guide the flow of conversation, such as nodding?


What is the study of how we use personal space around us?