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Archduke of Austria-Hungary whose assasination triggered the start of the World War
Francis Ferdinand
conspirator who shot Archduke Ferdinand
Gavrilo Princip
German plan to avoid a two-front war by conquering France first, then Russia
Schlieffen Plan
final set of demands
prepare military forces for war
policy of supporting neither side in a war
Why was Archduke Francis Ferdinand assasinated? How did Austria-Hungary react?
Revolutionary Serbian groups saw him as a tyrant who led Austrian foreign oppressors in conquering them. Austria issued an ultimatum to Serbia and then declared war on them.
Describe how each of the following nations was drawn into the conflict: Germany, Russia, France, Britain.
Germany had an alliance with Austria, and Kaiser William II fully supported Austria's retaliation. Russia sided with Serbia, and tried to get Austria to soften its demands before Germany declared war on them. France was allied with Russia, and the French wanted revenge against Austria. Britaingot involved because they were outraged that Russia violated Belgium's neutrality.
Who do most modern historians think was responsible for the war?
They think that no one was most responsible, but all parties were to blame.
Do you think the war could have been avoided in 1914?
Because of the escalating tensions, it's pretty clear that Bismarck was right when he made his prediction: war was inevitable.
What role did geography play in the outbreak of World War II?
Borders were under dispute between France and Germany; neutral countries wedged between warring countries caused conflicts to grow faster.