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Became Emperor of Ethiopia in 1930
Haile Selassie
When Italy, Germany and Japan greed to fight Soviet Communism, and to keep out of each others plans for expansion they formed this…
Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis
A town in Spain where German bombers killed 1,600 innocent people
Hitler convinced British and French leaders the he wasn’t going to expand his territory any more after taking the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia at the…
Munich Conference
British Prime Minister who thought he had achieved peace at the Munich Conference
Neville Chamberlain
Pact that publicly stated peace agreements between Germany and the Soviet Union, privately the two nations agreed not to fight if the other went to war and to divide up Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe
Nazi-Soviet Pact
Penalties for violating International Law
Giving into the demands of the aggressor to keep the peace
opposition to all war
Union of Austria and Germany
How did Japan, Italy and Germany test the resolve of Western Democracies before 1937?
When Japan took Manchuria, Italy invaded Ethiopia and Germany put troops in the Rhineland
Explain how other counties participated in the Spanish Civil War
Hitler and Mussolini sent arms to support Franco the fascist. Thousands of Germans, Soviets, Italians, and Americans joined the International Brigades to fight with the Loyalists.
Identify major acts of German aggression in 1938
Taking over Austria and part of Czechoslovakia
Identify major acts of German aggression in 1939
Taking over the rest of Czechoslovakia and invaded Poland
How did appeasement lead to the outbreak of the war?
Western Democracies misread Hitler’s intentions.