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much of Europe is ____ climate
marine west coast climate
marine west coast climate:
____ spain, through most of ____ and ____, to ____ and even the ____ and the ____ areas of the ____ peninsula
northern, france, germany, poland, british isles, coastal areas of scandinavian pen.
prevailing westerlies blow ____ to ____ and picks up ____ and ____ from the ____ and carry it far inland over Europe because there aren't any ____ to block.
west to east, warmth and moisture, North Atlantic Drift, mountain ranges
Humid Continental climate:
____, ____ winters and either ____ or ____ summers
cold, snowy, warm or hot
humid continental climate:
far from the ____ Ocean--
much of ____ and ____ and the ____ parts of ____, ____, and ____, along with all of ____
Sweden, Finland, eastern parts of Poland, Slovakia,Hungary, all of Romania
much of Europe suffers from ____, and as a result, there're ____ forests. The region also originally has ____
deforestation, coniferous, broad fertile plains covered with grasses
today, farmers grow grains such as ____, ____, and ____. other major crops include ____ and ____ ____
wheat, rye, barley, potatoes and sugar beets
Mediterranean climate:
extends from ____ Spain and ____ through ____ to ____ and other parts of the ____ Peninsula.
____ and ____ summers with ____ and ____ winters
southern Spain and France, Italy, Greece, Balkan
hot and dry, moderate and west
one reason for the mediterranean climate is that mountain ranges block ____ ____ winds from reaching the ____, ____, and ____ peninsulas.
an exception is the the ____ coast of ____ isn't protected by mountain ranges
cold north, Iberian, Italian, Balkan
Mediterranean coast of France
France receives the ____ in the winter
Most Mediterranean countries experiences ____
most ____ countries experiences sirocco
mediterranean vegetation:
____ ____ and ____ trees that grown in ____, ____ summers
evergreen shrubs, short trees, hot, dry
mediterranean crops:
____ ____, ____, ____, and ____
citrus fruits, grapes, olives, and wheat
the mediterranean ____ also atrract people for ____ business
beaches, tourism
in far ____ ____ peninsula along the arctic circle, lies a band of ____ climate, in a state of ____ in which only ____ and ____ grows there
northern scandinavian, tundra, permafrost, mosses, lichens
south of the tundra climate is the ____ climate, which is ____ most of the time with very ____, ____ winters. little grows there but ____ ____
subarctic, cool, cold, harsh, stunted trees
the subarctic climate witnesses extremely ____ winter ____ and summer ____.
long, nights, days
North of the Arctic Circle, winter days when the sun ____ and summers days when the ____
for this the land is aka the ____
never rises, never sets, land of the midnight sun