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Which moral justification for affirmative action is best described as utilitarianism?

Affirmative action is best for society overall, even if some can suffer harm.

Which affirmative action standard for hiring workers is based by Dorite Bar-On?

How competent the workers would have been without discrimination.

Which of the following hiring practices legally constitutes a "strict quota"?

Guaranteeing a specific number of postilion to minorities.

Which is the best argument that strict quotes cause a loss in worker competence?

Some applicants cannot compete for the potions set aside for the quota.

Which was Allen Bakke's compliant about medial school admissions at Davis?

The medical school lowered its standards only for minorities, not for him.

Which is the primary reason the Supreme Court agreed with Bakke's complaint?

The 14th amendment entitles all citizens to equal treatment under the law.

Which reason for Davis's affirmative action program was accepted by the Court?

Increasing diversity at their medical program

Which general effect did the Bakke decisions have on affirmative action policy?

Affirmative action was encouraged except for the use of strict quotas.