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As pertains to purchase card holders, what is the maximum dollar amount for non-warranted services?
As pertains to purchase card holders, what is the maximum dollar amount for non-warranted supplies?
As pertains to purchase card holders, what is the maximum dollar amount for non-warranted construction?
What is the accepted UHF frequency
300Mhz to 3Ghz
For SRAN, the positive is_____ and the negative is_____
Black(+) 12volts
White(-) 0volts
For SRAN, wire up to ____ AWG can be installed
SRAN radio link runs on which UHF frequency
SRAN equipment provides navigational coverage of
1-30 miles
Wave guide dimensions are determined by?
the operating frequency
With a brass wave-guide what sort of padding should be used?
lead sheath
With an aluminum wave-guide what sort of padding should be used?
felt or neoprene rubber
to remove heavy ice from a wave-guide use
steam, salt water, or hot air jet and coat with light oil or silicone
How far away do supports for rigid wave-guides need to be?
What is the standard length of a waveguide?
1/2 wavelength of the frequency used
How far apart do waveguides need to be from magazines
The bend radius of a waveguide must be greater than
2 wavelengths
Which version of the WSC-3 are used for LOS?
V6 and 7
Which versions of the WSC-3 are used for SATCOM?
V2, 3, 12, 13, 15, 17 and 18
What is the frequency range of a WSC-3?
225Mhz to 399.975Mhz
Whats the weight of the WSC-3?
What is the power output of a WSC-3 in FM?
1-100 Watts
What is the power output of a WSC-3 in AM?
What is the sensitivity of a WSC-3 in FM?
3.0micro volts
What is the sensitivity of a WSC-3 in AM?
3.5micro volts
what is the possible number of preset channels in the Wsc-3?
What is the possible number of channels in the WSC-3?
what are the 3 types of interface modules for the WSC-3?
SAS, Standard and Switchable
What frequency band is the 73?
With the safety interlock activated, what state is the 73 in?
73 radar no video flowchart number?
Gyro and speed log info interface card?
Which card on the 73 has the hard drive?
Power PC
What version of 73 is on a 378?
What version of 73 is on a 270?
What version of 73 is on a 210?
What version of 73 is on 110 and 87?
What version of 73 is on polar rollers?
Type of suppression is available on the 73?
SINS replaced what?
Persistance on 73 is adjustable from 0.1 sec to?
Which 73 card syncs video to monitor?
A report of survey is not required for items valued less than?
What war was the CG entirely under the navy for the first time?
Which cutter was sunk my a german u-boat?
Which cutter captured 10 unaided war prizes
USRC Pickering
A ships recall flag is
Which cutter fired the first shot of the civil war
Harriet Lane
To apply for warrant, you must have
8yrs active duty, at least 4 CG
What is the periodicity for auditing tag-out logs?
2 weeks
When does tag numbering start over?
RADHAZ sign in areas surrounding RF antennas to advise personnel not to remain with PEL longer than the MPE limit
Type 1
RADHAZ sign used to restrict personnel from proceeding past a designated point unless they comply with established radiation hazard safety procedures?
Type 2
RADHAZ sign warns about burn hazards and not to touch metal objects?
Type 3
RADHAZ sign warns personnel of HERF?
Type 4
RADHAZ sign usually placed in system equipment rooms to warn operators of specific safety precautions?
Type 5
RADHAZ sign advise operator not to operate transmitters, cell phones, and other wireless comms?
Type 6
RADHAZ warning personnel of hazards of HERO?
Type 7
RADHAZ warning personnel of unit HERO emission control plan before operating a transmitter?
Type 8
How thick should a RADHAZ sign be?
Requirement to place a CPR sign in all work areas has been established by?
Office of Health Services
How wide should a painted warning line on the deck be and what color?
4" wide, red
Human body is most susceptible to RF radioation at what freq?
Average exposure time limit for occupational population/controlled exposure?
6 minutes
Items being transferred to and from the CG TE loan pool or DRMO whould have what form attached?
How far away do supports for rigid waveguides need to be?
Below 300Khz, which type of ground system is best?
Single point
Above 300Khz, which type of ground system is best?
Which type of ground system is best for lightning protection?
Which ground system is best for removing the possibility of building/equipment cabinet generated EMi/noise?
Floating Ground
What ground configuration requires the use of an equipotential ground plane?
Which cutter captured the first war prize of the war of 1812?
USRC Jefferson
Only person to receive the gold lifesaving medal and medal of honor?
Marcus Hanna
What level must single hearing protection be worn?
What is the maximum temperature to keep ordanance before it must be disposed of?
130 degrees
What is the maximum safe temp to keep ordanance before you must begin cooling it?
100 degrees
What is an O-5 in the army?
Lt. Colonel
What is an E-5 in the Air Force?
Staff Sergeant
What is the equivilant of a senior airman in the coast guard?
Who was credited with saving 600 people, received 2 gold medals and 3 silver?
Joshua James
What material would you put around an antenna base to improve conductivity
Where would you take the ship for changes to the CWIS?
ELC Baltimore
Who is authorized to make changes to the MK-75
What is the minimum length and diameter of lightning protection grounding rod?
8', 1/2"
What is the standard length and diameter of a ground rod?
10', 3/4"
What is the range for ground rods?
Class A bonding is?
Welding 2 pieces of metal
Class B bond?
Bolting or clamping metallic surfaces
Class C bond?
Bridging using metallic straps
What is the torque spec for a class B bond?
DC resistance across bonding and grounding junctions shall not exceed?
0.1 ohms
RF impedance across bonding and grounding junctions shall not exceed?
25 ohms at 30Mhz
Metal objects within how many feet of lightning down conductors should be electrically bonded to down conductors?
6 ft
Metal objects withinhow many feet of lightning down conductors should be grounded?
What are the 5 effects of lightning?
Thermal effect
Mechanical effect
conductor impedance
induced voltage
What cognizant symbol is used for DOD owned and managed items?
7 series
What form is used for allowance change requests?
What advice code is used when CG users want to issue a MILSTRIP to requisition DLR items?
5 series
Arcing in a rotary joint may occur when the joint is?
Sources of hull generated interference?
Loose metallic items in topside area, corroded stanchions, rusty anchor chains, metal safety nets
seperation requirements for cable types:
Active to Active:
seperation requirements for cable types:
Passive to Active:
seperation requirements for cable types:
Passive to Passive:
seperation requirements for cable types:
Passive to Susceptible:
seperation requirements for cable types:
Active to Susceptible:
Passive cables are defined as:
Power and lighting, control cables, intercom, fire control, and other
Active cables are:
Radar modulator pulse, mf and hf transmit cables
Susceptible cables are:
Radio receiving antenna and transceiver cables
Maximum range for the BME?
Minimum range for BME?
less than 35m
Max number of possible tracked targets on BME?
60 manually if AIS is not being used, or 40 tracked and 40 AIS targets, up to a total of 80 targets
What is the tracking range for the BME?
0.25 to 40NM
How many levels can the BME radar video be digitized?
16 levels
Name 3 types of manual control video processing on the BME
Gain, anti-clutter sea, anti-clutter rain
When can you select display in NM, kilometers, or statue miles on BME?
during initialization
How many down conductors must be placed on any structure for lightning protection
at least 2
What is the lightning protection code?
NFPA No. 780
What is the spacing requirement for down conductors
Average distance between conductors shall not exceed 100ft
Lightning protection subsystem must be inspected how often?
Visually every 2 months, mechanically every 12 months
When using copper clad steel, what is the max DC resistance for conductors greater than 75 feet?
.088 ohms per 1000'
When using copper clad steel, what is the max DC resistance for conductors less than 75 feet?
.0176ohms per 1000'
When copper clad steel is used as a down conductor, the size of the wire shall not be less than?
To protect a structure, such as a building, vessel, mast, etc. from lightning damage, the grounding cable should be what size?
What size AWG cable should be used to interconnect the earth electrode subsystem rods?
1/0 AWG
Rubber safety gloves should be rated to what voltage?
5000VAC to ground
Minimum voltage rating for shorting probes?
25,000 volts
Rubber safety flor matting is rated for what?
3000 volts max
What should you use to insulate the seams of rubber safety floor matting?
3m electrical insulating tape, min 4" wide
When installing an earth electrode subsystem, which wire color denotes the grounding conductor
These have a very fast response time, and their sensitivity to detection of fault currents makes these devices extremely valuable for personnel safety?
GFCI(Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters)
MIL-STD-188-124B recommends that GFCI's be installed on what type of receptacles?
120v, single phase, 15 and 20amps
These allow for manually making, carrying, and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions
Circuit breaker
These operate in a manner similar to GFCI but primarily serve to protect equipment from fault conditions by monitoring current
Ground fault sensors
What is in section 1 of a SOVT?
Intro and admin
What is in section 2 of a SOVT?
Inspections and validation tests
What is in section 3 of a SOVT?
Cold checks
What is in section 4 of a SOVT?
Equipment tests(offline)
What is in section 5 of a SOVT?
Intra system tests
What is in section 6 of a SOVT?
Inter system tests
What is in section 7 of a SOVT?
Operational tests(online)
What is in section 8 of a SOVT?
At sea and othere special tests
What type of coaxial cable solves wireless comms problems in confined areas
RADIAX radiating coaxial cable
Who manufactures HELIAX cable and waveguides?
Andrews Solutions
What are the two types of stuffing tubes?
Metal and Nylon
When airtight and watertight integrity is required, what kind of stuffing tube needs to be used?
When replacing a rubber bushing inside a stuffing tube, what degree of cutr should you make?
30 degrees slit on one side of the bushing
If you are going to install a stuffing tube thru a zinc metal enclosure, what material should the stuffing tube be?
Cable tags should be no longer than how many feet
What does the first number of a cable tag represent?
Indentical system number
What does the second letter represent on a cable tag?
Cable segregation number
That is the letter used to identify all cables used for equipment interconnection service?
What is the 3rd group of two letters in a cable tag?
Type of system
A cable tag with ER means?
Radar remote indicators
A cable tag with ES means?
Surface search radar
A cable tag with RR means?
Radio receiver circuit
A cable tag with RS means?
Radio Synchronization
A cable tag with RT means?
Radio transmitter control
A cable tag with RY means?
Radio teletype
A cable tag with RN means?
Radio navigation
What is the max free fall distance for fall protection?
what is the min weight rating for climbing harness?
what is the proof test weight of a climbing harness?
Parasitic emissions occur when a circuit is self excited and goes into oscillation at a freq other than desired.
parasitic oscillation
Where does transmitter noise generate from?
FR stage, together with noise from the audio system and power supply
Transfer of modulation from one carrier to another is
Cross modulation
The generation of numerous new freqs from 2 or more original signals is
Placing one of these before a limiter or blanker in a receiver will widen the interference pulse and make them less effective as noise reducers
This occurs when a strong unwanted signal penetrates the input filter circuits and encounters a nonlinear element such as the mixer of an overloaded RF amp
Nonlinear intrusion
These are signals created by nonlinear juncitons in the ship structure
rusty bolt effect
What are 4 ways that radar systems can create interference
RF leakeage from waveguides
arcing in waveguides
arcing in rotary joints
arcing in mast cables
This is a steady hiss type of static observed at high freqs, apparently having an interstellar origin
Natural interference
The four most common factors affecting EMI
Type of circuit
Power Level
Amount of capacitive and inductive coupling between parts
As pertains to a TCTO, this is a change that affects operational characteristics
Change to Function
As pertains to a TCTO, this is a change that affects weight, balance, or movement of inertia
Change to form
As pertains to a TCTO, this is a change that affects an interface with other components
Change to fit
A TCTO shall be initiated by submitting form
Any draft TCTO that proposes improvements to an asset's operational capabilities needs to be accompanied by
Operational Requirement Document
What is an ORD?
A top level decision document which establishes the min acceptable standards of performance and optimum performance goals
What is in a type 1 field change
All required parts, docs, and special tools
What is in a type 2 field change
Docs only
What is in a type 3 field change
Soem parts, some tools, and docs
What is in a type 4 field change
Tech manual changes
What must be submitted to ELC once a field change had been completed
OPNAV 4790 C/K
Who maintains the CGPMS work schedule books
Who is responsible for integrating CGPMS into work schedules
What is the value for extremely low level light
less than .0003 lux
What is the FDVS pressurized to and with what
5psi of dry nitrogen
What is the recommended constant current chargin rate for a NiCad battery?
c/2 where c is the amp hour capacity at a ten hour rate.
Are lithium Ion batteries rechargeable?
Can you rapidly discharge a LiIon battery?
No, they explode
What is the TAGOUT COMDINST number
When did the USCG stop using hte USCG standard?
What card do you record antenna megger testing
What resistance should a diode measure
How long does a shore unit have to ship a NRFI DLR item
48 hours
What priorities of DLR items will be shipped via traceable means?
Pri 03 and 06
What priority of DLR item will be shipped by certified mail
Pri 13
When will ELC send a message to a unit stating a DLR item is overdue
45 days after unit receipt
In order for galvanic corrosion to occur, what must happen
current must flow
transfer of interference from an interfering source to the affected equipment is caused by what 2 things?
radiation and conduction
What is the bend radius of a coaxial cable that is repeatedly flexed?
20 times the diameter
What is the bend radius of a coax cable that is not subject to repeated flexing
6 times the diameter
What is the bend radius of a lightning down conductor?
no less than 8 inches
What is the min angle of any lightning down conductor bend
90 degrees
What freq best ravel via skin effect?
What cutter was run ashore off Long Island in the War of 1812?
When did the CG begin port security?
Who was the first E-9 of the SPARS
Pearl Faurie
Advancement to E-8 requires how many years of service?
Min distance required between ignitors, primers, detonators, etc. from waveguides
Min distance required between ignitors, primers, detonators, etc. from coax cables
A safe minimum distance of what should be kept between all transmitting antennas and all ordnance as per HERO
In reference to ordnance, thermometers should be calibrated every
3 years
Afloat magazines should be maintained below
100 degrees
as freq increases, impedance
Waveguides bend radius must be greater than
2 wavelengths
Groundign and bonding manual is
Earth electrode subsystem should extend from buildings by
Ground rods need to be
Buried cables should be how many ft deep
Grid systems and copper cables should be buried about
Metal frameworks should have a resistance to ground less than
BME optocoupler generates how many pulses per rotation of the antenna
Designator for CG field changes is
Common-emitter config provides a ______ input impedance and _______ output impedance
medium, medium
common-base config provides a ______ input impedance and ______ output impedance
Low, high
Common-collector config provides a ______ input impedance and _______ output impedance
high, low
What is the purpose of a turnbuckle safety wire?
to prevent the turnbuckle from loosening
If the earth ground point fails to meet a specified min resistance to ground, what is the quickest fix?
add multiple ground rods
if the earth ground point fails to meet a specidied min resistance to ground, what is the preferred fix?
increase the depth of driven electrodes
An electric discharge resultign from a breakdown of gas dielectric. Most likely to occur at the top of an energized tower
Most common sources of EMI
Motors and generators
in 1905, the CG Fish Conservation restricted the landing, delivery, cure and sale of what?
What does SPE stand for
Severity, Probability, Exposure
In 1969, Who was granted position of the MCPO of the CG
MCPO Calhoun
What is an example of a non-reportable mishap?
Civilian Contractor at other CG facilities, when working on a piece of CG equipment, wen it does not have a crew attendance
what type of directive expires after 12 months
Which type of directive has no predefined format?
How many people do you need at your unit for a human relation council?
Who authorized the revenue cutters
Alexander Hamilton
In what war were the Revenue Cutters first used?
Mexican-Aemrican war
Durign what war did congress authorize the capture of armed French vessels hovering hte US coast?
During the War of 1812 the British Frigate Narcissis captured which cutter?
When was the CG entirely transferred to eh Navy for the first time?
April 1917
Who served for 44yrs, 4mon, 27 days
BMCM Donald Horsley
What date did the Revenue Cutter Service and teh US Life Saving Service merge
Jan 28, 1915
A permit is required to enter into what hazardous atmosphere?
Fuel tanks, CHT tanks, Ballast Tanks
The CG was in charge of cold weather operations during what war?
In what war did the CG capture 18 prizes?
What are the 7 steps of ORM?
1) Define Mission Tasks
2) Identify Hazards
3) Assess risks
4) Identify Options
5) Evaluate Risk vs. Gain
6) Execute Decision
7) Monitor Situation
Who was the Quasi-War against?
Who was the War of 1812 against?
The Quasi-War began on what date?
July 9, 1798
The Mexican-American War began when?
May 13, 1846
When was the civil war?
1861 - 1865
When was war declared on Spain?
April 24, 1898
WWII began what year?
The cutter Jefferson captured the first war prize of what war?
War of 1812
During what war were white cutters painted gray?
In 1918, who were the first uniformed women?
Genevieve and Lucille Baker
Whoe were the first African-American women to enter the SPAR's in 1945
Olivia Hooker
Winifred Byrd
Julia Mosley
Yvonne Cumberbatch
Aileen Cooke
In what year were women integrated into active duty?
In what year were all rates opened to women?
The first 10 cutters?
1) Vigilant
2) Active
3) General Green
4) Scammel
5) Argus
6) Virginia
7) Diligence
8) South Caroline
9) Eagle
General requirement for seperation for HERO?
Emitter system upgrades are a result of what
Air terminals must exceed how many inches directly above the object being protected
10 inches
Lower freq circuits (30kHz or less) shall be_______ grounded
single point
Higher freq circuits (30kHz and above) shall have what ground
equipotential palce
A simple single and double sided- CCA, should be baked at what temp?
176 degrees
For SMT through-hole CCA's whith up to 6 internal layers should be baked at what temp?
212 degrees
For high mass CCA's with 7+ internal layers should be baked at what temp?
248 degrees
Adults absorb about how much lead that enters the body?
Children absorb about how much lead that enters the body?
What flag shall be displayed during ammunition loading and unloading? at night?
Red light
A LOGREQ should be submitted at least ____ days prior to ordnance operations
30 days
CIWS overhaul point is
Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Port Hueneme
MK75 Overhaul point is
CG Yard
Installation, relocation, or removal of any NTNO ordnance requires what alt?
Test fire results need to be reported within how many days of firing?
30 days
A test fire needs to be conducted within how many days of a ship becoming operational?
90 days
What does S.A.P.P. stand for?
MILSTRIP stands for
Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures
A surf log is form?
CG Form 4940
What is the form of receipt of MILSTRIP items?
DD Form 1348
Who sunk a submarine in WWII?
CGC Cambell
SELRES are authorized how many ADT
CG Roles?
Maritime Safety
Maritime Mobility
Maritime Security
Protection of Natural Resources
National Defense
What article in the UCMJ is for NJP?
Article 15
What year did the CG adopt the Navy's ranking system?
What year did the Navy adopt its 3 petty officer ranks?
What article in UCMJ covers your rights?
Article 31
What year did the CGC Dauntless rescue the most migrants in CG History?
24 Nov 1995
What cutter made the first recorded narcotics seizure in CG history in 1890?
Cutter Walcott
Navy Chiefs were established in?
Honors when passing Washington's Tomb?
Parade full guard and band
Half-mast Ensign
tolling the bell
present arms
everyone on deck faces tomb and salutes
sound TAPS
Play National Anthem
Sound Carry on
In reference to ORM what is STAAR
1st LT
LT. General
Master Sgt./1st Sgt
Staff Sgt
Sr. Airman
Most common seperation for recruits?
Uncharacterized Discharge
Garbage form
System Development Life Cycle
CG 3788F?
Enlisted Employee Review Support Form